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Elemental Magic: Tools of Air

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In today's post, I will discuss some of the many tools associated with Air and how you can use them in your practice. Many of these tools were hinted at or discussed when I introduced you to some of the folklore surrounding Air. However, this post is more of a correspondences type list that you can use to quickly plan spells. For your pleasure, I have also included a free 6-page printable for your Grimoire or Book of Shadows. Enjoy!

Breath: Breath is probably one of the most potent forms of Air as it contains a bit of you in it. Breath can be used to inhale positivity and exhale negativity, as your focus during meditation, or to blow away energies from an object while simultaneously infusing it with your own lifeforce. Breath is often associated with life and the soul, and can therefore also represent Spirit. Use it to "breathe life" into an object to charge it with energy and intent. In some practices, the ritual use of breath is called insufflation and exsufflation. Both are ritual acts of blowing, breathing, puffing, or hissing to symbolize the exhalation or inhalation of negative or positive energies or entities. In Christianity, exsufflation is used to remove the devil or evil from one's self.

Breeze: While technically wind, a breeze is usually characterized as a light, gentle wind, one that doesn't do damage or isn't too bothersome. A breeze can be used to send and receive messages, especially between loved ones, to remove negativity from yourself or objects, infuse your body with gentleness and constancy, or in spells that require something to be gently removed from your life. A breeze is also perfect for wish magic, especially if you are using dandelion seeds. Simply whisper your wishes on the wind, and allow it to carry your messages gently to the Universe. 

Hurricane: Hurricanes are strong windstorms that form over the ocean from tropical storms. The only difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane is the wind speeds. Both, however, can be used for the same purpose. Because the winds are particularly strong, they can be used when a much harsher approach is needed for a removal or curse. Hurricane winds are perfect for banishing abusers or those harder to break habits, cursing those who have wronged you, blowing away persistent gossip and ill-will, or to break curses placed upon you and yours. The winds can be captured and used at another time by using a wind bag (as ancient magicians used to do) or using a windsock. To capture the hurricane winds, tie up a wind bag or windsock somewhere it will be able to blow in the wind. As soon as it is safe to do so, retrieve the item and seal it by either tying the bag shut or by tying a knot in both ends of the windsock. When you are ready to use the energy in your spellwork, simply untie the knots. Again, hurricane and tropical storm winds are powerful, destructive, and potentially deadly. Be careful in what way you are using them.

Thermals: Thermals are columns of warm air that are created when there is a difference in the air temperature on the ground versus in the atmosphere. These warm, gentle thermals are often used by birds to conserve energy, and can be harnessed much the same way in witchcraft. Use thermals to carry your messages to the heavens, add strength to your spell, warm up a spell, or to add endurance to a spell.

Tornado: Like hurricanes, tornadoes are destructive winds, and, like hurricanes, their winds can be captured and used for the same purposes as hurricane winds. 

Winds are generally stronger than a breeze and can be more damaging. However, they can be used for lighter spell work as well as more forceful ones. Use the wind to carry away spell remains, especially spells that are removing something from your life, carry messages to the Universe, cleanse objects and people, speed up spells, or add a more chaotic element to banishing spells. Wind can also be used in cursing to carry the curse to the intended target or to blow away one's fortunes and opportunities. 

Balloons: Balloons are the perfect magical tool for carrying messages, but I don't encourage you to release balloons into the environment. It's incredibly harmful to the environment and the animals that live there. However, that doesn't mean that balloon imagery can't be used for the same purpose. Balloons are also great for charging a spell. Write a sigil on the balloon and blow it up, filling the balloon with your intent. Rub it on yourself to further charge it then pop the balloon to release the spell. Balloons can also be used to raise energy or crush insecurities. 

Bell: Sound is deeply associated with the element Air, making the bell associated with Air as well. Bells are a great way to raise energy, dispel negativity, and cleanse a space or object. Bells are also perfect for raising energy.

Besom/Broom: Brooms are associated with flying, cleansing, and protection. Use brooms to protect your home or magical circle when you cut a door or to sweep away negativity. Brooms can also be used during astral flight or hedge riding.

Bubbles: Ah the bubble! Bubbles are great for releasing what no longer serves you or carry messages. Bubbles are a great, environmentally friendly alternative to balloons. If you are using bubbles to release what no longer serves you simply breathe your intention into the bubbles are you form them and allow them on their merry way. To carry messages, whisper your messages into the bubbles as you blow (the best you can). Bubbles are also a great way to attract faeries as they are shiny.

Censer: A censer or thurible is a heat-proof vessel that holds charcoal and incense. The smoke from incense can be used to infuse your spells with the magic of the herbs, carry your messages to the Universe or deities, cleanse space, for divination, summon spirits, or to reach an altered state of consciousness. 

Dandelion Seeds: Dandelion seeds are perfect for wish making. Whisper your wish over the seeds then blow them away!

Feather: Different feathers have different meanings depending on their color and source. For example, eagle feathers are associated with strength and courage, while owl feathers are associated with wisdom and silence. Black feathers are associated with spiritual action and self-exploration, blue for communication, red for passion, and gray for peace. No matter what the feather, there are some universal uses for them. Use feathers to fan your incense, flames, or spells to move the magic around. Incorporate feathers into communication spells or during astral flight to aid in crossing the hedge. Tie feathers into witches' ladders (a knot magic fetish), place in spells to help them on their way, or use in banishing or travel spells.

Floating Lanterns: Floating lanterns are making a comeback after the Disney film Tangled and for a good reason. Floating Lanterns combine Fire and Air into a powerful wishing spell. The lanterns act as a vessel to light the path of the spell and carry it to its destination. Paper-based lanterns are generally environmentally friendly, but always check what the lantern is made of before releasing it. Nothing will interrupt a spell like harming the environment. 

Flute: The flute is a great way to raise energy during spell work. Create a magical tune prior to the spell or use your intuition to create a song while casting your spell. The flute can also be used to appease deities, summon spirits or faeries, or carry the magic to its destination.

Harp: Harps can be used in the same way as a flute. However, harps are also great for sleep magic, specifically putting something to rest. If you have a spell that you wish to end, you can play a harp to help you break it.

Incense: Incense comes in a variety of scents that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Lavender incense is great for peace, relaxation, and dreams while frankincense is good for cleansing and raising the vibration of a space. When working spells, pick an incense that corresponds to the magic you are creating. Incense can also be left as an offering and to communicate with your ancestors. Use incense to cleanse your space or objects.

Kite: Kites have historically been used to carry messages to the gods. Simply write your messages on a ribbon and tie it to the tail of the kite. As you tie the knot state your intent. You can say something along the lines of "Knot that I tie, Kite that I fly, Please cast my wishes, Into the sky."

Pinwheel: While often viewed as a children's toy, pinwheels can be used to capture and harness the power of the wind. Simply write your intentions for the spell on the flaps of the pinwheel and either blow on it or take it outside to be blown by the wind. Store the pinwheel in a safe place. To release the energy or the spell, simply take the pinwheel apart.

Perfume: Perfumes have been used for magical purposes for centuries, using the scent to attract something or protect against something. Most famously perfumes were used to coat breastplates with the intention of protecting the wearer from harm. Even today we use perfumes in much the same manner, creating a bubble of protection around us. Perfume can also be used to attract good energies, lift energies, invoke good, seduce, and even curse. Use the scent to carry your spell with you all day or as an offering to the gods.

Quill: Quills are highly sought after by many witches wishing to recreate that more authentic, old-world witchcraft feel when writing in their grimoires or Books of Shadows. Quills, being associated with writing, knowledge, and wisdom, are deeply associated with Air. They can be used to direct your energies into a written spell, to sweep away writer's block, or blow in new ideas.

Ribbon: Ribbons can easily be used in chord or knot magic, to tie or bind spells, or to write your intentions on and tie to an object to blow in the wind. Use color magic to help you pick the best ribbon for the job!

Scarf: Like ribbons, scarves can also be used for knot magic, knot magic that you can easily wear! Simply tie your intention into the scarf, such as protection, and wear it all day.

Smoke: Smoke, whether from incense, charcoal, or candles, can be used to carry messages or spell intentions to their target or for divination. If using for divination, look for images in the smoke or ask questions and see the direction the smoke moves. If you ask a question, be sure to ask it in your mind so your breath does not influence the direction of the smoke. Smoke is a wonderful combination of Fire and Air and therefore can be used for knowledge and wisdom of love, passion, and war.

Wand: Depending on the tradition, wands are often associated with Air (swords in other traditions). Use wands much like you would an athame to direct power, cut doors, and transmit and focus energies.

Weathervane: Weathervanes are an instrument for showing the direction of the wind. While the weathervane itself can be a spell, usually protection, it's most useful for helping you decide how to use the wind in your spellwork. South blowing winds are associated with Fire and therefore spells regarding passion, courage, war, and love are best cast in a Southward direction. If the wind is blowing East (which I associate with Water), then spells for healing, emotions, and life are best.

Whirlygig/Wind Spinner: Whirlygigs and wind spinners can be used in the same way as a pinwheel. However, most people don't want to take their whirlygigs and wind spinners apart to release the spell or energy, so instead infuse these objects with protective energies and allow the winds to continuously charge them. These objects are also great in protecting your home against damaging winds. Charge them with collecting the harshest of winds to prevent them from damaging your home. Be sure to shake the winds out away from your home after particularly bad storms to prevent them from being overloaded.

Whistles: Whistles combine both sound and breath in one. Whistles are great for calling to spirits and ancestors to get their attention or to scare off unwanted entities. They can also be used to stir up stagnant energies so they can be removed from the home.

Wind Chime: Wind chimes can be used to clear energies around your home and can act as a proactive sound barrier against unwanted energies and entities. Many spirits dislike the constant sound of chiming bells and if the bells are made of iron, it will protect against many fae creatures that may wish to invoke mischief upon you. You can also write intentions on each of the bells and allow the wind to carry those intentions away with the sound of the bells.

Wings: Wings are associated with flight, but also take on the aspects of the creature from which they were taken. Use wings, especially insect wings, in spells that need to be carried away or in astral travel.

And there you have it. A complete list of types of Air as well as commonly used tools associated with Air! Below is a free 6-page printable for your Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

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  1. These posts are treasures. Thank you so much for the work, expertise and passion that you pour into each of them.

    I just adore that you mentioned dandelion seeds. Like many youngsters, blowing their dried seed tendrils into the wind was one of the first forms of wish magick I engaged in. To this day, always with thoughts of my sweet mama who first taught me to do so, I often involve this true sunny weather classic in my witchy workings.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I love blowing dandelions too. I do it with every head I find in my yard. I am also fond of buttercups and holding them under my chin. My grandfather taught me that one.


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