Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Witches

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I think now more than ever we need the holidays. I know they are very different this year and that most of us will be staying home and virtually meeting with our families so we can keep each other safe. I am lucky enough to be able to socially distance with my mom and dad for holiday meals and live close enough where we can drive over to see each other and stand in the yard and chat. I know this isn't possible in many cases, and I recognize I am truly blessed to be able to do so.

Despite the trying times we are dealing with, I know I have never been more ready for holiday lights and presents under the tree than I am right now. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite items from 2020, most of which I own myself! All the items are within most people's budgets with a couple of items being slightly more pricy than others. However, I trust the quality of these items and know the witch in your life will be impressed with them!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. 2021 Wicca Book of Spells Witches' Planner
I had the pleasure to write several of the articles featured in this witches' 2021 planner along with some other amazing witches from the community. This planner features witchy informational articles, correspondences, spells, and rituals that correspond with the yearly calendar. A growing trend in witchcraft is practicing daily witchcraft, and a planner is a great way to help a witch do that. This comes in both hard copy and paperback depending on how sturdy you want your planner, but, unfortunately, the planner is only available for the Northern Hemisphere. Pick this planner up on Amazon for just $8!

2. Apothecary At Home Subscription
So this is my favorite subscription box yet. Their mission is to inspire, empower, and equip the next generation of herbalists by supplying an affordable monthly subscription box that brings the herbal classroom directly to you, no matter your herbal background. Each month brings a new theme and wellness topic complete with herbs and step-by-step instructions to create your own natural remedies. You can save 15% on your first box used code WILLOW15. Why not gift the budding hedgewitch/green witch/kitchen witch in your life with this witch-inspired herbal subscription box for just $25+ a month. (You can read my latest, complete review of the box here.)

3. Sage, Spells, Seances Sign
I have been eyeing this beautiful sign ALL year. This handpainted wood sign is the perfect addition to a witchy home. This is way better than a "Live, Love, Laugh" sign any day! Pick this up for just $25 + shipping for the home decor witch in your life.

Photo by WritingOnTheWallDsg

4. The Shaman Box: Tools for Healing, Protection, and Good Fortune
A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to review this awesome oracle deck. While many shamanistic practices are closed to those outside the culture, there are many overlapping practices that are open to all. The animal oracle cards in this box are one such thing. The hedgewitch in your life will be sure to thank you for these beautifully designed cards to aid in journeying, divination, or daily spirit communication.  (You can read my complete review here.)

5. 2021 Foraging Calendar
I follow The Creeping Moon on Instagram and I love every single artistic piece that they have created. Right now you can preorder the 2021 12-month foraging calendar, which is beautifully illustrated with plants and mushrooms you can wildcraft. October happens to be chanterelle mushrooms, one of my personal favorites to forage for. You can't get much witchery than a bunch of darkly printed plants and mushrooms. Haha! The calendar is $15 but there is a cap on the presale so you best hurry before they sell out!

Photo by TheCreepingMoon

6. The Loose Leaf Tea Subscription
The Loose Leaf is a wonderful small tea company that curates herbal teas for pleasure and to cure ailments such as anxiety, migraine relief, and intestinal issues. The Loose Leaf teams up with Apothecary At Home often. meaning I have sampled a number of their teas already. While they are not the largest bags of tea, they are extremely high quality and delicious. If the witch in your life is as into tea as I am, I encourage you to check out their subscription service or just order a couple of bags of tea. These $11-$13 teas make a great stocking stuffer!

7. Midnight Mass Perfume/Cologne
Okay...this is my favorite perfume of all time. On Blackout Tuesday, I purchased some faerie-inspired perfume from Black Baccara, who was donating all the proceeds from their purchases to help with BLM bail funds. With each purchase, comes a sample, and I asked to be surprised and surprised I was. Inside was a small vial of Midnight Mass perfume oil, which includes frankincense, myrrh, ancient moss, aged merlot, antique woods, and extinguished candlewick scents. It screams witch when you smell it. I have gotten so many compliments when I wear this perfume and nothing makes me feel more magical than wearing it. Despite it being a perfume, it would also make an excellent cologne, so no matter how the witch in your life identifies, this $20 perfume oil will work for them!

Photo by Black Baccara

8. Winter Altar Cloth
This is another beautiful piece from The Creeping Moon. This $20 Winter Altar Cloth is the perfect addition to any witch's Yule altar and can be used for more than just an altar cloth. Wear it, hang it on your wall, or use it to read oracle cards. 

Photo by TheCreepingMoon

9. Moon Mask
After my Samhain post, many of you commented on my mask. My friend Kim, at Whispering Mosaics, made the moon mask featured on my Instagram, along with every other mask I currently own. Each mask is 3 layers with a metal nose piece and is tailored to fit your face. These are the best masks I have ordered and I can comfortably wear them all day while working. They are breathable as they can be, and come in a variety of prints. Masks run between $18.99 and $20. You can even pick up a Harry Potter mask!

10. Dark Rose Craft Tumbler
This is another good friend of mine who makes custom mugs and tumblers. I ordered a beautiful pink skull tumbler from it a couple months ago and it's my favorite tumbler ever. Amanda has a variety of witchy options including a Halloween, Eye of Newt, Poison, All Hallows Eve, Apothecary, Poison, Arsenic, and Skull and Roses tumbers. However, if there is something else you would like her to do, simply shoot her a message! Depending on the size of the tumbler you wish to purchase they run between $30 and $40, although mugs are about $25. 

Photo by DarkRoseCraft


This year I picked items that were on the cheaper side. Most of these gifts are less than $30, with an exception or two. I love every single item on this list, and either own or have tried almost every item on the list. No matter what you decide to get the witch in your life, remember, it's not about the money you spent, but the love and thought that counts! Happy holidays!

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  1. Stellar selection of witchy gifts. Thank you so much for putting it together, dear Willow. My heart did many a daydream filled backflip as I read through each entry. The two largest of which were for the wooden sign and that stunning Yule season altar cloth.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I really want that freaking sign. Haha! If I don't get one for Yule, I am totally ordering one for myself to adorn my new bookshelves.


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