Friday, December 4, 2020

Book Review: Year of the Witch by Temperance Alden

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As we are settling down into colder weather in Georgia, I am happily devouring the books on my shelf. I fell behind in the Fall months due to work, but I am working diligently to catch up. Teaching in the time of COVID is no easy feat, and has resulted in much of my life being put on the backburner. But hey! Thank you to those of you who stuck around through the lack of posts the past several months. I appreciate it.

Today I have another book review for you, dear readers; a popular one at that. Year of the Witch: Connecting Nature's Seasons through Intuitive Magick by Temperance Alden has been popping up everywhere in the witch community. It's probably one of the hottest books on the market at the moment, and I was thrilled when Weiser reached out and asked if I would like to review this book. I actually had it on my Amazon wishlist, especially because I follow Alden on Instagram and love her budget-friendly witch tips. This book didn't disappoint!

Alden covers a variety of topics, not just the Wheel of the Year. She discusses creating a more sustainable, local practice, something I quite enjoyed and fully support. As an environmental science teacher and witch who advocates for local witchcraft, I was extremely appreciative of these chapters. Furthermore, her recipes, spells, and rituals also support sustainable, local practices, encouraging the reader to use local, in-season produce, local ingredients, and she is mindful of how spell ingredients should be disposed of. Alden supports working with no supplies when possible because the magic comes from within you, not from the objects you are using. These only enhance your spell work, not do the work for you. She also offers expert advice on how to create your own correspondences for your magical objects found in your area, allowing you to build a deeper relationship with and respect for the world around you. Her method is very similar to my own, so I can vouch that it works, and I second her proposal that all witches be familiar with how to create their own correspondences. 

What I loved most, however, was that she used science and history from actual scientific and historical sources to support her claims. All of these sources are cited in the back of the book for reference. As someone who loves peer-reviewed journals, I always appreciate when another witch uses such sources to support their claims. This makes the book authentic and "real." I have found that in books talking about the sabbats, that some of their information has since been debunked, but yet this inaccurate information is still floating around. This is always a sign to me that the author has not kept up with current research and I find that to be a shame. Because of the research and time put into the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters on each sabbat. The rituals were simple yet effective, their intention explained, and the recipes were to die for. I can't wait to veganize her bread recipe! It was actually one of these rituals to help you banish the dust and form a new habit that solidified my adoration for Alden. She states in the spells introduction that she finds herself becoming 'lazy' and depressed in the Spring. Girl...that spoke to my soul. Spring and Summer are NOT my seasons either, and like Alden, I much prefer Fall and Winter. I am the most productive and happiest during the Fall and Winter months, especially Winter! Finally, Alden encourages her readers to adapt the Wheel of the Year to fit their needs. These holidays were created during a vastly different time in a very specific location. Many of the practices and themes of the sabbats no longer hold true in modern times or for those that live outside of Europe. Alden encourages her readers to adapt the Wheel and create your own, individualized practice, which I love!

However, as with all books, there were a couple of things I didn't like. First, Alden suggests that birth control somehow disconnects you from the natural world, as implied when she discusses how much closer to the cycles of the natural world she got when she quit taking hers. This completely disregards individuals like myself that must take birth control for health reasons. I am no less in tune with nature than I was before the pill, and this idea that man-made medicines somehow decrease your magical ability has got to stop. It's false and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. There was also a point I felt like she was dismissing anthropogenic climate change by using the Milankovitch cycle as evidence. Yes, the Milankovitch cycle accounts for some long-term climate change, but the difference between natural and anthropogenic climate change is the rate at which it is occurring. However, I think Alden simply didn't communicate well in this section, because her later stances on sustainability suggest she does recognize anthropogenic climate change is an issue. Finally, Alden uses a ritual that calls upon Lilith, who is not a goddess open to all to use. Lilith belongs to the Jewish faith and Judaism is a closed religion. You must be born into it or convert to it. Spirit Roots has an amazing article on Lilith and why her use in non-Jewish witchcraft is inappropriate.

Overall, however, I was delighted with Year of the Witch. It's current, relatable, sustainable, local, and empowering, for new and old witches alike. I especially encourage older witches to check this book out so you can relearn some of the history of our holidays. It's always a good idea to remain current, and if something is not longer serving you or us as a community, why not create something else that's better? You can order Year of the Witch: Connecting Nature's Seasons through Intuitive Magick by Temperance Alden now.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Elemental Magic: Air Spells and Rituals

air magic, air witchcraft, air spell, air ritual, witchcraft, elemental magic, witch, witchy, occult

As the end of the year approaches and the days continue to shorten, this is the perfect time for Air spells. I know that Air is often associated with the Spring months and Earth with Winter, but Air helps us find our truth, seek out the wisdom we need to be our best selves, and communicate that self with the rest of the world. We've spent the entire year up until this point healing past wounds, grounding our souls, and burning away what no longer serves us. Now it is time to seek our future path so we can continue our growth.

Like all the elements, Air can be used for cleansing. In fact, Air is one of the most commonly used elements to cleanse, usually in the form of smoke. This particular ritual is designed to help you remove any residual energies that no longer serve you so you can move on to bigger and better things.

What You'll Need

  • Dried juniper or rosemary
  • Math/Lighter
  • Charcoal disc
  • Heat safe dish

What to Do

Begin by lighting the charcoal in the heat-safe dish. While the charcoal heats, close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose for 3 seconds, and breathe out through your mouth. As you breathe in, imagine you are breathing in a new life and starting fresh. As you breathe out, feel all your tensions, worries, aches, and past leave your body. Let go of everything you can. Visualize your doubt, mistakes, bad habits, and regrets and breathe them out. Continue to do this until you reach a light trance state and feel completely relaxed.

Add the dried juniper or rosemary to the charcoal. Juniper and rosemary are both powerful cleansing herbs, so either one will work during this ritual although you can substitute another cleansing herb if you don't have juniper or rosemary. Sit the heat-safe dish on the floor in front of you and pass your entire body through the smoke 10 times. Ten is associated with ending cycles and reaching wholeness, which is the purpose of this cleansing. Each time you cross through say "Smoke and ash I release the past" and state when you are getting rid of. It's okay if you repeat items, especially if they are difficult habits to biting your nails. *cough cough* If you cannot physically pass through the smoke, waft it toward you ten times. You can also use juniper or rosemary incense, essential oils in a diffuser, or a scented candle if you are sensitive to smoke. If smoke and flame are not an option, you can try the next spell instead, or do both for more potent work.

Finish the ritual by taking a shower to completely wash away your past and allow your future to rise.

The wind is able to blow away most anything in its path, especially if the winds are strong enough. There is absolutely no reason you can't use the wind to blow away your past self, allowing you to reach your true potential. This spell can be used instead of the previous cleansing spell, or in conjunction with it. This particular spell is not a cleansing spell, but it can remove that which no longer serves you.

What You'll Need

  • Biodegradable paper
  • Pen

What to Do

On a windy day, travel to a high location such as a hilltop or rooftop. Write what you wish to leave behind and have blown away, never to return. Stand tall and allow the wind to blow through you. When you are ready, release the paper into the wind. As you do say, "Winds of change, take my past with thee. I thank you for the lessons that you have taught me." Spend some time meditating, if you can, on what your future holds.

Clarity and wisdom often go hand-in-hand. This spell jar is designed to clear your mind, help you focus, and enhance your ability to communicate. This is especially useful to create prior to a presentation or even when you are attacked by someone who is threatened by your new self. Make sure to carry it with you to communicate effectively.

What You'll Need

  • Ground allspice
  • Whole cloves
  • Flax seeds
  • Small piece of paper
  • Yellow wax
  • Small jar with a cork
  • Pen

What to Do

Cleanse the small jar using your favorite cleansing method. Your breath is particularly potent here because this spell is all about communication and communication often encompasses the breath. Layer your herbs in the jar while saying, "Allspice, cloves, and flax, bring me my voice of wisdom. Strengthen my resolve, clear my mind, and give me the words I need to speak my truth." Allspice is associated with wisdom and compassion, thus allowing you to speak in a manner that is respectful yet clear. Cloves improve mental clarity while flax strengthens the mind (all that omega-3, yo!). On the piece of paper draw the Ansuz rune. Ansuz is the rune of wisdom, communication, and knowledge. It opens your mind to accept new truths while allowing you to freely speak yours. Roll the paper up tightly and place it in the spell bottle. Seal the bottle and cover the lid or cork with yellow wax, which will help increase your ability to communicate. White or black wax are also acceptable here. As you seal the jar say, "With this spell sealed in wax, allow me to communicate effectively to the max." Carry this spell jar on you when you need extra help communicating or just clearing your mind.

After we have shed all we can, sometimes we need a little boost in our creativity. While creativity is often associated with Fire, it also has a deep connection with Air, as Air is of the mind, where creativity often springs from. If you are feeling stuck, and aren't sure what to do next, try this simple spell to give you some direction. 

What You'll Need

  • Dried rosemary
  • Dried basil
  • Ground cinnamon
  • Small dish/bowl

What to Do

Cleanse your bowl using your favorite cleansing method. Next, add your herbs one at a time while saying, "Rosemary to clear my mind. Basil to bring creativity. Cinnamon to bring me the strength I need to complete my creative endeavors. And so it is." Inhale the heady aroma to spark your creativity. And that's it! Give it a sniff whenever you need to feel inspired!

No matter how hard we try, sometimes people just aren't willing to see things our way or how their actions are affecting us. I find this especially true when the person is stuck in the past or has tied up their ego into something outside of them, such as their diet, exercise routine, or political affiliate. Use this spell to help someone see things from your perspective so the conversation can remain open.

What You'll Need

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • A personal item of the person you are working this spell on
  • Dried mint
  • Blue candle
  • Match/lighter

What to Do

Begin by writing a letter to the person giving you trouble. Air out all your feelings, concerns, and frustrations so they know how you truly feel about the situation. Place mint and the personal item inside the letter. The personal item can be hair, nail clippings, a picture, or a piece of their clothing, just make sure it is flammable and can be easily rolled up into the letter. Roll the letter up and light the candle. Hold the letter to the flame and allow it to burn while saying, "Letter turn to smoke and carry my message, so that [insert person's name] may understand my feelings. Open their mind to the truth of it and gain clarity to stop this rift." Allow the letter and candle to burn out completely. A word of caution, this is a spell best performed outside on a windy day, just be sure to keep the flames protected.

You can't have a list of Air spells without a dandelion wish spell! Duh! This spell is probably the simplest on the list, but it's effective! I find folk spells are often overlooked for their simplicity, but it is this simplicity that they are some of the most powerful spells to perform.

What You'll Need

  • Dandelion see head

What to Do

Whisper your wish into the dandelion seed head and then blow the seeds away, to carry your wish with the wind.

Air is the element of truth, so what better way to get someone to tell the truth than to use Air, in this case in the form of smoke. This particular spell is based on a hoodoo spell that uses Command and Compel Oil, so if that is more up your ally, use it to anoint your candle and skip the copal.

What You'll Need

  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Copal resin
  • Charcoal disc
  • Yellow or white candle

What to Do

Light the charcoal disc and when hot, place the copal resin on it. Write the name of the person you are trying to get to tell you the truth nine times, the number of honesty. Cross over their name with your name. Roll the paper up and pass through the smoke of copal, which is said to force liars to speak. Then light the paper on fire in the candle and as it burns say, "I command thee to speak the truth unto me." Snuff out the candle. Repeat this spell, using the same candle, over the course of seven days. Any leftover wax should be disposed of away from the home.


These spells are just some of the many uses of Air, some of which you can find elsewhere on my blog. Again, I tried to include several spells to help us navigate the current social and political climate, but there are several spells that can be used whenever you need them. How do you use Air in your practice? Share your spells and ideas in the comments below!

Interest in the rest of the series? Here's what's to come!

Elemental Magic Series

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Friday, November 27, 2020

November Beaver Moon Worksheet

full moon, esbat, ritual, witchcraft, moon magic

November's Beaver Moon is named after the beaver's hunkering down in their lodges this time of year. This Full Moon is also referred to as the Frost Moon or Freezing Moon, for the frost the coats the ground as Winter approached, and the Deer Rutting Moon in reference to the rut. Depending on when the Moon falls, this Full Moon is often associated with the Witch's New Year, making it the perfect time to work new beginning spells, shed bad habitats just as the deer shed their antlers, cleanse your home, and focus on self-care. 

This month's Full Moon worksheet contains the usuals of my past Full Moon worksheets, including a to release and cleanse section, a box for your intuition, and an oracle spread. I decided to switch to oracle cards from tarot because there is some talk in the witch community of tarot being a closed practice, and out of an abundance of caution I felt switching was best. Unlike past worksheets, however, this one can be used every November, as it is based on the correspondences of the moon itself and not other astrological events. The tarot spread for this month features 4 cards to help figure out what you should shed this month, much like the deer who will shed their antlers.

full moon, esbat, ritual, witchcraft, moon magic


Looking for more free worksheets? Why not get your free copy of my spell/ritual worksheet to write your best spells and rituals yet?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Witches

holiday, gift guide, witches

I think now more than ever we need the holidays. I know they are very different this year and that most of us will be staying home and virtually meeting with our families so we can keep each other safe. I am lucky enough to be able to socially distance with my mom and dad for holiday meals and live close enough where we can drive over to see each other and stand in the yard and chat. I know this isn't possible in many cases, and I recognize I am truly blessed to be able to do so.

Despite the trying times we are dealing with, I know I have never been more ready for holiday lights and presents under the tree than I am right now. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite items from 2020, most of which I own myself! All the items are within most people's budgets with a couple of items being slightly more pricy than others. However, I trust the quality of these items and know the witch in your life will be impressed with them!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. 2021 Wicca Book of Spells Witches' Planner
I had the pleasure to write several of the articles featured in this witches' 2021 planner along with some other amazing witches from the community. This planner features witchy informational articles, correspondences, spells, and rituals that correspond with the yearly calendar. A growing trend in witchcraft is practicing daily witchcraft, and a planner is a great way to help a witch do that. This comes in both hard copy and paperback depending on how sturdy you want your planner, but, unfortunately, the planner is only available for the Northern Hemisphere. Pick this planner up on Amazon for just $8!

2. Apothecary At Home Subscription
So this is my favorite subscription box yet. Their mission is to inspire, empower, and equip the next generation of herbalists by supplying an affordable monthly subscription box that brings the herbal classroom directly to you, no matter your herbal background. Each month brings a new theme and wellness topic complete with herbs and step-by-step instructions to create your own natural remedies. You can save 15% on your first box used code WILLOW15. Why not gift the budding hedgewitch/green witch/kitchen witch in your life with this witch-inspired herbal subscription box for just $25+ a month. (You can read my latest, complete review of the box here.)

3. Sage, Spells, Seances Sign
I have been eyeing this beautiful sign ALL year. This handpainted wood sign is the perfect addition to a witchy home. This is way better than a "Live, Love, Laugh" sign any day! Pick this up for just $25 + shipping for the home decor witch in your life.

Photo by WritingOnTheWallDsg

4. The Shaman Box: Tools for Healing, Protection, and Good Fortune
A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to review this awesome oracle deck. While many shamanistic practices are closed to those outside the culture, there are many overlapping practices that are open to all. The animal oracle cards in this box are one such thing. The hedgewitch in your life will be sure to thank you for these beautifully designed cards to aid in journeying, divination, or daily spirit communication.  (You can read my complete review here.)

5. 2021 Foraging Calendar
I follow The Creeping Moon on Instagram and I love every single artistic piece that they have created. Right now you can preorder the 2021 12-month foraging calendar, which is beautifully illustrated with plants and mushrooms you can wildcraft. October happens to be chanterelle mushrooms, one of my personal favorites to forage for. You can't get much witchery than a bunch of darkly printed plants and mushrooms. Haha! The calendar is $15 but there is a cap on the presale so you best hurry before they sell out!

Photo by TheCreepingMoon

6. The Loose Leaf Tea Subscription
The Loose Leaf is a wonderful small tea company that curates herbal teas for pleasure and to cure ailments such as anxiety, migraine relief, and intestinal issues. The Loose Leaf teams up with Apothecary At Home often. meaning I have sampled a number of their teas already. While they are not the largest bags of tea, they are extremely high quality and delicious. If the witch in your life is as into tea as I am, I encourage you to check out their subscription service or just order a couple of bags of tea. These $11-$13 teas make a great stocking stuffer!

7. Midnight Mass Perfume/Cologne
Okay...this is my favorite perfume of all time. On Blackout Tuesday, I purchased some faerie-inspired perfume from Black Baccara, who was donating all the proceeds from their purchases to help with BLM bail funds. With each purchase, comes a sample, and I asked to be surprised and surprised I was. Inside was a small vial of Midnight Mass perfume oil, which includes frankincense, myrrh, ancient moss, aged merlot, antique woods, and extinguished candlewick scents. It screams witch when you smell it. I have gotten so many compliments when I wear this perfume and nothing makes me feel more magical than wearing it. Despite it being a perfume, it would also make an excellent cologne, so no matter how the witch in your life identifies, this $20 perfume oil will work for them!

Photo by Black Baccara

8. Winter Altar Cloth
This is another beautiful piece from The Creeping Moon. This $20 Winter Altar Cloth is the perfect addition to any witch's Yule altar and can be used for more than just an altar cloth. Wear it, hang it on your wall, or use it to read oracle cards. 

Photo by TheCreepingMoon

9. Moon Mask
After my Samhain post, many of you commented on my mask. My friend Kim, at Whispering Mosaics, made the moon mask featured on my Instagram, along with every other mask I currently own. Each mask is 3 layers with a metal nose piece and is tailored to fit your face. These are the best masks I have ordered and I can comfortably wear them all day while working. They are breathable as they can be, and come in a variety of prints. Masks run between $18.99 and $20. You can even pick up a Harry Potter mask!

10. Dark Rose Craft Tumbler
This is another good friend of mine who makes custom mugs and tumblers. I ordered a beautiful pink skull tumbler from it a couple months ago and it's my favorite tumbler ever. Amanda has a variety of witchy options including a Halloween, Eye of Newt, Poison, All Hallows Eve, Apothecary, Poison, Arsenic, and Skull and Roses tumbers. However, if there is something else you would like her to do, simply shoot her a message! Depending on the size of the tumbler you wish to purchase they run between $30 and $40, although mugs are about $25. 

Photo by DarkRoseCraft


This year I picked items that were on the cheaper side. Most of these gifts are less than $30, with an exception or two. I love every single item on this list, and either own or have tried almost every item on the list. No matter what you decide to get the witch in your life, remember, it's not about the money you spent, but the love and thought that counts! Happy holidays!

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Apothecary At Home Box Review: November 2020

apothecary at home, herbal remedies, subscription box, witchcraft, witchy, herb, herbal, herabrium, green witch, green witchcraft, hedgewitch

So I missed writing an actual review for October's Apothecary At Home box, but I did do an unboxing video on my IG so if you missed the last box, head on over to Instagram and check out my live video. October's box was Romance + Ritual and was the first box to include obvious witchcraft. Last week I did an unboxing of this month's Apothecary At Home box on IG which is all about digestive health. What a great time to have a box on Digestive Health with the holiday season and all. If you are anything like me, you'll likely overeat like crazy the next few weeks then hibernate until Spring. 

Before I jump into the box though, I wanted to give you witches a rundown of the company. First, Apothecary At Home is a small, witchy woman-owned business in Berkley, California. Their mission is to inspire, empower, and equip the next generation of herbalists by supplying an affordable monthly subscription box that brings the herbal classroom directly to you, no matter your herbal background. Each month brings a new theme and wellness topic complete with herbs and step-by-step instructions to create your own natural remedies. In my opinion, this is one of the best boxes of its kind on the market, fantastically pairing herbalism and witchcraft into one educational, monthly subscription box.

apothecary at home, herbal remedies, subscription box, witchcraft, witchy, herb, herbal, herabrium, green witch, green witchcraft, hedgewitch

Again November's theme is Digestive Health, just in time for the holidays! As always, there is a complete, sourced informational booklet, that explains digestive health and diseases, each of the herb's medicinal profiles, folklore, and magical uses, and recipes that feature the herbs. I love the time, care, and research put into the booklet and the fact that they suggest future reading, continued study resources, and cite their sources. I am slowly creating a materia medica using this information and the botanical prints, although I am tempted to frame all these lovely prints and decorate an entire wall with them in the spare bedroom. This month focuses on two herbs, fennel and peppermint, with a bonus herb dandelion root. There are 2 ounces of each herb, except the dandelion root which is one ounce, which is WAY more than I will likely use in the near future, meaning I have plenty not only to restock my herbal cabinet but to use in my magical workings as well. I still can't believe they are able to pack so much into a single box every month for the price point!

apothecary at home, herbal remedies, subscription box, witchcraft, witchy, herb, herbal, herabrium, green witch, green witchcraft, hedgewitch

The one thing I absolutely love about this box is that it comes fully stocked with everything you need minus an ingredient or two, to make the herbal remedies. In previous months, this included salve tins, jars, brown dropper bottles, mullein bags, and beeswax or soy wax. This month is no different, except neither recipe is a salve so there is no beeswax or soy wax this month. This month is a dandelion root bitter and bloat-be-gone tincture, with a number of bonus recipes included for recipes such as dandelion bitter soda, fennel milk, and an IBS relief tincture. Having all the supplies on hand makes creating these remedies extremely easy and gives you no excuse not to get started right away. This is a major selling point for me and many others as the easier it is to create the remedies, the more likely we are to do it. To keep everything properly labeled, which is extremely important, they have included several beautiful labels so you can record the contents and date of the remedy or infusion.

apothecary at home, herbal remedies, subscription box, witchcraft, witchy, herb, herbal, herabrium, green witch, green witchcraft, hedgewitch

apothecary at home, herbal remedies, subscription box, witchcraft, witchy, herb, herbal, herabrium, green witch, green witchcraft, hedgewitch

Apart from the supplies to make the remedies, the box also comes with seeds (catnip and thyme) so you can continue your herbalist adventure by expanding your garden. All of their seeds are sourced from Bentley Seeds Co, a small family-owned business in upstate New York. I love that each month Shannon, the creator and founder of Apothecary At Home, continues to support small businesses around the country. This is a major plus in my book and I am glad my money is going to help small businesses. Shannon's mother, Virgi, also creates the two lovely botanical prints found in each month's box that you can frame, glue into your Book of Shadows, or place in your materia medica. The prints are printed on sturdy paper which I greatly appreciate. They are absolutely stunning and I am looking forward to adding more to my collection. This month's prints include both fennel and peppermint.

apothecary at home, herbal remedies, subscription box, witchcraft, witchy, herb, herbal, herabrium, green witch, green witchcraft, hedgewitch

Finally, the surprise, bonus items this month are Happy Intestine tea from The Loose Leaf and Aletheia: Ginger dark chocolate from Antidote. The chocolate is AMAZING and this is coming from someone who is not a fan of ginger. I was actually incredibly thankful this month's box did not come laden with ginger. I know it works for others, but it does absolutely nothing for my stomach but make it angry. However, the ginger in this chocolate is subtle and the richness of the dark chocolate blends well with the dried ginger. Plus, it's vegan! The tea tastes of peppermint and chamomile with a hint of marshmallow root and calendula. It's a wonderful mixture, whether you are drinking it to soothe your stomach or just to enjoy.

Overall I LOVE this box. I continue to be awed and delighted by this amazing box and strongly encourage my readers to pick up a subscription now. You can save 15% on your first box using code WILLOW15. It's a great way to support a small, witchy business and learn an amazing skill at the same time for a fraction of the cost of an herbalist course.

I know that I included a pros and cons list in my original post, but I wanted to expand on some new features and new information I have received since the last box. I will likely keep this list going for as long as I am posting about it.


  • The box is designed to teach, instead of just providing you with goodies. It includes everything you need to learn how to make herbal remedies and gets you started on the herbalist path.
  • The item quality is great. Every item is worth more than I paid and sometimes you even get some bonus items thrown in!
  • The information packet is informative and explains how to use each of the items in the box. The herb profiles are clearly outlines and recipes are easy to follow.
  • There are vegan and non-vegan options. They offer both beeswax and soy wax for salves, so if you are vegan there is an option available for you.
  • They survey you for allergies. When you sign up for the box, you begin with a survey where you can let them know if you are allergic to anything. I thought this is great because I am allergic to opiates and gogi berries, and while I don't think opiates will end up in the box, gogi berries have a strong possibility of showing up. I'm glad that they take this into account and won't put anything in my box that I am allergic to.
  • They are eco-friendly. The box is recyclable and you have the option to receive the information packets printed or digital. I love how much you can customize this box! The original box came with bubble wrap, but all boxes since have not contained it. The glass has been either lovingly wrapped in tissue paper, sandwiched between the herds, or wrapped in the muslin bags to prevent breakage. The only plastic wrap in the box is around the art prints, which is understandable. Eco-friendly packaging is SUPER important to me, so I appreciate the step to reduce plastic.
  • They support the BIPOC community. Right now, they are offering boxes to BIPOC who are interested in learning herbalism for free or heavily discounted. If you or someone you know is interested in the details, check out their website. You can also sponsor a box to help provide more boxes!
  • They support other small businesses such as The Loose Leaf and Bentley Seeds Co
  • All their seeds are non-GMO. While this isn't necessarily important to me, I know many people find non-GMO a plus, so I stuck it on the list. 
  • They have an online study group specifically designed to answer questions, share ideas, and have support, whether it's from other subscribers or Shannon herself!
  • monthly/bi-monthly newsletter is sent out detailing important information, updates, savings, and more to help you use the remedies in your box and learn more about the herbs. I really appreciate the contact and support!
  • All of the supplies are reusable. The glass containers can be used over and over again, making it very eco-friendly.
  • There are more than enough herbs to create the remedies and restock your apothecary in the future. I know 2 ounces doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me...its a lot!
  • There are multiple options including a mystery box and an ala carte option (suppliesherbs, and study guides). 
  • This box is available! They still have some spots available for next month's box, but you best hurry!


  • The box is somewhat expensive. It's currently priced between $25 (not bad at all) and $40 plus $8 shipping within the US. However, if you were to compare this to an online course, this box is significantly cheaper and provides all the supplies needed for a fraction of the price.
OVERALL: 5 out of 5 stars 

Interested in purchasing this box? Check out Apothecary At Home onlineUse code WILLOW15 to get 15% off your first order!

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