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Elemental Magic: Tools of Fire

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In today's post, I will discuss some of the many tools associated with Fire and how you can use them in your practice. Many of these tools were hinted at or discussed when I introduced you to some of the folklore surrounding Fire. However, this post is more of a correspondences type list that you can use to quickly plan spells. For your pleasure, I have also included a free 5-page printable for your Grimoire or Book of Shadows. Enjoy!

Balefire/Bonfire: These large, outdoor fires were traditionally were used for cleansing and protection purposes. Bundles of herbs would be thrown into these fires and cattle would be driven in between or people would jump over them for cleansing and protection for the upcoming year. They can also be used for pyromancy, burning spell ingredients, or during large group rituals to encourage people to participate.

Candles can be used for a variety of spell purposes, especially in candle magic. They can be dressed or anointed with oils, herbs, and crystals or carved with sigils to pack a powerful magical punch. Different color candles are used for different purposes, such as green for prosperity, black for banishing, and red of passion. 

Fluorescent Light: This is the most common form of light in homes due to our use of lightbulbs. Use fluorescent lights to "light" the way, illuminate a situation, or bring a soft, steady energy to a spell.

Friction: Friction is the opposite acting force when two objects slide past each other. This rubbing produces heat that can be used to warm objects, such as crystals, with your energy to build a connection. However, friction usually manifests in witchcraft has the opposing force to our spells. The energy from our spell work naturally dissipates over time due to friction slowly the energy until it ultimately "stops." This is why several spells call for working over a 3, 7, 9, or 28 day period or why you should revisit wards and protection spells to reinforce them.

Hearth Fire: Hearth fires were a prominent feature in the homes of our ancestors. These were generally fires in a fireplace or a stove that the family used for cooking and warmth. It was considered the heart of the home, much like a modern kitchen is viewed as the home's heart today. Hearth fires are associated with health, wellness, warmth, wisdom, birth, creativity, and life. To honor your hearth fire, place a bowl of oranges or a lit candle on your stovetop.

Heat: Heat is energy that can be transferred from one object to another. Use heat to transfer energy between objects, especially energy from you to the magical object you are using. You can also use heat to speed up your spells, infuse your spells with your energy (through dancing or other movements), or spice up a relationship. While spicy food technically isn't "hot" in a scientific sense of the word, they can be used to heat up a spell or person in witchcraft.

Lava: Lava is molten rock that has breached the surface, unlike magma that is molten rock beneath the Earth's crust. Lava can be used to burn bridges, invoke a clean slate, clear away the competition, or bring about destruction, just as lava reshapes the landscape around it. Most people believe lava is only a negative, destructive force, but lava brings rich, fertile nutrients up from deep within the Earth, creates new land for life to prosper, and allows for things to begin anew. I advise against attempting to work with actual lava unless you can view the lava from a safe distance. Otherwise, visualizations, pictures, and lava rock work well in spell work.

Lightning: Atmospheric, electrostatic discharge often appears to us as lightning. While destructive in nature, lightning can be used in witchcraft to focus energy. Lightning touched areas are believed to be supercharged and the energy of these areas can be used to enhance spell work, enchant objects, and infuse you with power. Lightning is also often used in storm magic to bring about rapid change.

Magma: Magma is molten rock stored deep within the Earth's surface, unlike lava which is molten rock that has breached the Earth's surface. Tap into this energy source through grounding and use it to warm your soul, recharge, and add long-lasting energy to your spells.

Plasma: Plasma is a state of matter, usually thought of as a subset of gases. We are most familiar with plasma in neon lights. These supercharged particles can be used to electrify a situation, grab attention, and bring quick change.

Rainbow: Rainbows are formed by light passing through a prism, usually water droplets when found naturally. Rainbows have an array of magical symbolism, including hope and joy, and are thought to act as a bridge between our world and that of the Otherworld. Use rainbows to connect with the Otherworld, communicate with the dead, inspire hope, and bring about joy. To read more about rainbow magic, check out A Witch's Guide to Rainbow Magick and Working With Rainbows by Autumn Zenith at Witchcrafed Life.

Sunlight: Sunlight is the main source of Fire energy on Earth. It is the ultimate life-giver, warming our atmosphere, allowing plants to carry out photosynthesis, and providing the energy necessary for most processes on Earth to work. Sunlight can be used to purify, cleanse, charge, and energize you and objects. It is masculine in nature, and while generally good, it can also be used to harm (think sunburn). Sunlight can be used to ignite a situation, burn away our enemies, illuminate situations, and remove negativity.

Amber: Amber, which is fossilized tree sap, is often referred to as "Tears of the Sun" due to its golden hue. Use it for protection, healing, and courage or to create happiness or protection amulets.

Ashes: Ash is the product of burning, usually wood or paper. While some argue ashes lack energetic properties, I completely disagree. Use ashes to symbolize fertility, rebirth, change, and transformation. 

Athame: An athame is a ritual knife used for directing and manipulating energy. Many witches use an athame in a similar way to a wand to cast a magical circle, cut a door in the circle, or direct spell energy.

Basil: Basil is probably one of the most commonly used culinary and magical herbs out there. Carry it in your wallet or purse to bring wealth, burn to divine the future of your relationship, or enhance astral flight and hedge riding. 

Bloodstone: Bloodstone, so named for the red flecks, can be used to heal wounds, soothe menstrual cramps and childbirth, increase immunity to bloodborne illnesses, or in spells to draw money, prosperity, wealth, and win legal battles.

Brass: Like gold, brass is associated with the Sun due to its golden color. However, brass is best for opening doors, resilience, communication, and sound magic.

Candles: Candles can be used for a variety of spell purposes, especially in candle magic. They can be dressed or anointed with oils, herbs, and crystals or carved with sigils to pack a powerful magical punch. Different color candles are used for different purposes, such as green for prosperity, black for banishing, and red of passion. 

Carnelian: Deep red or orange in color, carnelian is a wonderful crystal for honoring the Sun. It can be used for courage, strength, and power, as well as for love and lust. Carnelian is also great for grounding you within our realm during astral travel as well as acting as a beacon to help you return to your body.

Cayenne Pepper: Use cayenne pepper to heat things up in your relationship, encourage lust, or light a fire under someone to get them moving, whether it's off their butt or out of your life. 

Charcoal: Charcoal is the burnt remains of wood and other organic material. It is best for cleansing, purification, and banishing. It is also great for protection and warding. Historically, charcoal was used to create inks and as such can be used to write in your grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Chili Peppers: Chili peppers can be used much the same way as cayenne pepper. However, they are also excellent for protection and burning away curses.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a dried, aromatic bark from evergreen trees in the genus Cinnamomum. It can be used for money, wealth, and prosperity magic as well as healing, protection, and love spells. When burned, it can cleanse and consecrate items as well as speed up your spells.

Cloves: Cloves can be used for protection, clarity, halting gossip, banishing evil, as well as invoking love and lust. 

Copper: Copper is a conductive, malleable metal commonly associated with Venus. Therefore, copper can be used in love spells as well as to conduct energy or transfer energy. Furthermore, it is commonly used for currency around the world and therefore perfect for offerings and prosperity magic. 

Fire Agate: Fire agate is grounding and uplifting at the same time, making it the perfect crystal for situations that require tough decisions, courage, and decisiveness. Its red color also invokes passion and love while simultaneously fighting against depression and insecurities. 

Fulgurite: Fulgurite forms when lightning strikes sand or rock, forming a natural glass in the process. Due to its chaotic birth, it's great for chaos magic, as well as invoking rain and storms and communication with higher beings.

Garnet: Garnet can come in a variety of colors, including vivid green or dark red, and, like quartz, can project or receive energy. It can be used to recharge and revitalize, for protection, and to 

Gold: Gold is deeply connected to the Sun and was historically the color used to describe purifying high vibrational energies. It can be used to attract wealth, prosperity, and power. 

Lantern: Lanterns are a great way to symbolize the element Fire on your altar or in spells and are great for illuminating situations and helping you or spirits navigate dark terrain. 

Lava Rock: Lava rocks form when magma cools. Because lava originates as magma deep within the Earth, it can be used for grounding and restraint. However, its fiery nature makes it also associated with energy, assertiveness, and passion.

Lead: Lead is the heaviest of the base metals and blocks out both light, sound, and electricity. While often associated with Fire, lead is also deeply connected to Earth. It can be used for grounding, strength, stability, meditation, and to connect with the Otherworld. It's also perfect for breaking habits and shadow work.

Marigold: Marigolds are strongly associated with the Sun and can, therefore, be used in magic relating to passion, warmth, and creativity. In the Victorian floral language, they mean "pain and grief" or as a way to comfort one who is grieving. Today, marigolds are part of Dia de Los Muertos activities, aiding in spirits finding their way home.

Pumice: Pumice, unlike lava rock, has a greater silica content and floats in water. As such, it is perfect for reminding us to remain positive when we otherwise feel like we are drowning and can be used to banish bad habits and emotions as well as negative energy.

Ruby: The name "ruby" comes from the Latin rubber meaning red. Rubies can protect the wearer or homes from storm damage or be used in spells to bring wealth, passion, energy, and courage.

Sunflower: Sunflowers are one of the few flowers that obviously follow the Sun throughout the day while also being sun-like in appearance. Sunflowers are a symbol of joy, warmth, fertility, and good luck. They can also gift you with faerie sight, especially around the Summer Solstice.

Sunstone: Sunstone, with its milky orange color, is great at boosting your mood, especially if you are depressed or anxious. Use it to soothe depression, lift your mood, assuage fear and doubt, relieve tension, and heal emotional loss.

Tin: Tin is associated with Jupiter whose symbol is lightning. As such, tin can be used to protect against lightning or invoke lightning. Tin items are best charged during a lightning storm, which makes them potent magical items. It can also be used to bring about what you desire most, and is therefore perfect for prosperity and success spells, as well as rejuvenation spells.

Wand: Depending on the tradition, wands are often associated with Fire (swords in other traditions). Use wands much like you would an athame to direct power, cut doors, and transmit and focus energies.

And there you have it. A complete list of types of Fire as well as commonly used tools associated with Fire! Below is a free 5-page printable for your Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Elemental magic, fire magic, tools of fire, types of fire, fire witchcraft, fire witch, witchcraft, elements, fire

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