This section contains all of the series I have written on this blog.

Spellcrafting Series (2021)

Types of Spells: A Guide to Protection, Cleansing, Abundance, Prosperity, and Love Spells

Elemental Magic Series (2020)

A Complete Guide to Water Folklore and Correspondences
How to Connect With Water: A Complete Ritual
Tools of Water
Water Spells and Rituals

Bone Magic Series (2019)

Hedge Riding Series (2018)

What is Hedge Riding?
My Hedge Riding Experiences
Setting Up Your Astral Garden/Office (not part of the original series, but important nonetheless)
How do I know if my Journeys are Real? (not part of the original series)

Mastering Your Grimoire Series (2017)

Mapping Your Magical Path
Picking Your Book 
Decorating Your Book 
Picking Your Space 
Organizing Your Grimoire 
Writing Your Dedication 
My Grimoire's Dedication Page 
Writing Your Book Blessing 
My Book Blessing
Using Colors, Aromas, and Time

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