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Nova Luna Box Review: July

Nova Luna Box Review: July

Well, it is time for another pagan subscription box review! After Gaia Collective's Moon Box, I decided to try Nova Luna by Bella deLuna Designs, a box dedicated to celebrating the New Moon each month. I am excited to be able to celebrate the M oon cycle all month long with the help of these boxes. When I arrived home from my unexpected trip to Michigan, this little baby was waiting for me. I'm not going to lie, after some of the things that have happened this month, it was nice to have something come just for me. I love these little gifts each month.

Upon opening the box I was greeted by a Nova Luna card and a letter explaining the contents of the box. The card contained a list of the items included in the box and the value of each item. That's something new. Reading the prices let me know that I was getting more than I paid for which is a really great feeling. I didn't have to go searching for the prices myself as I have had to do for past boxes. The letter explained the New Moon in Leo, what to expect during this phase, a break down again of the price of each item, and a little bit about how to use each item during your New Moon ritual. The letter was informative and let the reader know where they could find more information. Unfortunately, there was no mention of where all the items came from, except for the tea. I'd like to know which businesses I am supporting.

Nova Luna Box Review: July 

Nova Luna Box Review: July

The next item I noticed was the celestial wooden tea nest from Moon Spoon. What a lovely surprise! I ADORE tea and this tea strainer is one I can use over and over and over again and easily clean. The strainer pops right out of the wooden base for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it contained directions on how to use it, so if you are unfamiliar with loose leaf tea, you'll have no problem using the strainer. The directions also listed the company, hence why I know it came from Moon Spoon.

Nova Luna Box Review: July

Next to the strainer were two packages wrapped in starry tissue paper and bubble wrap. The longer of the 2 contained a tea from Luna Tea Co. The tea is called Citrus Dream and contains rooibos, orange peel, coconut, vanilla, and stevia leaf. According to the label the tea is an organic blend. Once brewed, the tea takes on a wonderful orange hue, perfect for the New Moon in Leo. The vanilla is strong and the subtle sweet of the stevia and coconut make for a delightful blend. Furthermore, I love that the tea came in a glass vial with a cork stopper. Once the tea is gone, this will make a great witchy bottle to store other herbs, feathers, and the like.

Nova Luna Box Review: July 

Nova Luna Box Review: July

Nova Luna Box Review: July

In the next package was an orange sachet containing a gemstone cage necklace and a cracked quartz crystal that was dyed purple. According to the information card that accompanied it, the tumbled quartz stones were heated at high temperatures to cause the cracking then dyed a bright color. It gives a very brief description of quartz amplifying the energy around it, but nothing more on the magical properties of the crystal. Honestly, I hate that it was dyed. While it looks neat, I would have preferred natural quartz. The necklace, however, it pretty great. The metal cage stretches well and will fit most medium to large crystals, making wearing any stone you have charged easily wearable. On top of it, you can change the crystal out easily without breaking it. The only downside is the string attached to it. It is silky and the knot will not hold up long term. I would put this on a metal chain, and plan to purchase one just for the cage.

Nova Luna Box Review: July

The last item I pulled out was the July 2017 New Moon candle. It contains lily, rose, fern, honeysuckle, marigold, sage, and carnelian. Not going to lie, it smells so amazing. The rose is strong, with subtle hints of marigold, lily, and honeysuckle. There are little chips of carnelian in the candle that can be saved for later use after the candle has been used up.

Nova Luna Box Review: July

Nova Luna Box Review: July

This New Moon in Leo is about moving forward, getting rid of things that are not a resounding yes, regaining confidence, and being creative. I look forward to releasing the negativity in my life and starting a new.

Overall I enjoyed this box and felt I got my money's worth. I look forward to seeing what the next two boxes have in store for me.

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Magical Properties of Apple

Magical Properties of Apple

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

3 Year Anniversary Giveaway Winner

The winner of the 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway is...

Dana from Wisconsin!

Congratulations and thank you again to all my readers who make this blog possible!

A Guide to Amazon Prime Day for Witches and Pagans 2017

I'm sure at this point most of you are aware today is Amazon Prime Day, but did you know there are lots of pagan items on the list of Prime deals?! Now, this isn't a complete list, but it's a pretty good start. Unfortunately some of the deals are done, so I didn't bother posting them. The essential oil diffusers sold out before I realized Prime Day had begun! So sad, but hopefully they will have more available later. As of right now, here is a list of upcoming and current Prime deals for witches and pagans.

Sound Healing for Beginners: Using Vibration to Harmonize Your Health and Wellness ended

Intuition for Beginners: Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities ended

Glass teapot with infuser for blooming and lotus leaf tea ended

Hiware Good Glass teapot with stainless steel diffuser and lid 100% claimed

Majestic Pure Lavender Essential Oil 100% claimed

Radha Beauty Aromatherapy 6 Essential Oils 100% claimed

Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser 100% claimed

Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp 100% claimed

Tree of Life Necklace  100% claimed

Hardcover Dotted Notebook in Black ended

Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil ended

Angels for Beginners: Understand and Connect with Divine Guides and Gaurdians ended

Crystals for Beginners: A Guide to Collecting and Using Stones and Crystals ended

Bringing the Tarot to Life: Embody the Cards Through Creative Exploration ended

Court Cards for Beginners: Bring Clairty to Your Readings ended

Mythology: The Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of Ancient Greece 100% claimed

Beltane: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for May Day (Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials) ended

Table Tipping for Beginners: A Time-Honored Way to Talk to Spirits ended

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser  ended

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook  ended

InnoGear Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser 100% claimed

Best Blends Set of 6 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil ended

Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser ended

VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser 100% claimed

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser 100% claimed

Eucalyptus Essential Oil from Majestic Pure ended

Pentalic Sketch Book, Hardbound ended

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser ended

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser ended

Organic ​Darjeeling​ Black Tea Leaves​ from Himalayas ended

SMAGREHO Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 100% claimed

PureSpa Natural Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser ended

NexGadget 400ml BPA Free Ultrasonic Wood Grain Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser ended

Pendulum Magic for Beginners: Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom ended

Astral Projection  for Beginners: Six Techniques for Traveling to Other Realms ended

Silpada Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper and Howlite Stretch Bracelets ended

Natural Citrine & White Topaz Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver  ended

Eternal Tree of Life Simulated Turquoise Brass Beads Long Necklace ended

Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Celtic Tree of Life Pendant Necklace 100% claimed

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings 100% claimed

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Discovery Kit ended

SMAGREHO Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light  ended

Oak Leaf Essential Oils Diffuser ended

Please note some these items are upcoming Prime deals while others are no longer avialable. I will update as I see more deals become available.

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3 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Yay! Today the blog is officially 3 years old! I have been planning this giveaway since before I even started Flying the Hedge, sort of as a way to simply keep me blogging for more than a couple years. Haha! I have had a number of blogs through the years, but this one is especially important to me and holds a very special place in my heart. I see this as something I will continue to do throughout the years. I hope I never run out of stuff to talk about.

So, to say thank you to all my readers out there, I put together some of my favorite witchy items just for you! No, this giveaway is not sponsored by anyone. I went out and purchased these items out of my own pocket to say thank you. That's how much you guys mean to me. So what am I giving away?

3 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Start and End Dates

July 3rd through July 5th at 12pm (noon) EST

The Prize

This giveaway box includes:
1 sage bundle
1 pentacle crystal pouch
4 crystals- amethyst, black tourmaline, rose quartz, and malachite
1 pentacle necklace
1 Cleansing candle by
1 Lavender Moon soap by
1 Attracts Money incense

The total value of this package is over $50.

3 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Who Can Enter

You must live in the United States to enter. I'm sorry everyone outside the US, but shipping costs outside the US are expensive.
You must be 18 years or older to enter.

How To Enter

All you have to do is fill out a quick form on Google. I went with Google Forms over Rafflecopter because, well, Google Forms is free and really easy to use.

One entry per person. If you enter more than once, you are disqualified.
Winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

3 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

When + How the Winner Will be Notified

I will contact the winner via email on July 5th.
Once I have heard back from the winner, I will also post on the blog announcing the winner (first name only of course).


Package will be shipped by me via UPS, USPS, or FedEx with a tracking number to ensure arrival. I will send package out as soon as I receive the winner's shipping address. Please note I have to leave to help care for my grandmother on July 6th. This is an unexpected trip, but I will be bringing the package with me to ensure it is sent out ASAP.

3 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

Thank you again for reading and helping me build this blog over the past three years. I appreciate each and everyone of you!


Remember, the giveaway closes July 5th at noon (12:00 pm) EST
No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning.