Thursday, April 30, 2020

Beltane Altar 2020

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

Beltane, like Ostara, is largely a fertility sabbat with fire and passion mixed in. Flowers, bonfires, and Maypoles are characteristic of Beltane celebrations as are Greenwood marriages. Beltane is the opposite of Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, being a celebration of life instead of death. However, like Samhain,  this is also a liminal time when spirits and the fae are out and about making mischief and communicating with the living. I attempted to capture this imagery in this year's Beltane altar using freshly cut flowers from my yard, crystals, candles, and a gift the Earth graciously presented me with.

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

1. Mason Jar Bouquet of Flowers- My garden isn't nearly as colorful right now as it was this time last year, as we had a cold snap in the middle of warmer weather. As a result, many of my plants went dormant again, but nevertheless, there are still plenty of plants blooming. This year I have my favorite Eden rose front and center, representing love and passion. Around the rose are white and red clover, buttercups, and dandelions. Being wildflowers, each of these represents fertility, abundance, and rapid growth. The buttercups and dandelions also represent the Sun who is coming into full strength as the wheel turns toward summer. Clover, both white and red, are also known for fidelity and love. In the back are two beautiful wisteria bunches that represent abundance, fertility, and love. If you have ever seen wisteria grow you'd know nothing stops it. Furthermore, wisteria, being purple, is connected with psychic development and divination, a great addition for Beltane. (Where did I get it: Target or Found; Cost: $0.50 for mason jar, flowers free)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

2. White Candles-  The white candles flanking either side of the altar represent the Sun. Beltane is a fire festival after all and you can't not have fire on your altar for a fire festival! I stuck with the same iridescent holders that has graced my altar since Imbolc simply because I love them so much. The white candles represent fidelity and purity. (Where did I get it: Dollar Tree 2020; Cost: $3 for holders and candles)

3. Dragonfly- This beautiful dragonfly was given to me last fall by my dad. He found it dead on the floor of his job and knew immediately he needed to bring it home to me. I'm glad he did because dragonflies are truly magical. They represent transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. Beltane is a time of change, a transformation from Spring into Summer. Furthermore, I felt its meaning spoke to me. In light of COVID-19, adaptability is greatly needed. 2020 is also a year of transformations and while being stuck in my house has not been fun, I feel the winds of change calling. Dragonflies are also associated with the fae. In several traditions, dragonflies are believed to be faeries, which are prevalent at Beltane. Dragonflies are also able to cross between realms, allowing spirit communication to occur with ease, a perfect addition for Beltane. (Where did I get it: Found; Cost: Free)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

4. Peacock Ore, Rose Quartz, and Fire Agate- On the left side of the altar is a piece of peacock ore, representing rebirth, joy, and health. The rose quartz, featured in the center, corresponds with love and passion, and the giving of rose quartz to someone you love during Beltane is a common tradition I thought could easily be displayed on my altar. On the right is a rough fire agate, representing the Sun, passion, protection, sexual vitality, and grounding. (Where did I get it: Received in subscription boxes; Cost: ~$5 for all three)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

5. Deer Antler- The antler represents the masculine energy prominent during Beltane, as well as Fire and Earth, and the Sun. Furthermore, deer antlers are a symbol of change, transformation, fertility, and sexual passion, as well as courage and strength, which are all associated with Beltane. Apart from representing the basic characteristics of Beltane, deer, like dragonflies, are believed to be liminal creatures, being messengers from the Otherworld. Deer antlers often are used to aid in astral travel as well as spirit communication, perfect for this time of year. (Where did I get it: Found; Cost: Free)

5. Dried Roses- Flanking either side of the altar are two dried roses representing the Feminine aspect of Beltane. They also represent love, friendship, passion, and lust. (Where did I get it: My Garden; Cost: Free)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

TOTAL COST: ~$8.50

Like my other altars, most of the items I use are found or purchased for around $1, although if the items must be purchased by you, then the cost will be higher. I hope you find this sort of break down helpful, especially those of you looking to create Instagram perfect altars on a budget!

How did you celebrate Beltane this year?

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Free eBook! A Hedgewitch's Book of Spells: 10 Spells for Everyday Life

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So I decided to suspend my newsletter for the time being for a couple of reasons. First, Mailchimp is now requiring I pay them upwards for $250 per month to manage my subscribers. I don't have that kind of money people. Second, with everything that is going on, the newsletter has been the last thing on my mind. However, never fear! You can see get my free eBook, A Hedgewitch's Book of Spells: 10 Spells for Everyday Life. It contains 10 spells for everyday life, including spells for protection, prosperity, love, and healing. Most are relatively easy to perform and do not require a bunch of weird ingredients. Furthermore, each spell contains a list of alternative items that can be substituted if you don't have something on hand. I am all about making witchcraft personal and authentic. You can get your free copy by simply clicking the link below!


For those of you that are going to miss my newsletter, I sincerely apologize but plan to keep the hidden grimoire open, which you can email me for the link and password. I am going to put together some more free things for it in the next couple of weeks. I am also planning on turning my folklore spotlight into a monthly or bimonthly post here on the blog. I figure everyone could use some more folklore in their lives! Until then, thank you to all my readers for your love and support. I appreciate each and every one of you. You guys make it all worth it!

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Elemental Magic: Tools of Water

Elemental magic, water magic, tools of water, types of water, water witchcraft, water witch, sea witch, witchcraft, elements, water

So, I was taking a shower when it hit me...I forgot to discuss the tools of Water! Originally I was going to do this in the Water Spells and Rituals post, but I decided long before writing the post that it was going to be long enough as is and that I wanted to separate the tools from the spells. But with all the craziness that has been going on lately, I posted spells and rituals before I posted tools. This is what I get for not writing this down on a calendar or at least in my blogging notebook. Is anyone even using those any more? What day is it? Where am I? Seriously though, I need to print off some calendar pages and get my life back together. If you haven't noticed, the blog has been pretty haphazard this year, mostly because I haven't planned like I normally do because my real life has been a complete I am sure everyone's has been. I'm taking things one day at a time and talking to a psychiatrist to find the right medication, but needless to say I am struggling. But I digress!

In today's post, I will discuss some of the many tools associated with Water and how you can use them in your practice. Many of these tools were hinted at or discussed when I introduced you to some of the folklore surrounding Water. However, this post is more of a correspondences type list that you can use to quickly plan spells. For your pleasure, I have also included a free 6-page printable for your Grimoire or Book of Shadows. Enjoy!

Black Water: Water that is black due to the minerals found in it and is therefore unsafe to consume. Black water can be used for banishment, shadow work, honoring the dark half of the year, hexes, curses, death magic, and any other "dark" or nocturnal magics.

Brackish Water: A mix of salt and freshwater, usually where a river meets the sea. Because of its liminal nature, brackish water is perfect form spells regarding hedge riding, astral travel, spirit work, and other liminal work. It can also be used for healing or harming and can be used as a substitute for fresh or saltwater.

Dew: Dew is the moisture left on surfaces in the morning due to atmospheric water condensing. Dew is most often used in healing and beauty spells and rituals, especially dew collected on Beltane (May 1st). In some folklore, dirty children and women were often stolen away by the fae where they were then washed with dew. Upon their return, they were said to be more beautiful. Dew is also collected for healing purposes, especially ailments involving the eyes or skin.

Floral Water: Floral Waters are created by combining Water with different herbs and flowers. These Waters can be used for a variety of purposes and generally are infused with the magical properties of both Water and the plant you used. You can learn more about floral waters, including how to make them in my post Charged Waters: Flower Waters

Fog: This liminal water is best for liminal magics such as hedge riding, astral travel, divination, spirit work, and death magic, especially fog that occurs at dusk or dawn.

Fountain Water: In this case, I am referring to man-made fountains and water that comes directly into your home that often contain chlorinated water. These tend to have general properties associated with Water, such as healing, cleansing, and purification, although certain sources have a personality of their own. If a fountain is commonly used as a wishing fountain, Water taken from it can be used in wishing spells and prosperity magic.

Hail: Hail is commonly used in cursing or as a base for War Water. It can also be used in spells that need an aggressive push, as hail is often associated with terrible storms.

Holy Water: Blessed Water that can be used for cleansing, purification, or exorcisms. You can create Holy Water by blessing it yourself with prayer and salt or by purchasing it from a church. You can learn more about Holy Waters in my posted Charged Waters: Holy Water

Ice: Ice tends to be used most often in freezer spells or spells looking to get you unstuck or unfrozen from a situation.

Lake Water: Lake Water is often calm and mirror-like. It can be used in divination such as scrying, as a portal to the Otherworld, in healing spells and rituals, cleansing, purification, relaxation, or revitalizing spells.

Marsh Water: Marsh Water is often dirty, filled with decaying plant matter. In some cases, the Water is also stagnant. Marsh Water can be used in hexes and curses, to stagnate a situation, to cover or hide something, and even during ancestral work. Marsh Water is often associated with death and decay, making it the perfect Water to use when working with the dead.

Moon Water: Moon Water is water that has been charged under the Moon. The properties of Moon Water changes based upon the phase of the Moon under which it was charged. It can be used for a variety of spells, including healing magic, prosperity rituals, and even curses or hexes. See a complete description of Moon Water properties and how to make it in my post Elemental Magic: Water Spells and Rituals.

Mud: Mud is a combination of Water and Earth, and therefore holds magical properties from both. It can be used for grounding, burying objects, and even for cleansing.

Pond Water: Pond water behaves similarly to Lake Water.

Rain Water: Rain Water takes on the property of the storm in which it was born. Sun showers are often used for solar magic, nourishment, and healing, while dreary rain is great for resting, rejuvenation, protection, shadow work, and invisibility. Stormwater, on the other hand, is fierce and can be used in aggressive magics, cursing, hexing, or any spell that needs to pack a punch. Stormwater is also a great base for War Water or even for freezer spells aimed at stopping a person from doing something. You can read more about rainwater in an upcoming post.

River Water: River Water is fast-moving and therefore is great in spells that need speed or that deal with speeding things up. It is also great for cleansing and purifying yourself and objects, as well as for banishment magic.

Sea Water: Sea Water or Ocean Water is extremely versatile. Because it is already salted, it can be easily turned into Holy Water, or used for cleansing, protection, healing, charming, or banishment. It is also commonly used as a representative of ocean spirits.

Snow: Snow tends to be more peaceful in nature than hail and can be used to unthaw a situation or person, help you get unstuck, or in freezer spells. Snow is also great for drawing sigils in and can be stored either frozen or melted. To learn more about graveyard snow, check out Witchcraft Life's post How to Use Graveyard Snow in Your Magickal Workings.

Stump Water: This is Water that naturally collects in a tree stump or hole in a tree. Stump Water is considered to have healing properties and is often used to cure warts. It is also considered lucky. Charms, such as rabbit's feet, can be dipped in Stump Water to enhance their lucky properties. Furthermore, Stump Water is stagnated Water, making it perfect for scrying, ancestral work, spirit communication, necromancy, or as a portal to the Otherworld. The Water also takes on the property of the tree in which it is found and can, therefore, be used to mimic the tree's power in spell work.

Waterfall: Waterfalls are strong flowing bodies of Water. While some are seasonal, many run all year. Like river Water, Waterfall water can be used to remove obstacles, purify, cleanse, or bring movement to a spell. However, waterfalls can also be used in beauty magic and birth rites and rituals.

War Water: A combination of Water and rust that can be used for physical and psychic protection and cleansing, as well as for placing or reversing a curse. Hail is a perfect base for War Water.

Well Water: Well Water is typically calm, clear water that springs up from the Earth. It is most often used for healing and purification as well as for astral travel, hedge riding, and connecting with the Otherworld. The smooth surface is perfect for scrying and water divination. It can also be used for removing curses as well as placing them.

Ammonite: Ammonites are ancient sea creatures that went extinct millions of years ago. Their fossilized remains are used for a variety of spells, including transference, healing, ancestral communication, cycles, protection, and fertility.

Belemnite: Belemnites are fossilized ancient squids and are associated with the Norse god Thor. As such they are associated with lightning and thunder and can be used for protection, especially from lightning, and can pack a powerful punch to spells that are intended to aggressively protect you or our Earth, as well as hexes and curses.

Bowl: Bowls are commonly associated with Water and are used as vessels to hold Water. Darker colored bowls can be used for scrying or as offering dishes. Bowls are also associated with the Feminine, fertility, new beginnings, rebirth, and cycles.

Cauldron: Like bowls, cauldrons are used as vessels to hold Water and are associated with the Goddess. Cauldrons can be used in spells for fertility, rebirth, new beginnings, and wisdom. If you are looking to connect with the fae, don't use cast iron, as iron is harmful to fae.

Chalice: Chalices are commonly used as Water holding vessels and represent the female form.

Comb: Combs are strongly associated with mermaids and other Water spirits. They can be used as offerings, to entwine spells, magic, and charms, remove obstacles, and in glamour magic.

Coral: Coral is often used as protection from the Evil Eye, general danger and ill will, drowning, and nightmares.

Crab Shell & Claws: Crabs are associated with protection, as well as withdrawal and retreat. Claws, in particular, can be used in protection spells or magics involving fighting something or giving something a "pinch." Because crabs often run away, their shells can be used in magics involving retreating or withdrawing, especially if you are trying to get someone else to back down or you need assistance giving something up. They can also be used for binding.

Crinoid: Crinoids are ancient "sea lilies." Usually, only their "stems" preserved, forming bead-like fossils. They are thought to bring good luck and victory to those who carry them and were often used as rosary beads. These make wonderful charm beads.

Driftwood: Driftwood is strongly associated with transformation and endurance. Pieces can be turned into charms and talismans for these purposes, or used as wands.

Fishing Nets: Fishing nets are most commonly associated with snaring or catching something, so they are perfect for use in binding spells or spells involving catching something. Because they are used to catch large amounts of fish, they are also associated with prosperity and abundance and can be used in spells wishing to draw things to you, especially wealth.

Hagstones: Hagstones are stones with naturally occurring holes in them. They are most often used for protection, but the hole can be used to see into the Otherworld or fae folk walking among us. They can be added to your hedge riding sachet or held to increase psychic abilities and ease travel to the Otherworld.

Mermaid's Purse: Mermaid's purses are actually egg sacks from sharks, skates, and rays. They are often black and often referred to as Devil's purses, sea purses, sailor purses, or maid's purses. They make excellent vessels for spells and rituals regarding growth, prosperity, birth, fertility, and renewal. They are also used for the protection of children, pregnancy, and pets. If you find one washed up on the beach, make sure the babies have hatched (there should be a hole) otherwise place it back into the ocean.

Mirror: Mirrors mimic the surface of still Water and can be used for scrying and divination. They can also be used for protection, in reflection spells, or as a portal to the Otherworld. Furthermore, mirrors are strongly associated with mermaids and can be used in glamour magic.

Orthoceras: This is another fossil similar to belemnite. Orthoceras is used in a similar way for protection and healing of the spine because it looks like vertebrae. It can also be used for general healing purposes.

Pearls: Pearls are a direct result of mollusks attempting to protect and heal themselves when grains of sand or other irritants get inside the mollusk's shell. The particle is encased in calcium bicarbonate, the same material used to make shells. As such, pearls are often used for healing and are directly associated with the Moon due to their shape and color. They can be used as offerings to deities, ancestors, and fae, in beauty rituals, rejuvenation and transformation spells, as well as for health and sexual potency.

Sand Dollar: Due to their star-like structure, Sand Dollars are associated with the pentagram. They can be used in money and prosperity spells, as well as rituals to bring wholeness.

Seahorse: Seahorses are most commonly used for protection and luck. Seahorses were also believed to ferry the souls of drowned sailors to the afterlife, and can, therefore, be used in ancestral or spirit work, especially involving drowned souls. Please note that purchasing seahorses online could inadvertently support farming businesses that harvest seahorses for profit. The best seahorses are those found naturally.

Sea Glass: Sea glass is glass that has been worn smooth by the sea. As such, it can be used similarly to driftwood in spells for endurance and transformation. Sea glass is also used in death and rebirth magic, as well as in color magic.

Seaweed: Seaweed, which is actually a protist, not a plant, is commonly used for fertility and prosperity due to its abundant nature. It can also be used for healing (think seaweed wraps) and to bind.

Shark Teeth: Shark teeth, or any marine teeth for that matter, is often used for protection and to add an aggressive kick to a spell. Shark teeth are great for curses and hexes, as well as making a spell more potent.

Shells: Shells have a wide range of uses based on the type of shell being used. For example, Conch shells are used for spirit communication and necromancy (often called oracle shells), while limpets are used for empowerment, courage, power, and wisdom. You can find a great list of shells and their magical uses here.

Starfish: Starfish are most commonly used in regeneration spells because starfish as able to regrow body parts that have been lost. This is why when crabbers started shopping up starfish and throwing them back into the ocean to get them to stop eating their crabs, they actually made the starfish situation worse. All of those pieces grew back into more starfish, causing a population boom. Thus, starfish are perfect for regeneration, new beginnings, regrowth, fertility, and prosperity magic. Being star-shaped, they are also associated with the petagram and therefore protection.

Witch Balls: These are also known as fisher floats, and are glass balls that wash up on shore. They are used for protection and to trap energy.

And there you have it. A complete list of types of Water as well as commonly used tools associated with Water! Below is a free 6-page printable for your Grimoire or Book of Shadows.

Elemental magic, water magic, tools of water, types of water, water witchcraft, watch witch, sea witch, witchcraft, elements, water

Interest in the rest of the series? Here's what's to come!

Elemental Magic Series

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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Elemental Magic: Water Spells and Rituals

water magic, water witchcraft, water spell, water ritual, witchcraft, elemental magic, witch, witchy, occult

Water is, by nature, healing. My intuition told me to start with Water, and I am certainly glad I did. Now more than ever we need the healing energies of Water, and as time passes, we will need the grounding energies of Earth, the next element in this series. Today I have a number of spells and rituals that use Water, whether this is connecting with local Water spirits, using Water to heal, or relying on it's cleansing properties. Each of these spells and rituals is specifically designed to deepen your connection with Water, especially locally, as well as encourage you to use Water's healing properties to get us through this trying time.

This ritual is designed to help you connect with the spirits of a local Water source, whether this be a river, creek, lake, ocean, or any other Water source near you. This ritual is adapted from Aligning with a River Spirit from Avalon's Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition.

What You'll Need

  • Trash Bag
  • Natural Offering (shell, crystal, etc)
  • Vial or Bottle
  • Blanket (if you are uncomfortable sitting on the ground)
  • Notebook

What to Do

Begin by traveling to a local Water source with your acquire items. I suggest the visiting on the Full or New Moon as these are great times to start new relationships with deities. Remember, the Dark Moon is different from the New Moon, and I would save the Dark Moon for resting. Find a quiet spot along the Water where you will not be disturbed and lay out your blanket if you are uncomfortable sitting on the ground. Scan the surrounding area for any trash or debris and pick up any trash you may happen to find. As you do so, take this time to also observe the surroundings. What plants are growing along the banks? Are there any animals? Is the Water cool or warm to the touch? Is there a breeze? What is the energy like in this space?

Once the area is clean and you have taken stock of the surrounding energies, return to your blanket or resting spot and sit or lie on the ground. Begin breathing deeply and exhaling slowly to reach a meditative state. Close your eyes and imagine your energy seeping into the Earth under you, helping you ground. Once grounded, keep your eyes closed and reach your energy out to the Water. Take a few moments to feel the energy of the Water, letting it wash over you. If the energy is light and receptive, continue with the ritual. If you feel uneasy or unwelcome, stop, thank the spirits for their time, and leave. You can try again on another date. Sometimes it takes time to build a relationship, especially with land spirits that are used to being abused.

If you feel the spirits are open to communication, open your eyes and walk into the Water if possible. If not, dip your hands into the Water. Close your eyes again and feel yourself becoming one with the Water. As you do so say, "This witch seeks to know you, spirits of the water, How your water ebbs and flows. How the Moon graces your rapids in the evening sky, and how the Sun warms you during the day. I seek to know the spirit of the water and all those who dwell upon its banks."

Pause and listen. You can remain standing in the water or return to your blanket on the bank. Sit in silence, paying close attention to any signs or messages from the Water spirits, especially any animal behaviors you may witness. If you don't see anything with your physical eye, try close your eyes and opening your Third Eye to see if you can sense anything on a spiritual plane.

When you are satisfied with this encounter, take your bottle and your offering and return to the water. Tell the spirits you are taking some Water to place on your altar to charge with positive intent and that you will return it in a moon cycle's time. Leave your offering in the Water or on the banks and return home. Place the Water on your altar and work with the Water you collected daily for a full moon cycle. This can be as simple as holding the vial every day and meditating with it. At the end of the moon cycle, return the water to its source and continue attempting contact. The more often you visit and work with the spirits of place, the more likely they are to help you in future magical workings. Remember, relationships take two people. Spirits do not want to work with witches that neglect them or fail to keep promises. Keep your word and continue to foster the relationship with the Water spirits by visiting regularly and meditating on the banks.

This is a pretty commonly discussed Water spell, so I am not going to go into too much detail here because online resources are so prevalent. Moon Water is Water that has been magically charged using moonlight. However, Moon Water isn't just created under the Full Moon; instead, it can be created using any phase of the Moon and therefore has different properties. If you are looking to work with a Moon phase, but weren't able to during the actual phase, Moon Water is an excellent substitute!

What You'll Need

  • Glass Jar
  • Filtered or Spring Water
  • Label

What to Do

Begin by filling the glass jar with filtered or spring Water. You can also use Water from a local source, such as the river, lake, or ocean you have developed a relationship with. Once full, wait until night and place the jar somewhere it will receive moonlight. Leave out for as many hours as possible. Do not allow the Sun to touch the Water. When ready, bring inside and label the jar with the date, Moon phase, weather, and astrological events. Each of these will affect the properties of the Moon Water. Store in a dark place away from the Sun.

Types of Moon Water

New Moon Water: Water charged under the New Moon. Great for spells relating to new beginnings, such as a new job or business, new relationships, or if you are moving to a new place. New Moon Water is also great for watering newly planted seeds.

Waxing Moon Water: Water charged under the Waxing Moon. Great for spells relating to manifestation, attraction, growth, development, and evolution. Waxing Moon Water is great for success and money spells, as well as luck spells.

Full Moon Water: Water charged under the Full Moon. This is probably the most common form of Moon Water and can be used to strengthen spells and spiritual power. It can be used for just around anything, including bath and beauty spells.

Waning Moon Water: Water charged under the Waning Moon. Great for spells relating to banishment, and removals. Whether you are looking to get rid of a person, habit, or spirit, Waning Moon Water is the most potent Moon Water for getting rid of things.

Dark Moon Water: Water charged under the Dark Moon. While there is no moonlight during a Dark Moon, the energy of the moon is still potent. Dark Moon Water is best for hexes, curses, binding, and other otherwise "baneful" magic. On a lighter note, Dark Moon Water is excellent for justice spells, shadow work, protection magic, and death magic.

This water is similar to Moon Water, but instead using the Sun to magically charge the water. Sun Water is great for spells pertaining to strength, power, courage, happiness, lust, and love. Use it in solar energy spells, rituals, and baths, or as anointing or blessing water.

What You'll Need

  • Glass Jar
  • Filtered or Spring Water
  • Label

What to Do

Begin by filling the glass jar with filtered or spring Water. You can also use Water from a local source, such as the river, lake, or ocean you have developed a relationship with. Once full, place in direct sunlight for several hours. When ready, bring inside and label the jar with the date, weather, and astrological events. Each of these will affect the properties of the Sun Water. Store in a dark place.

This simple spell is excellent for stopping someone in their tracks, especially if they are doing something to you that is causing harm. Freezer spells can also be used to freeze events and even emotions if you so desire. It's important to note that not all freezer spells work as we intend them to and they do not heal the situations causing us grief. Make sure you are specific in your intent. However, this spell is really easy to undo, so if it backfires, simply allow the spell to thaw!

What You'll Need

  • Freezer-safe Container
  • Totem- a piece of paper, hair, picture, etc
  • Water

What to Do

Begin by picking out your container. By nature, freezing and binding spells are container spells designed to constrain or restrict the spell's target. I would go with a basic plastic container as they are the most freezer safe, but you can also use a "container" that resembles what you are trying to freeze, such as a cow tongue to stop gossip or cucumber/peach to stop unwanted sexual advances. Next, place your totem into the chosen container. Pictures, belongings, and hair work best for people, but writing their name on a piece of paper will work as well. If you are trying to bind and event or feeling, you can write the event/feeling on the paper as well. Fill the container with as much water as possible (vinegar or pee if you are really looking to spoil someone's intentions), seal, and place in the freezer.

Once the spell is in place, you have a couple of options as to how to go about breaking or disposing of the spell. If the spell backfires, simply unthaw the mixture and dispose of the spell contents in the trash (if it's safe) or bury them away from your home (if they are environmentally safe to be buried). If the spell works and the person, event, or feeling is "permanently" gone and unlikely to return, throw the entire container, unopened in the trash and remove it immediately from your home. You also have the option of leaving it frozen forever, or as long as you possibly can to prevent future "flare-ups." If the spell works for a time, but then the person, event, or feeling comes back, unthaw the spell slightly then refreeze. Do this every couple of days to increase the potency of the spell.

This spell using both Water and a Water symbol to help you let go of what no longer serves you. I find this spell works best for releases old feelings, habits, and even people we no longer need in our lives.

What You'll Need

  • Seashell

What to Do

This spell is best performed at the beach but can be performed at any body of water if you already have a seashell on hand. Walk along the shore, looking for a shell that speaks to you. You may pass over many shells before you find one that is perfect for the intent of this spell. Pick up the shell and hold it in your hands. Close your eyes and think about what you want to release. Visualize all aspects of the emotion, event, or person. How does it make you feel? What pictures can you conjure up? Feel the seashell warming in your hands as you charge it with your intent. When ready, blow on the seashell, acting as the final infusion of your intent into this seashell. The act of blowing not only transfers the intent from you to the seashell, but also allows you to release the emotion, event, or person from yourself. Place the shell near the water where it can be washed out to sea. Stand on a shoreline for a while, feeling the ocean pull the emotion, event, or person away from you, swallowing it into its depths. Thank the ocean for accepting your burden. Leave a small offering, such as a piece of your hair or spit as thanks.

This bath combines the power of water with bay leaves and anise seeds to pack a powerful, purifying, protection punch. Do you like the alliteration there? Water and salt are great at washing away negatively and unwanted energies, while bay leaves and anise seeds are potent purifiers and protectors. Take this bath before a ritual, especially if you plan to work with spirits, or whenever you are feeling stagnant.

What You'll Need

  • 10 Bay Leaves
  • 2 Tablespoons Anise Seeds
  • 2 Cups Boiling Water
  • 1 cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salt

What to Do

Bring two cups of water to a rolling boil. Add the bay leaves and anise seeds and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and allow the infusion to cool to room temperature. Meanwhile, fill your bath with warm water and add the salt. Stir the bath counterclockwise for banishment three times, then stir it clockwise three times for protection and luck. Hold you hands over the water and envision the bath filling with golden, purifying light. Strain the infusion and pour the strained water into the bath. Bathe for as long as you wish, imagining the negativity washing away while a protective shield forms around you.

If you don't have a bathtub, this mixture can easily be poured over you in a shower or you can use a washcloth to bathe your skin in the water before washing off. The infusion is very potent and should not be allowed to sit on the skin very long as it could cause skin irritation, rash, and even burning. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, avoid using them.

This spell bottle uses creatures of Water, as well as Water itself, to make a potent healing charm. It can be carried on your person, placed on your altar, placed on the afflicted area, or placed under the ailing person's bed/pillow.

What You'll Need

  • Small Spell Jar
  • Pieces of Coral (preferably red)
  • 3 Pearls
  • Full Moon Water
  • Blue Sealing Wax or Candle Wax

What to Do

Cleanse all of your items using your preferred cleansing method. Hold the coral and pearls between your hands feeling them warm. Close your eyes and imagine them filling with healing white light. As you do so say, "I bless these objects of the sea. Bring me healing in my time of need. Ease my pain and suffering. Fill me with good health and well-being. So it is." Open your eyes and blow your intention into the coral and pearls. Place them into the spell jar and fill with Full Moon Water. Seal the jar and coat with blue wax.

Coral and pearls are known for the healing properties. Red coral, in particular, helps heal diseases of the blood, especially those related to womanly issues. It is also a symbol of immortality and was often used by sailors to protect their ships and ensure safe passage. Furthermore, coral is believed to reduce overall stress, thus helping aid the body in fighting infections. Pearls, on the other hand, are often associated with healing various organs, including the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, and stomach. It is strongly associated with both the base and heart chakras, and works as a potent healing "crystal."  Furthermore, pearls are said to harmonize the body, allowing it to flow with the Moon cycles, thus allowing the body to heal naturally. The Full Moon Water, which has natural healing properties, is used to enhance the potency of the coral and pearls. The blue wax not only keeps the jar sealed completely but also aids in the healing properties of the spell jar, as blue is the color of health and water.


These spells are just some of the many uses of Water, some of which you can find elsewhere on my blog. You can also use Water for scrying, saining, as an offering, and as a base for elixirs and potions. The uses are endless! How do you use Water in your practice? Share your spells and ideas in the comments below!

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Elemental Magic Series

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Book Review: Seasons of Moon and Flame by Danielle Dulsky

book review, witchcraft, pagan, dulsky, seasons of moon and flame, hedgewitch, folklore, hag, witchy

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I was provided a copy of this book for an honest review.

Dulsky has done it again! Back in 2018, I reviewed her book The Holy Wild, which was a wonderful, empowering book about reawakening the divine feminine within each of this. Dulsky's latest book, Seasons of Moon and Flame: The Wild Dreamer's Epic Journey of Becoming adds to her first book using the thirteen moon cycles and four seasons to awaken the witch in all of us.

Each season is associated with a hag archetype, a grandmother-like figure that has a series of lessons to teach us using the seasons and moon phases within those seasons to direct the learning. The book begins with Spring, the Garden Hag, followed by Summer's Desert Hag, Autumn's Sea Hag, and ending with Winter's Mountain Hag. Each season, with the exception of Autumn, covers three full moon cycles, with stories, prayers, spells, rituals, and journaling exercises for each moon phase of the cycle. At the end of the book, Dulsky included an appendix that summarizes the hag stories, spells and rituals, and even unpacks each of the lessons with a series of questions. I absolutely loved that this was included in the book. This makes it exceptionally easy to find what you are looking for at any time and allows you to glance at the lessons prior to reading the entire chapter. This is one of the best tools in this entire book, one I hope authors in the future will use.

The book is wonderfully poetic and inclusive. While she touted her book The Holy Wild as inclusive, I feel that Seasons of Moon and Flame truly is. Not only does she provide rituals and spells for the solitary witch, but for families, covens, and groups as well. Furthermore, the hag stories contain a number of non-cis-gendered individuals, with correct pronoun usage. I applaud her for making the stories relevant to all witches, no matter our backgrounds. And it is these stories that I absolutely loved the most. Each moon cycle is accompanied by a hag story, a modern folktale that teaches a lesson. They are written as if the hag is telling the story directly to you, so you can envision yourself making the journey outlined in the book. As a hedgewitch and folklore enthusiast, the modern folktales were my absolute favorite. Dulsky is a gifted storyteller with wisdom beyond her years. My favorite story was the very last one for winter, telling the tale of a young witch's transformation as she journey's to meet Baba Yaga. I think this story resonated so much with me because I have had a similar experience while hedge riding. This story was real for me, as I am sure many of the stories will be for people around the world. These were pulled from the collective unconscious; there is no doubt in my mind.

Despite starting in the Spring and ending with Winter, the book can be read in any order. Yes, there are references to earlier sections, but this doesn't detract from or hinder the lessons being learned each season. I absolutely love that the book can be used however the reader deems fit and tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking to do some truly transformative work this year, especially in light of everything going on in the world, this is the perfect companion to your journey. It's powerful in a way the world needs right now, encouraging readers to take control of their life while honoring the Earth and all Her children.

Seasons of Moon and Flame: The Wild Dreamer's Epic Journey of Becoming is available now. I encourage each and every one of you to become a wild dreamer this year. 2020 is a year of transformation and this book is here to guide you on that journey.

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

April Pink Moon Worksheet

full moon, esbat, ritual, witchcraft, moon magic

April's Full Moon, commonly known as Pink Moon, Hare Moon, Egg Moon or Wind Moon, is a time of rebirth and renewal. The name Pink Moon originates from the iconic pink phlox that grave this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. Both the names Hare Moon and Egg Moon originate from the animals commonly seen this time of year. The rabbits are seen romping through the fields as birds begin to nest and lay the first eggs of the season. The name Wind Moon comes from the fact that as the storms begin to leave us, the winds of change remain. This is the perfect time for rebirth, new beginnings, and fertility magic. Start a new project, clean out your home, and allow the winds of change to bring new beginnings and renewal to your life.

This month's Full Moon worksheet contains the usuals of my past Full Moon worksheets, including a to release and cleanse section, a box for your intuition, and a tarot spread. Unlike past worksheets, however, this one can be used every April, as it is based on the correspondences of the moon itself and not other astrological events. The tarot spread for this month features 4 cards to help you with this transition into new beginnings.

full moon, esbat, ritual, witchcraft, moon magic


Looking for more free worksheets? Why not get your free copy of my spell/ritual worksheet to write your best spells and rituals yet?

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