Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Importance of Gratitude in Witchcraft

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If you live in the United States, today is Thanksgiving, the day we have designated to be grateful for the time we have been given, the family and friends in our lives, and all the little things we may have that make our lives just a little bit better. In regards to the Wheel of the Year, Thanksgiving is closely related to Mabon, but without the lunar calendar involved. Either way, gratitude and the expression of it is an important magical practice for a variety of reasons.

Witchcraft in and of itself is a work of gratitude. When we practice witchcraft we are honoring our ancestors, the land, animals and plants, and the spirits around us. This act of gratitude takes many forms, from setting up an altar to offerings, and plays an important part in our own transformation. By expressing gratitude, we contribute to our own happiness and form a deep connection with the world around us, both of which are important to personal development.

Any spell or ritual regarding manifestation relies heavily on gratitude. There are roughly three parts to a manifestation spell or ritual: an invocation, a petition, and an expression of gratitude. During the invocation phase, we call upon whatever spirits, deities, elements, etc that we work with to connect with the source, that font of energy we use as witches to manifest change. Next, we ask for specifically what we want because without asking how does the Universe know what to give us? And finally, we end the ritual with gratitude, an act of thanks that lets the Universe know that this change will manifest in our lives and that we are thankful for it. This final act is a sure-fire way to manifest what we want. When we are grateful for what is yet to come as well as what we already have, we align our personal energies to attract that which we seek. This is based on the Law of Attraction, that like attracts like, and the 7 Hermetic Principles.

According to the Law of Attraction, everything is energy. As witches, we are already fully aware of this, knowing that all things vibrate and that we can harness this energy and manipulate it to bring about change. We too have vibrations that can be manipulated by our surroundings. If you pay attention, you may notice your vibration shift when you log into social media, and often not in a good way. There is a lot of negativity out there, especially on social media, and it subconsciously affects us. However, when we shift our focus toward gratitude, our vibration also shifts. Our vibration is directly tied to what we get in life. When we are negative and foul, we often attract other negative and foul things. Have you ever noticed when you are in a good mood that the world around you is a better place? The Law of Attraction teaches us that our thoughts (the mental plane in Hermetism) can directly impact the world around us (the physical plane), which ultimately impacts our spiritual self and our magic (spiritual plane).

I am by no means telling you you have to be positive all the time. Quite the contrary. I fully recognize the value of expressing "negative" emotions and how we can harness that storm to manifest as well. You can read more about how I think the love and light movement is hurting us hereHowever, scientific studies have shown that the expression of gratitude actually changes the chemistry in the brain for the better. So what does this mean for you, as a witch?

I strongly encourage you to express gratitude daily, in whatever means you deem best for you and your situation. Some of us pray when we wake, before a meal, or before bed; some of us write in journals; others still make daily offerings. How you express gratitude can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Personally, I'm an affirmation/prayer type person. I talk to myself a lot, especially when I am alone, and during these times I often express my gratitude. When I notice I am starting to get frustrated, I take a deep breath, name one thing I am thankful for, and let the frustration go. Sometimes I am not very good about doing this, but it helps when I do it. However, you decide to express your gratitude, be sure you mean it. It's not going to work if you don't believe in yourself.

So this holiday season, how you are you planning to express your gratitude? Do you already have a daily gratitude practice? Share in the comments below.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Magical and Medicinal Uses of Rue

rue, magical, correspondences, medicinal

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Powers: Creativity, Exorcism, Healing, Health, Mental Abilities
Magical Uses and History: Known as the Queen of Herbs, rue is native to the Mediterranean where it has been used in rituals and spells since antiquity. In Ancient Rome, it was believed rue could protect the eater from the Evil Eye and guarded against poisons, illness, and fleas. Because cats find the smell of rue repulsive, it was believed rue could ward off witches and their familiars as well, although some reports say rue was used by witches to help them identify each other. Either way, rue was commonly added to bathwater to break curses and hexes and was hung above the front entrance or carried in sachets for protection against everything from bad luck to witches to snakes to werewolves. It was believed to be the "protect-all" of herbs. Later it was mixed into incense to be used during exorcisms and used by the Catholic Church to sprinkle holy water on its followers to ward off evil, thus becoming known as the "herb of grace." It can still be hung in the home, sprinkled around you during magical workings, or worn for protection.

Because of its generally perceived protective nature, rue was also used in a number of healing rituals. The genus name Ruta comes from the Greek word reuo, which means to set free, a nod to its ability to set one free from disease. True to form, rue has many healing abilities. Early physicians considered rue to be a deterrent against the plague and other diseases and was prescribe to be worn around the neck. Rue was also commonly placed on the forehead to cure headaches. Rue can be added to incense, spells, and poppets during healing rituals to increase the potency of the magic.

Apart from protection and health, rue was also believed to improve eyesight and creativity. Breathing in the aromatic scent is said to clear the head and improve mental processes. Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci regularly consumed small amounts of rue to increase their creativity and clear their minds. This link to creativity and protection is said to live on in playing cards in the form of the suit of clubs.

Rue can be used in a number of spells including:
    Protection Spells
    Creativity Spells
    Psychic Development
    Healing Rituals

Medicinal Uses: Rue is most commonly used to regulate the menstrual cycle, bringing on suppressed menses. Oil of Rue is also a powerful abortive, and therefore should be avoided if pregnant or wishing to become pregnant. Due to its antispasmodic properties, it can be used to relax the muscles, spasmodic coughs, and lower blood pressure. When chewed, it can relieve tension headaches, palpitations, and anxiety. Furthermore, rue contains high levels of flavonoids, particularly rutin, which strengthens blood vessels and therefore can improve eyesight. As an anthelmintic, it can treat parasitic worms. It should be noted that rue also contains furanocoumarins which can make the skin sensitive to light, whether it be after ingesting the herb or touching the juices of the plant.

Preparation and Dosage: Rue is taken internally as an infusion, tincture, oil, or capsule. To create an infusion, pour one cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of dried herbs and allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes. Drink up to three times a day. If taking a tincture, take 1-4 milliliters up to three times a day. Rue should not be used in pregnant or if you wish to become pregnant. In high doses, rue can cause vomiting, severe abdominal pain, severe kidney and liver damage, and even death. However, this is usually in doses of more than 120 milligrams or more (1/2 cup of oil). As with all herbs, consult a medical professional before using.

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rue, magical, correspondences, medicinal

Thursday, November 21, 2019

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Witches

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Its that time of year again!! The holidays are in and that means Yule and presents and lights and warm, cozy blankets with tea and a good book. I love Yule, maybe more than Halloween. Blasphemy I know. But I just love all the little decorations and lights and giving gifts to the people I love. It's also one of the few times when people are extremely charitable, and that makes me feel even more warm and cozy than a blanket and tea. Continuing last year's tradition, I put together a gift guide for hedgewitches. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your favorite witch, I'm sure this list won't disappoint!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

1. The Book of Hedge Druidry: A Complete Guide for the Solitary Seeker by Joanna van der Hoeven.
I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing this book this year prior to publication. It was easily one of the best books I read all year and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in hedgecraft with a Druidry twist. You can read my full review here. So if the witch in your life is itching to learn something new this is a great place to start!

holiday, gift guide, witches, honoring your ancestors

2. Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration by Mallorie Vaudoise
Yes, another book, but this one is really good too and I couldn't leave it off the list. Vaudoise does an amazing job breaking down ancestral veneration and calling for everyone, witches and nonwitches alike, to remember their ancestors as we did in the old day. Building relationships with them brings new meaning to anyone's life and can play an important role in a witch's craft, especially a hedgewitch. Your witch will love this book and appreciate the thought. (You can read my full review here.)

holiday, gift guide, witches, witches planner
Image by The Witches Planner

3. The Witches Planner 2020
I adore planners, especially magical ones that help me keep my life together. A growing trend in witchcraft is practicing daily witchcraft, and a planner is a great way to help a witch do that. The Witches Planner comes in a variety of options, including a hardcopy with or without the binder or a printable version. Purchasing the planner plus the binder is a little pricy at $58, but you can reuse the binder year after year. Furthermore, this planner is available in both Northern and Southern Hemisphere versions, so no matter where your witch lives, they can plan their magical year to the fullest.

holiday, gift guide, witches, bone reader oil
Image by Anita Apothecary

4. Bone Reader Ritual Oil from Anita Apothecary
Keeping with my series theme this year covering bone magic, I couldn't help but add this magical oil to the list. Specifically designed for anointing your bones used in bone readings and to guide and inspire your visions. The 1/2 ounce vile contains sandalwood, mugwort, moonstone, apatite, emerald, patchouli essential oil, and sandalwood essential oil along with a real bone for an extra magical kick. The vile is $20, but like all oils, a little bit will go a long way.

holiday, gift guide, witches, curiosities
Image by Of Moth and Moon

5. 10 Item Curiosities Mystery Box from Of Moth and Moon
Again in keeping with my bone magic theme this year, we have a box of 10 curiosities. I purchased a larger random box earlier this year and it's one of my favorite purchases. Each box is specifically curated for the purchaser and comes with a collection of animal bones and teeth, fossils, raw stones, minerals, tumbled stones, crystals, and a variety of other awesome goodies like antler tips and pearls. Of Moth and Moon keeps detailed records of purchases, so they won't send you duplicates if you order more than once. For $25, this is an excellent way to help the witch in your life grow their magical cabinet. Plus, all the remains are ethically sourced!

holiday, gift guide, witches, amethyst offering bowl
Image by A and S Crystals

6. Amethyst Offering Bowl from A and S Crystals
This hand-carved, natural amethyst bowl is the perfect altar addition. Whether the witch in your life honors a deity or deities, their ancestors, or local spirits, this offering bowl is a great way to present offerings. It's sure to impress even the most reluctant of spirits. It's just $25, but I think they only have 1 left! However, A and S Crystals offers a host of other amazing offering bowls, including one in rose quartz, clear quartz,  tree agate, and even unakite!

holiday, gift guide, witches, full moon tea
Image by Tamed Wild

7. Full Moon Tea by Tamed Wild
Okay, tea, and maybe coffee, is a staple of witchcraft. That's a given, so of course, there is tea on the list, moon tea to be exact. Tamed Wild produces some of the best magical teas I have ever tried, along with Magickal Folk, who is featured next. This tea is specifically designed for those Full Moon rituals and contains black tea, orange peel, cinnamon chips, apple pieces, rose petals, with natural fruit and spice flavoring. It's a delicious tea and will get the witch in your life ready to dance under the light of the moon. Looking for a New Moon tea? Tamed Wild has you covered there as well! You can find their New Moon tea, which contains raspberry lead, vitex, nettle leaf, linden flower, cinnamon, lemon, rose, and stevia, here.

holiday, gift guide, witches, summon tea

8. Summon Ritual Tea by Magickal Folk
One of my favorite teas comes from Magickal Folk. Going by the name of Summon, this tea contains Irish breakfast, elderberry, elderflower, dandelion root, and ginger root. I received this tea last year as part of a subscription box and fell immediately in love. It tastes great and gives you that extra boost of confidence before spell work. Unfortunately, my favorite tea from Magickal Folk is not on this list because it is currently out of stock, but their Thinning of the Veil tea is the best tea I've drunk to help open the doorways to communicate with spirits. If it happens to come available before the holidays, you should definitely add it to your holiday shopping list for the witch in your life.

holiday, gift guide, witches, spell candle
Image by Moody Moons Magic

9. See No Evil Herbal Candle by Moody Moons Magic
I've following Moody Moons for quite some time and always love seeing what is being handmade especially for witches. This candle, inspired by folklore, is scented with blackberry and sage with a light sprinkling of rosemary on top. If the witch in your life is anything like me, they will love having the extra bit of protection while hedge riding, communing with spirits, or working spellwork in general.

holiday, gift guide, witches, tamed wild, subscription box
Image by Tamed Wild

10. Tamed Wild Subscription Box by Tamed Wild
Out of all the subscription boxes I have ordered, Tamed Wild is my favorite. They offer a variety of subscription boxes and each month comes jammed packed with ritual and spell goodies. This is a great way to help build a witch's cabinet, grow your craft, or practice more often. They also offer a tea of the month subscription or a one-time crystal box if that is more up the alley of the witch in your life.

This year I picked items that were on the cheaper side. Most of these gifts are less than $25, with an exception or two. I love every single item on this list, and have tried most of them so I can vouch for the people, companies, and magic involved. No matter what you decide to get the witch in your life, remember, its not about the money you spent, but the love and thought that counts! Happy holidays!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

To Keep Silent...Or Not

To Keep Silent...Or Not

I've sat on this post for quite some time, wondering if I should send it out into the world or not. However, in light of some recent posts and discussions I have seen floating around social media and the oh so lovely Tumblr, I felt the need to publish it now. One of the most famous sayings in witchcraft, also known as the Witch's Pyramid, is "To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent." While largely used in Wiccan practices, there is a lot of truth in this saying and it's great advice for all witches. It's our duty to learn, study, and practice, to take chances, and to bring about the change we desire in the world. However, I have a slight problem with the last part, or more precisely, I have a problem with how it has been interpreted in modern times.

"To Keep Silent" holds great weight in the magical community, and rightly so. Originally it was advised that all witches keep silent about their work and those in their coven. This was to avoid persecution and even death. History has not always been kind to witches or those perceived as such so partaking in true magical workings was a dangerous task indeed. Ousting yourself or others could have resulted in death by hanging, burning, drowning, or beheading, depending on the time and place of the "crime." It made sense that witches would tell each other to keep their traps shut! I would too if I feared death; I am particularly afraid of being burned alive. Unfortunately, some of these witch-hunting practices still exist today and still result in the death of men, women, and children around the world. In fact, Nigeria is known for accusing young children of witchcraft and leaving them to die, forcing them to endure exorcisms for days on end, and sometimes outright murdering them. While most modern societies have moved away from such actions, we aren't completely safe from retribution either. Telling others you or a friend is practicing witchcraft could land you or your friend in some pretty hot water with family, friends, and employers. I've mentioned it a dozen times that I live in Georgia. Georgia isn't known for being very accepting, voting to ban abortion, gay marriage, and to get rid of work protections for LGBTQ+ workers. We also recently revoked the right of transgender students to use the bathroom of their associated gender. Needless to say, it isn't always the most accepting of other faiths and practices either, which is really sad. When I started practicing witchcraft 16 years ago, I was shunned by my friends, told I would be burned at the stake, and that I didn't have a place "here." I'm one of the lucky ones though. I had a really awesome close-knit group of weirdo friends and the most loving and supportive parents anyone could ever have. But not everyone has these luxuries, so keeping silent is important in that it keeps people safe.

To Keep Silent...Or Not

Furthermore, "To Keep Silent" is about inner silence. Think meditation; calming that raging storm within and wielding that energy to manifest something else entirely. This isn't always an easy task. It's also not easy to remain silent when you feel compelled to speak, but sometimes not saying anything is more powerful and meaningful. To me, this is the most important aspect of this saying, to master your voice and inner thoughts so you can quiet the mind and choose your words carefully. This doesn't just help us in our day-to-day relationships but helps to focus our spellwork as well. I can't tell you how many times I perform a spell or ritual with no words at all. I let my energy do the talking. Furthermore, keeping silent gives us an opportunity to listen, to receive the messages we are meant to receive to grow our practice and our spiritual selves.

Many modern witches, however, interpret this phrase to mean keeping your magical workings and spells a secret and cite telling others as a reason your spells may not work. As a practicing witch of over 16 years and a witchcraft blogger for over 5 years, I can see very little merit in this claim. Now I didn't always feel this way. In fact, when I first started practicing in high school, I kept everything hush hush. I never told anyone about my spells and rituals and I refused to share my magical spaces with anyone else. I still don't practice magic with others for a variety of reasons, but I'm obviously much more open about my practice now, and share a large amount of my spell work with you guys! I was afraid that if I spoke about my magic it wouldn't work because someone else doubted it. I handed over my power to others out of fear. As I got older, I started to realize I didn't care what other people thought anymore. And after my divorce two years ago, I really stopped caring and realized that my entire life I had been handing my power over to others. If I have learned anything on this hell of a journey, it's that I am the master of my own story. I do not believe that any person, witch or not, has the power to fuck up my spells, and I'm not going to give anyone that power anymore either. You see, something only has power and influence if we give it that power. I'm sure there are tons of people out there that hate me; I know I'm abrasive and sometimes rude and that doesn't earn you very many brownie points in society. But here's the thing, not a single spell I've cast in the past 5 years of blogging hasn't "worked." In fact, they all have worked better than I expected! So come at me, bro! When we stop giving our power over to others, they stop having influence over our lives.

To Keep Silent...Or Not

I understand this saying and belief is at the foundation of many a witch's craft. That's fine. I am not asking you to change. In fact, if it is working for you, keep it up! To each their own! However, I would ask that you ask yourself why you believe your spells won't work if you show or tell others about them. When we are able to turn inward and truly reflect on our practice and habits, we sometimes find they are rooted in fear, trauma, and self-doubt.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Magical and Medicinal Uses of Jasmine

Magical and Medicinal Uses of Jasmine

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Happiness, Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams
Magical Uses and History: Jasmine, often referred to as the Queen of the Night or Moonlight on the Grove, is well known for its delicate scent. The name jasmine originates from the word Yasmin which means gift from God and refers to its scent. Unlike many other plants, jasmine blooms only at night, hence the nicknames, allowing the petals to preserve the scent from the heat of the sun. As such, jasmine became deeply associated with the Moon, lunar magic, dream magic, and purity. Historically, jasmine graced the gardens of Middle Eastern palaces and has been hand-picked for oils and teas for centuries.

Jasmine's scent is so prized that its flowers are harvested to create oils to be worn to attract love, lust, and happiness. However, it takes roughly 3,600,000 delicate, jasmine flowers and a considerable amount of time to create just 1 pound of jasmine absolute, thus lending to a hefty price tag of around $5,000. If the flower is bruised or damaged, it will not yield the desired scented oil. As such, it is known as the "King of Oils" and is therefore associated with money and prosperity. To afford jasmine oil was a sign of wealth and prosperity and traditionally only royalty or clergy could afford them. Because of this, jasmine became associated with goddesses, especially the Moon, and can be used to invoke or honor goddesses associated with the Moon, love, and sexuality. Today, jasmine oils on the market are considerably cheaper but significantly diluted. Jasmine oil can be placed on your pillow to induce restful sleep and prophetic dreams or used to anoint candles and objects during prosperity spells.

Apart from oils, jasmine has historically been used in teas. In China, white or green tea leaves were picked and placed in jasmine gardens to dry. After the tea was dried, it was packed with dried jasmine blooms to help preserve the flavor. The tea was drunk to relax the nerves, induce prophetic dreaming, and for other divination purposes. In some cases, it was used to induce love in the drinker or happiness, depending on the spell cast.

To attract love, jasmine flowers can be added to sachets and other spell work, worn as a perfume, or woven into garlands to be worn in one's hair to attract a lover. Traditionally this was done during the spring and summer months on a Full Moon, meaning the Full Moons between Beltane and Litha are perfect times for jasmine love magic. The goddess was called upon and asked to help love bloom, just as the jasmine flower blooms under the Moon. Furthermore, the dried flowers can be carried in your purse or pressed into a wallet to attract money and prosperity or burned for the same purpose. The flowers can also be burned to induce sleep and to aid in journeying, especially hedge riding or other forms of astral travel.

Jasmine can be used in a number of spells including:
    Love Spells
    Prosperity Spells
    Dream Magic
    Psychic Development
    Happiness Charms

Medicinal Uses: Jasmine can be used to calm the nerves and treat mild anxiety, depression, and insomnia as the scent is naturally uplifting and calming. A study published in the Journal of Health Research found that inhaling jasmine oil caused participants to feel more positive, energetic, and even romantic. Furthermore, it is often used to relieve indigestion, stomach cramps, and inflammation as it is high in antioxidants and is able to inhibit the growth of several types of bacteria that cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Preparation and Dosage: To create an infusion, combine 1 teaspoon of dried flowers or dried jasmine flowers with green/white tea with 1 cup of boiling water. Infuse for 5-10 minutes. Drink up to three times a day. Jasmine essential oil drops can be diluted into bath water or added massage creams and oils to induce relaxation and reduce inflammation of the muscles. Add 6-8 drops per bath or 1-2 drops to massage oils and creams. Never place essential oils directly on the skin without diluting first as this can cause serious skin reactions. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding you should avoid jasmine. While it is generally deemed safe, all medical sources suggest pregnant and breast-feeding women avoid it.

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Magical and Medicinal Uses of Jasmine

Thursday, November 7, 2019

November Full Moon Worksheet

November Full Moon Worksheet

This month's Full Moon falls on the 12th and falls in Taurus. This Full Moon will bring about the culmination of all of your hard work over the past year. Your goals will start to be met and, despite the recent changes, you'll begin to see some stability in your life. Like every month, this Full Moon worksheet includes all the usuals, from a release and cleanse box to a tarot spread. The tarot spread is designed to help you identify where you should continue to focus your efforts and what the end result will look like to help keep you on track for achieving your long-term goals.

November Full Moon Worksheet


Looking for more free worksheets? Why not get your free copy of my spell/ritual worksheet to write your best spells and rituals yet?

Monday, November 4, 2019

Samhain Altar 2019

Samhain Altar 2019

Ah, Samhain...Every witches favorite time of the year! At Samhain, the Wheel of the Year begins anew. The life from the previous year is dying off or going dormant to give way for new life next Spring. Samhain is a time of reflection, rest, transformation, death, and spirit communication. As the veil is thinnest during this time (as at Beltane), communication with the Otherworld is easy. Our ancestors travel forth, offering us guidance and love as we continue our journey through life. Taking these themes into mind, I created a simplistic altar to honor this communication and transformation.

1. Roses- Scattered throughout this altar are dried roses for remembrance. I know for some roses on a Samhain altar might be a little weird, but roses are perfect for a Samhain altar as they are associated with remembering those that have departed and new beginnings. Furthermore, they are dried, representing death and the eventual decay of all things, even the most beautiful of us. They tie this altar together, letting my ancestors know that they are missed and honored on my altar.  (Where did I get it: My Garden; Cost: free)

Samhain Altar 2019

2. Fox Skull- If you keep up with my blog you know that one of my animal guides is a fox, Meka. Not only does she act as my guide, but she also aids me in communicating with other spirits. She was present during my Fruit of the Underworld ritual I performed Samhain night and with the help of Obsidian, ferried my ancestors into our realm for communication. She is present on this altar for the same task and also to represent death. Skulls are traditionally associated with Samhain and communing with spirits, making the fox skull a perfect addition. (Where did I get it: Gifted; Cost: Free ($30 from unknown Etsy seller))

Samhain Altar 2019

3. Obsidian- Obsidian is formed quickly from magma when it reaches the Earth's surface. Because of this, it has been traditionally associated with the Underworld and death gods and goddesses such as Hades. Furthermore, it's shiny black color has associated it with the Underworld as well, with some peoples believing the shadows reflected in its glass are spirits. I placed obsidian on my altar for the same reason I used it in my Fruit of the Underworld ritual. It's deeply associated with death, protection, and transformation, and can be used to communicate with spirits easily. It being an arrowhead and black also lends to its protective properties, keeping me and mine safe during communication rituals. (Where did I get it: I honestly have no idea where this came from, but I am assuming a subscription box. Cost: ~$2)

4. Black and White Candles in Holders- Traditionally, lights were lit to help guide spirits to the right home on Samhain night. These candles are my representation of this old custom. There are two white and one black. The black represents the past where my ancestors reside, while the white candles represent the present and the future. I have them pillared with the future candle being the highest because it is yet to come, the present candle being in the middle as it is occurring now, and the black candle is the lowest as it has already come to pass. The black also represents the dead and the Underworld and its flame is used to communicate with the dead during a ritual. (Where did I get it: Dollar Tree; Cost: ~$4)

Samhain Altar 2019

5. Pomegranate- If you couldn't tell, I had a bit of a theme this year with the pomegranate. The pomegranate is considered the Fruit of the Underworld, being the fruit that Persephone ate to ultimately bind her to the Underworld for half the year. Because of this, it works well on a Samhain altar. Furthermore, its deep red-colored juice looks like blood, symbolizing the blood of our ancestors and our connection with them. (Where did I get it: Grocery Story; Cost: $1.50)

TOTAL COST: ~$7.50-37.50

Samhain Altar 2019

Like my other altars, most of the items I use are found or purchased for around $1, although if the items must be purchased by you, then the cost may be higher. I hope you find this sort of break down helpful, especially those of you looking to create Instagram perfect altars on a budget! There is no reason your altars have to cost a fortune, so why not save some money and use what you may already have?

How did you celebrate Samhain this year? Let me know in the comments below. I performed my Fruit of the Underworld ritual, spoke with my ancestors, and got some great advice for how I can move forward. It was a good talk and I'm glad I was able to do so.