Witch's Cabinet

This page contains a list of magical tools and their uses along with how to's, herbal remedies regarding stocking your own cabinet, and kitchen recipes.


5 Witchcraft Essentials
10 Crystals Every Witch Should Have
10 Herbs Every Witch Should Have 
Box of Shadows Review: October
Box of Shadows Review: November
Box of Shadows Review: December 

Knowing Thy Craft: List of Books and Blogs for Witches and Pagans
Pagan Book Review Series: Witches, Midwives, and Nurses by B. Ehrenreich and  D. English
Pagan Book Review Series: Garden Witchery, Magic From the Ground Up by Ellen Dugan
Pagan Book Review Series: Your Book of Shadows by  Patricia Telesco
Pagan Book Review Series: Hedge Riding by Harmonia Saille
Pagan Book Review Series: Hedge Witchcraft by Harmonia Saille
Pagan Book Review Series: The Modern Guide to Witchcraft by Skye Alexander
Pagan Book Review Series: The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington
Pagan Book Review Series: Hedge Witch by Rae Beth


DIY Ancestral Samhain Tree
DIY Candle Wheel
DIY Wheat Wreath
Do It Yourself: Runes

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedy: Cinnamon Cough Remedy
Herbal Remedy: Syrup of Figs

Kitchen Recipes

Recipe: Brown Sugar Acorn Squash 
Recipe: Dutch Apple Pie 
Recipe: Old-Fashion Fig Preserves
Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Muffins


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