Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I receive.

Q. What is a hedgewitch?
A. To put it simply, a hedgewitch is a solitary witch who practices hedgecraft or hedgewichery. Hedgecraft is a combination of witchcraft (not to be mistaken with Wicca) and Shamanism. It draws heavily upon healing, especially with herbs, and working magic in and around the home with a central focus on hedge riding and spirit communication. To learn more, please refer to my post here.
Q. Do you worship the devil? 
A. No. This is a common misconception regarding all witches that has been largely promoted by the Christian church and today's media. I don't believe in the devil or any manifestation of evil. However, a small percentage of witches do, so it isn't an invalid question.
Q. What do you worship?
A. Honestly, nothing. I for one don't believe in groveling before a higher power, but I also don't believe in higher powers, including a god or goddess. I tried for years to convince myself of their existence, but all I was doing was lying to myself about what I felt. I feel the Earth breathes with life and the energy all objects, living and nonliving, vibrate with. I find I am awe struck and humbled when I stare up at the night sky, take a walk in the woods, or watch my garden grow. I find my spirituality in the world around me and take deep comfort in science. I do, however, believe there is a possibly I am wrong. I also understand that the concepts of these deities could very well exist solely in our minds, and that makes them real to us. I have encountered a large number of spirits over the years, some of which others may refer to as deities, but none of them ever mentioned worship or the desire to be worship. This may be where I am encountering a road block, but its worked for me so far!
Q. What is magic?
A. Read my post about magic here. Magic is very simply energy focused on a specific purpose or intent. You can also read up on what a spell actually is here.
Q. Are you like Harry Potter?
A. I wish! However, the world of HP exists only in our hearts. I looooove Harry Potter so if you want to nerd out with me let me know! And just FYI, JK is a TERF and I have absolutely no respect for her or her beliefs. Get out of here with that anti-trans bullshit.
Q. How do I print your BOS pages?
A. Click on the picture and it should take you to a Google Doc. If it does not, please let me know immediately and I will attempt to remedy the situation. For some reason, Google has reverted some of the settings I originally put in place. When printing, do not set margins, otherwise it will likely cut off some of the text. Some of the files are mulitple downloads because at the time I did not know how to condense them into one file. New files that are multiple pages are now single documents. I am working on correcting old posts as I remember.
Q. I want to be a witch? Where do I start?
A. Books. While the internet and blogs are wonderful, books are better. This is where I suggests you look first when wanted to become a witch or hedgewitch. I encourage you to check out my Resources page up top for a complete list of books, blogs, podcasts, and more than I recommend.
Q. I am so overwhelmed with where to start! Help!
A. I get it, witchcraft is a huge! If you are just starting out, I encourage you to start with the basics. Learn about the basics of spellcrafting, the Elements, the Sabbats, and basic correspondences for crystals and herbs. Then start casting your first spells! Witchcraft is a practice, which means you gotta do something to get something in return. You are not going get better just by reading; you actually have to practice, practice, practice. Start with simple cleansing and protection spells then work your way up. Only after you have learned how to cleanse and protect yourself can you move on to manifestation magic. Remember, write EVERYTHING down in your Book of Shadows or journal, and I mean everything. Write down all the spell ingriedents, the steps, the motions, the words, the time, the day, the moon phase, how you were feeling, etc. I have a spell/ritual worksheet as well if you are unsure of what exactly to track. This will help you track your successes and failures and gives you all the information you need to know regarding how to break or reverse your spells if they didn't go right. Witchcraft is like science. You have to mess around to learn. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes it blows up in our faces! Unsure of which spells to try first? Check out my free eBook!
Q. What blogs do you follow?
A. Honestly, I follow many blogs, but there are some I love more than others. Some of my favorites include Penniless Pagan, The Witch of Lupine Hollow, and Witchcrafted Life. There are a host of others I follow which you can find under Resources.
Q. Will you review my product?
A. I would love to as long as it meets my guidelines. I will not review tobacco or vape products, anything that contains an illegal susbtance according to the state of Georgia, or food other than tea. However, if your tea contains Goji berries I will be unable to review it, as I am allergic to Goji berries. I also do not support businesses with shady business practices or that culturally appropriate from indigenous cultures. For full details, please refer to my Media Kit.


  1. Thank you so much for your answer to "What do you worship?" I also tried for years to believe in higher powers, but I just don't. It's so nice to have someone confirm my ability to be a witch without worshiping the God/dess!

    1. Of course! And you are definitely not alone. I find more and more witches are moving away from deities and focusing on what is right in front of them. Why isn't what's right here enough? There is so much we don't know and the magic is in finding it out!

  2. I love your blog and want to use some of your barrier spells, but im concerned with the spirits and energies that may have moved in with us (we moved in a couple months ago). Im fairly certain these spirits mean us harm or at the very least are angry and rage filled. they've flipped on lights, my partner has seen their shadows move under the door and their retreat to the shadows when the lights are suddenly turned on. I also had a dream where the spirit insisted (while standing in the same corner it retreats to and appearing as my partner) I not sage the house. additionally I think their might be a portal in our spare bedroom. I'm a law student and feel really overwhelmed and unable to concentrate or feel safe and IDK what to do.
    what would you recommend?
    thank you!

    1. You certainly have a lot going on. I'm not one to really believe in portals and strongly believe that things only have power if we give them our power. When in doubt, you are the one alive, on this plain, and you therefore have more power than they do, you just have to realize it. I suggest doing a very complete cleansing of you home, like the one I did in my deep house cleansing ritual. You are most right that you don't want to trap the likes of angry spirits inside your home. Ring bells, bang pots, scream and shout, or clap to stir up all the energy in the house before you start cleansing. While doing this, state that you, in no uncertain terms, want everything to leave, both the good and the bad, that they are no longer welcome in your home. Follow up with a deep clean, using ammonia where ever possible. Ammonia is strong and a tiny bit goes a long way. Spirits and negativity cannot stand ammonia and will up and leave to escape it. Finish off with saining or smoke cleansing, or both! It never hurts to cleanse in multiple ways. End by cleansing yourself, letting all the negativity wash away down the drain. You may need to repeat this every day for 13 consecutive days before you establish a ward around your home. You can also place mirrors that reflect out windows and doorways to keep negativity from returning. I wish you the best of luck and hope you clear up your mess soon!


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