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Moon Box Review: June

Moon Box Review: June

Yay! Another Moon Box review! I cannot express how much I am loving this monthly box! Thus far, it has been my favorite subscription box, so much so I think I am going to continue my subscription, but stop reviewing it each month....unless you guys just want to read them. If so, please let me know in the comments.

Moon Box Review: June

This little box was waiting for me when I returned from my trip to Florida. Ah yes...I went to the beach with a friend from college for several days. It was AH-mazing! Wish I was still there! Anyway, back to the Moon Box. As always, I was greeted with an envelope asking me to find somewhere quiet to open the box and explore the contents. Inside the envelope was the information card, June's Strawberry Moon Oracle card, and the informational card on the crystals contained in the box. I really enjoy the Oracle cards each month, which explain the energies of the full moon for the month and contain some beautiful artwork.

Moon Box Review: June Moon Box Review: June

Underneath, the first item to catch my eye was the bottle of aromatherapy spray "Son Rain" by Gypsy Soul Organics. It contains cedar leaf, violet, citronella, patchouli, eucalyptus, and galbanum. According to the information card, this aromatherapy spray is designed to remove doubt and fill you with positivity and good vibes. I can honestly say it works. I received some bad news at the doctor this week and this little spray has made me feel better when I notice I am starting to feel depressed. I have used it on myself, in rooms, and even on my bedding and pillows. The violet aroma induces self love, while the cedar leaf, eucalyptus, and citronella bring healing energy. The galbanum, a very subtle earthy scent, works to help ground and purify. With each spray, I feel more confident that things will be okay and that, despite what is going on in my body, I will get through this.

Moon Box Review: June

The next item to catch my eye was the lucid dreaming elixir by Anima Mundi Apothecary. According to the bottle, it is an handcrafted, organic, and vegan lucid dreaming elixir, sleep aid, and third eye tonic. Due to my illness I have not tried this product yet, but I am very excited to. At this time I am concerned it may interfere with my medication, and because I am ill, it is not wise to try any lucid dreaming or astral projection at this time. This elixir, however, contains Ashwagandha, Kava Kava, and Passionflower, which are all stress relievers and relaxers, Skullcap, which increases dreaming, and Blue Lotus, which has psychoactive properties that aid in inducing lucid dreaming, astral projection, and hedge riding. When I am able to test this product, I will be sure to write a separate, detailed post on my experience. I would like to test this for a full week to give everyone a good idea of how well the product works.

Moon Box Review: June

Next was the tea and essential oil. Fruits of the Roots put together a stunning tea blend of strawberry, hibiscus, white tea, vanilla, rose hips, and nettle leaf. This tea is very sweet and fruity, making it a wonderful addition to this month's Strawberry Moon. The Moon Essential Oil, blended by Cottage Traditions, contains Clary sage, violet lead, white sage, lime, blood orange, and lavender. It goes well with the aromatherapy spray.

Moon Box Review: June

And finally the crystals! This is one of my favorite things each month. This month's contained a quartz point from Pakistan, Peacock Ore from Mexico, and a large Sodalite crystal from Brazil. Quartz is an amplifier of energy and can be used for just about everything. It works well with other crystals to amplify their energy, making it a great crystal for the Strawberry Moon when you set new goals and intentions. The Peacock Ore is truly stunning. It is brilliant blue and gold with hues of deep plum purple. This crystal ignites creative expression. I will be using it from now on while I work on my grimoire. Sodalite is used to bring things together and in unity spells. This crystal will be great for marriage work.

Moon Box Review: June

The day before the full moon, Gaia Collective sent out an email with the full moon meditation. This month's guided meditation focused on embracing your heart, setting new intentions, and filling your life with joy and beauty. These guided meditations are wonderful and excellent for anyone unsure of what to do during the full moon.

Moon Box Review: June


Now that I have received a full 3 months, I would like to give you my over all impressions of the box.

[ + ] Saving Trees- With the purchase of every box, a small amount is given to Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization dedicated to revitalizing degraded lands through educational programs for farmers and planting trees to create new forests around the world.

[ + ] Environmentally Friendly- The box and packing supplies are environmentally friendly, so when you are done, it can be reused, recycled, or returned to the earth.

[ + ] Consistency and High Quality- Each box always comes with tea, essential oil, three crystals, a moon oracle card, and two other items. Furthermore, all the items have been high quality. However, I will say I do not need this much essential oil. I am not using up what I am given every month and I am being over run by it! However, I am sure for many people this is not an issue. I would rather have another crystal each month.

[ + ] Support Small Businesses- The items from the box come from small pagan/spiritual businesses and artists. I appreciate any company that supports local companies over large manufacturers.

[ + ] Informational Card- The information card provided in each box explains how to use the items, where the items came from, and the ingredients if the ingredients are not listed on the product itself. It explains why each of the items were included and how to incorporate it into your practice. It is basically a step by step guide to using the box, which is great if you are unsure of how to use any of the items.

[ + ] Guided Meditation- I have yet to see another subscription box do something like this. The guided meditations are thoughtful and well-prepared. I have enjoyed working through them and because they send them via email, you can use them as often as you need to. Access is unlimited with purchase.

[ + ] Tiered Subscription Box- Gaia Collective offers several different box levels, including a mini moon box, mini moon box with wearable gem, moon box, and moon box with wearable gem. Each are very reasonably priced so you can pick whatever fits your budget.

[ + ] No Waiting List- There is no waiting list at this time so you can sign up whenever! Want to subscribe? You can sign up here! 

I have been using Cratejoy for all of my subscription boxes. It is a wonderful service and full of subscription boxes to cover all of you hobbies with new ones are popping up everyday. Why not go see what they have to offer? You can sign up easily by click here.

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