Saturday, July 5, 2014

Moon Phases

In many pagan traditions, including hedgecraft, the moon cycles are very important. The moon is part of the reason life was able to form on Earth and is key to our survival even today. If it were to disappear tomorrow much of life as we know it would disappear as well. Each phase has a specific set of traits that can be used to enhance your magical workings. Using the appropriate moon phase can drastically increase your effectiveness. Below is an introduction to each moon phase and which magical workings are best performed during each.


The new moon is the time to start new projects and to take a fresh look at any and all situations. Working with new moons can be tricky, however, as you can’t always see the moon during the phase. It may appear as a very faint crescent of silver or not at all depending on your location. The moon will remain dark for three days after the waning before waxing begins.
Magical Workings- cleansing and purifying, new projects, job hunting

The full moon represents harvest and balance and is the easiest to distinguish of the moon phases.  Most pagans consider the full moon cycle to include both the day before and the day after the actual full moon. This is a good time to focus on personal growth and spiritual development.
Magical Workings- healing, divination, love, knowledge, money, dreams

The waxing moon represents growth. This is the period during which the moon grows from dark to light. This phase lasts roughly two weeks. This is the time to work “positive” magic—that is magic that draws things to you or increases things in your life.
Magical Workings- prosperity, health, success, courage, luck

The waning moon heralds in closure and the elimination of ideas, projects, and desires that are no longer needed in our lives. Lasting roughly two weeks like the waxing moon, this is the time the moon goes from full to dark. This is the time for “baneful” magic—that is anything that banishes or rids you of things you no longer want/need in your life.
Magical Workings- banishing, ridding yourself of illness, magic related to reducing things

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