Friday, July 18, 2014

Home Protection Ward

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I mentioned in a previous post on my threshold protection spell, that I also put up a new ward around our home. A ward is something that protects or defends, and when placed around a home it works like a barrier, preventing negativity from entering. However, you have to check on this regularly, just like a wall used to defend a city. How often you need to refresh your ward is completely dependant on your neighborhood and the sort of things following you home. I live in a nice little neighborhood, but right down the street is a not so nice one. Last December my car was stolen from our driveway while I was home by some kids that lived down the road. That being said, my ward needs refreshing rather often. Two to four times a year is usually good, but just remember to keep an eye on it. If you notice it needs refreshing, take down the old ward and reconstruct it.

My favorite ward ritual also comes from The Way of the Hedgewitch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Like her threshold protection spell, its easy, quick, and informal.

     Candle with holder
     Dish of water
     Dish of earth or salt (you will be sprinkling this outside)
     Incense of your choice
     Matches or lighter

  1. Light the candle and, beginning at your threshold or where ever you deem fit (I started in my back yard at the fence since it was easiest for me), walk clockwise around the outside of your home. As you do say:
    "I build this boundary with fire."
    Repeat this over and over until you have walked completely around your home.

  2. Then pick up the dish of earth. Again, walk around your home sprinkling dirt as you go. Repeat:
    "I build this boundary with earth."
  3. Next, pick up the dish of water. Again, walk around your home sprinkling water as you go. Repeat:
    "I build this boundary with water."
  4. Finally, pick up the incense and light it. Walk around your house for the last time repeating:
    "I build this boundary with air."
  5. Standing at your threshold (or starting place), reach out your hands and visualize a shield of energy forming a bubble around your home and property. As you visualize say: 
    "Fire, water, earth, and air,
     Guard this home against all ill will and danger.
     Keep this house and those who live in it safe.
     I declare this ward to be raised and active."
And there you have it, a home protection ward! Now sometimes a ward needs to be dissolved. These times would be to refresh a ward, if you move, or if there are major changes that occur in your life or the life of the house, i.e. career change and remodeling.

To dissolve a ward, walk counter-clockwise beginning at the same starting point you did to construct the ward. As you do so hold out your hand and visualize it slicing through your ward. As you walk say:
"I dissolve this ward.
 You have my thanks for your protection in the past.
 I release you with my blessing."

A little word of warning about wards and protection barriers. If you are keeping something out you are also keeping something in. It is in your best interest to dissolve your barriers once in a while to let out any trapped energy.

Do you put up a ward around your house?

Download a free copy of this spell for your BOS here.


  1. This is probably a common question, but if I live in an apartment, will a spell like this still work if I draw the perimeters inside my unit? Also, thank you so much for including a way to dissolve the ward!

    1. Of course! I lived in a college dorm, apartment, and townhouse that I couldn't walk around the whole building. Instead I walked around the inside of my home. Its just as powerful. There is absolutely no need to walk outside if you don't need to.

  2. are there any substitutes for incense in the warding ritual?

    1. Yes! You can use a fan or your own breath to act as air in this ritual.

  3. what do you do with the water? i am confused

    1. are so right! I forgot to include the water in the steps! You do the exact same thing with the water as you did with the other elements, or you can mix the water and salt together and do it one step. Totally need to fix this! I can't believe it took 6 years for someone to catch it! Thank you!

    2. Psst the water step now says sprinkling DIRT as you go ;) I have a fence that I cannot go through on one side of my house, if I just start on the backside of it and walk around my house to the other side, will this still work? Trying to figure out how to do this so the neighbours do not think I am nuts, maybe really early in the morning ;)

    3. Thank you! I fixed it! How embarrassing. And yes, this will work. I had to do this in one of the houses I lived in because the backyard was fenced with no gate. Just pick up where you left off when you do get around to the other side. I always did mine in the evening or late at night, but once everyone is gone to work, that's a great time too. You should feel comfortable doing this. It's not nearly as powerful if you feel awkward and watched while performing your magic. Good luck!

  4. Hi! I was just wondering if I feel uneasy in my new home already, should I hold off on casting a ward until it feels good again? I haven't done any spells to banish or more offensive type magick. I just don't want to get trapped in here with whatever it is that keeps giving me the ickies.

    1. Definitely wait! You don't want to trap anything in the ward that you don't want to keep in for a while.

  5. I would like to ward a large property. It would take several hours to complete this ritual hiking the perimeter with each element, so I'm considering doing all four at once. However, do you think the extra effort of doing each separately would increase the strength of the wards?

    1. First, are you dead set on warding the entire property or would just warding the area right around your home suffice? I have just over an acre and walking the perimeter of my entire property isn't it worth it for me.

      If you do wish to ward the entire property, you can certainly bring all the elements with you. I would change the wording of this spell to fit your needs and reduce the elemental representations down to just salt water and incense. Salt water is a combination of Earth and Water, while incense is a combination of Air and Fire. This will reduce what you are carrying and make it easier and safer to traverse your property. If you have a censer or thurible for the incense, that would be best, but if not, a stick will do. Just recognize you may need to bring a lighter and another stick or two with you to do the entire property. You can also put your salt water in a spray bottle and spray it as you walk. Just because its modern doesn't mean its any less magical!

      I wish you the best of luck and apologize for the delay in my response.

  6. How would you suggest warding a hospital room? A good friend is going to be in the hospital, possibly for months waiting for a double transplant. Hospitals are full of good spirits and not so good ones who are bitter and don’t want anyone to heal, like they couldn’t. I’m afraid one is watching him now. I can’t allow that if my friend is to be given any sort of chance. I’ve placed some very basic wards, since I can’t be there it’s the best I can do for now. But by weeks end I’d like to have a more permanent plan in place. Any ideas?

    1. Its certainly possible to and if you and your friend feel that is the best course of action, go with it. Be mindful, however, that often times hospital rooms are shared and you don't want to step on the toes of anyone else staying there. Second, raising this kind of energy in a hospital can attract those unwanted spirits. If you wish to continue with a protection ward, I would definitely pair it with an invisibility spell or ward. This will make your friend less noticeable to those unwanted spirits, especially after raising such energy. You could also couple an invisibility spell with a decoy poppet kept near your friend or under their recovery bed. Finally, avoid using incense, flame candles, etc in spells conducted in a hospital as they can adversely affect sick and recovering patients. I would stick to holy waters, salt water, light from fake candles or flashlights, mirrors, crystals, poppets and the like. Good luck and I hope your friend recovers quickly.


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