Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monthly Magical Moons

Each full moon of the month represents something different and empowers different forms of magic. If you find your magical workings struggling to come to fruition, try using the monthly full moons to your advantage. Below are the historical moon names, and the magic you should focus on during them.

January: Milk, Nursing, or Wolf Moon- This is the month to focus on family activities, including doctor’s appointments and goal setting.

February: Fasting, Storm, or Weaning Moon- This is the month to wean things from your life. Change your eating habits and get rid of unwanted subscriptions and memberships.

March: Chaste or Seed Moon- Excellent time to begin new things, including projects, jobs, and activities. Try learning something new or picking out the plants you will grow in your garden.

April: Hare or Mating Moon- Focus on others this month, especially your significant other. Make sure you are satisfied and that you are both in harmony with each other. This is also the month to begin planting, after the last frost of course.

May: Dyad or Journey Moon- This is an excellent time to travel to both new and old places. Spend the month running major errands and taking day/weekend trips.

June: Mead or Mother’s Moon- Take care of issues regarding the women in your life this month, or if you are a woman, address any issues you may be having related to your womanhood.

July: Father’s or Wort Moon- Take care of issues regarding the men in your life this month, or if you are a man, address any issues you may be having related to your manhood.

August: Barley or Nesting Moon- This month make sure you are ready for the winter. Store foods, mend blankets, and discard old winter clothing and replace them with new garments.

September: Harvest or Wine Moon-Finish up projects or if the project is large, try to have it finished by November.

October: Blood, Culling, or Sorting Moon- As the names suggest, this is the time to remove clutter from your life. Clean out your house and donate all unwanted items.

November: Death or Snow Moon- Remove “dead energy” from your house. Repair broken items around the house, compost dead flowers and plants, and throw out anything you can’t fix or don’t want to fix. If there is still clutter in your life, finish getting rid of it this month.

December: Birth or Dark Moon- Think about new projects this month and begin scheduling them for the upcoming year. Mark off any special dates and enjoy the holiday season.


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