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How to Cast Spells from the Otherworld

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Most of the spells you cast will occur within our realm using the physical materials you have collected. However, this is not the only way to cast spells. If you are a witch who works within the Otherworld, you may find it possible to cast spells while there. In fact, some of the most potent spells I have ever cast have been done within the Otherworld with the aid of my guides. This is very energy intensive, but a worthwhile endeavor, especially if you lack certain physical ingredients. So how exactly does one go about casting spells from the Otherworld?

Setting a Purpose/Intent

Before you hedge ride, it's important you go in with a clear purpose or intent. This will give your journey direction, ensure your guides are prepared, and that you enter having everything you need to cast your spell. Unlike a spell intention, however, your hedge riding intention does not need to be nearly as specific unless, of course, you want it to be. For example, if you wish to cast a love spell while in the Otherworld, you can state just that with no specifics or you can be more detailed, saying you want to cast a love spell that uses XYZ ingredients. I usually enter with a vague purpose which allows my guides to determine the best ingredients and course of action for the spell.

Hedge Riding

Once your intention is set, it's time to embark on your hedge riding journey. I suggest traveling to your astral garden/office within the Middle Realm for spell work, although it's possible to cast spells from all realms in the Otherworld. Your garden or office, however, is a safe space where you will not be interrupted, therefore making it the best spot for spell work. Remember to ask your guides to meet you there to assist you. To learn more about hedge riding, please refer to my Hedge Riding Series.

Spell Casting

Once you have made it to the Otherworld, you can go about casting your spell as you would within our realm. Because I tend to keep my purpose vague prior to hedge riding, I rely heavily on my guides to provide exactly what I need for my spell work, although you can make specific requests should you wish it. I highly encourage you to use intuitive spell casting while in the Otherworld and work with your guides to cast the spell. When finished, return to our realm and follow up all work with grounding, centering, and a light snack to realign your energies.

And that's it! I know it may seem daunting or even a little scary to cast spells from the Otherworld, but I promise you it's incredibly simple albeit energy intensive. The methods employed in our realm to spell cast are the same you will use within the Otherworld. 

One of the most memorable spells I have ever cast was performed within the Otherworld with three of my spiritual guides and both of my animal guides. It was a spell to rid me of a spirit/soul fragment I no longer wished to have in my life and fully retrieve a portion of my soul that was given freely to another person. I went with the intention, per my guides, of removing this entity from my life. Otherwise, I left myself completely open to the experience. I met my guides deep within the forest of my astral garden, where we gathered around a fire. I was asked to give a part of myself to retrieve that which was lost, and through an elaborate ritual, we were able to banish the spirit and retrieve my soul fragment. Awaking from that journey left me feeling empowered and whole for the first time in a long time. Not all spells and rituals you cast in the Otherworld will be elaborate, but hopefully, all of them will leave you feeling empowered.

Until next time!

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