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Hedge Riding Series: My Hedge Riding Experiences

Hedge Riding Series: My Hedge Riding Experiences

As I mentioned in the last post, I considered leaving this post out of the series altogether. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized many of you may actually need to hear about my experiences to help you validate your own. Many times witches think that what they are experiencing isn't real or just all in their head. One of my favorite lines from Harry Potter is part of the conversation that occurs after Harry is "killed" by Voldemort and is talking to Dumbledore at King's Cross purgatory.

"Tell me one last thing," said Harry. "Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?"
Dumbledore beamed at him, "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

There is a reason this is one of my favorite lines because, for anyone who travels astrally or communicates with spirits, we sometimes doubt our abilities. Even if it is just happening in your head, it is still very real. Doubt is a plague that will destroy your magic; don't let it rule you or your magical abilities.

I'd like to briefly share two of my hedge riding journies with you guys today. Please be aware there was much more that occurred during this journies then what I am sharing. I want to keep some aspects of my travels private, as the messages I received were for me and me alone. However, the gist of the journey is still there and should help you get an idea of what to expect.

Journey 1:

This journey occurred on June 15, 2017. I followed my normal route to enter the Lower Realm, walking the dark, earthy steps down until I reached the cave floor below. The cave is always cold and smells of damp earth, but it feels like coming home every time I enter. I make my way through the tunnel and push aside the vines that cover the opening, protecting this entry into our world from prying eyes. From the outside you can't tell there is even a cave here, making me feel even more comfortable that my passage to and from the Lower Realm will be safe. I've asked Meka and Rocar to meet me outside the cave and sure enough, they are waiting. Rocar has an expression that says I kept him waiting too long. Meka is overjoyed to see me, rubbing up against my leg and nuzzling me softly. She is always happy to see me. I asked them to meet me here to ask them if they have any messages for me. Meka says we would be more comfortable in my garden, so we travel through the woods, upwards toward the Middle Realm where my garden gate is located. This is essentially my astral office, but much more enjoyable.

Upon entering we make our way to the lake and stump I like to sit on when we converse together. Rocar takes off ahead of us, soaring through the trees impatiently. Meka walks slowly beside me, silent the entire way. When we make it to the stump, I sit down and wait. I've found sometimes the best way to ask a question, is not to ask at all. Suddenly I begin seeing a series of images, all showing turmoil. I'm taken aback by these images and my anxiety grows. I can feel myself wanting to return to our realm and leave these disturbing images behind. But just as quickly as they began, they were gone. I was breathing heavily and Meka and, surprisingly, Rocar looks concerned. Meka explained these images are how I feel about myself and my depression, and she's right. I often feel in constant turmoil, not just from depression, but anxiety as well. Rocard explains the self-hatred I feel is not a true reflection of who I really am and my loneliness is about to get much worse, but it is unjustified. Meka rubs up against me again and Rocar nuzzles my cheek, a rare sign of love from the stubborn, sassy bird. I am loved, they both chime in unison. Meka explains that we will tackle my depression in the future, but first I need time to heal physically (I was suffering from an infection at the time). I thank them both for the reassurance and the lesson and make my way back home.

At first, this journey was very upsetting, yet comforting at the same time. What I didn't understand, and what Rocar was trying to gently tell me, was that soon I was going to be faced with extreme turmoil that was going to set my depression into a tailspin. He mentioned things were about to get worse, and boy was he right. A month later my now ex-husband walked out on me. My guides knew this well before it happened, and were trying to tell me to prepare for the worst in their own way. Spirits, even our guides, often speak to us indirectly. Sometimes they can't express themselves in a clear manner we will understand. Instead, it is up to us to decipher the message. Thankfully when the time came, I was prepared and while I was still caught off guard, I managed to navigate my way through a really tough time in my life gracefully.

Journey 2:

This journey is more recent, occurring on July 12, 2018. The purpose of this journey was to see what my New Moon intentions should be. I began my journey as always, traveling to the Lower Realm to meet my guides. Upon arrival, Meka and Rocar were there to greet me. I asked them both what I should set as my New Moon intentions and before I could finish asking, Meka took off running through the forests and fields for what seems like miles until she reached a lake where she laid down to rest. I cooled myself in the lake, enjoying the cool water on my sore muscles. After a while, we were all well rested and Meka set off again. She led me to the House on the Shore. I told her I was not ready to enter today. The place still fills me with a sense of dread. Whatever is in there is not friendly, at least not toward me. Meka has brought me to this house several times. Obviously, I'm meant to enter, but today was not the day.

The next thing I know I am riding on a dappled horse through the plains. I hear a cry to my left. I am surrounded by Native Americans. I feel a weight on my back. I'm carrying arrows. I'm one of them are we are hunting buffalo. My tribe manages to isolate one and bring it down. I sit on my horse watching as it dies. I see the buffalo's spirit rise from its body and dance away into the heaves. The carcass is cleansed and the animal thanked for its sacrifice. We begin carving the animal, bringing its remains back to camp. That night a meat stew is severed and the elders smoke pipes and tell stories. I am tired so I retire to my bed for the night. When I awake it is morning and my hands are stained with red. Blood? I stumble outside my abode, confused and concerned but Meka is there to calm me. Its just the paint I used to mark myself, she assures me but says it is time to go before she takes off quick as the wind through the fields.

I begin to feel my time is short. When I look up I am surrounded by unfamiliar faces. I spin around and around trying to take it all in, but they are endless. Their voices grow louder, hurting my ears until I am forced to cover them and close my eyes. I scream "Enough!" and the voices stop. Are these my ancestors or past lives? I saw faces from all races and nationalities, mostly women, but a few men thrown in as well. I feel Meka between my legs calling me back. I open my eyes and they are gone. She smiles at me and says, "Next time." in her all-knowing tone. I can hear the drums calling me back, so I find the cave entrance and make my way back up the stairs and back to our realm safely.

There were several other things that happened during this journey that I do not wish to discuss openly, but this particular journey still sticks out to this day. If I'm being honest, I still haven't entered the House on the Shore, nor explored the people I saw any further. Every time I journey there is something else that must be tended too. Meka and Rocar often give me little nudges in the right direction, letting me know that the time will come to face my demons and those of others I have brought along with me. Your guides will likely do the same. I went to set New Moon intentions and came back with much more than I bargained for. There was a lot to think about from this journey, and I am still working on the intentions set during the New Moon in July. You will likely find yourself doing the same.


I sincerely hope that this series has been helpful for those of you interested in hedgecraft and hedge riding. This guide is nowhere near complete but is enough to get you started on your journey into the Otherworld. I will continue to post about hedge riding and my experiences in the future, especially regarding shapeshifting and setting up your own astral office or garden. I'm even planning to discuss summoning your guides to our realm, if they are willing, and how to bind them so they may aid in your magical workings on our plane. Until then, happy travels!

Interest in the rest of the series? Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming posts!

Hedge Riding Series

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  1. Hi and thank you so much for creating this platform. After reading your hedge riding series has answered a lot of questions along with a book that I've been reading. All I remember was typing up hedgewitch and a couple stood out. And you're the one that stuck out the most. You're very inspiring and to read your experience was mind blowing. What really confirmed the experience was the mentioning of stairs. What I still remember was really a dream. I went up the stairs then down the stairs. I opened the door and walked through. Honestly I pretty much freaked out walked back out closed the door back up the stairs then down the stairs. I didn't wake up in a panic just feeling like I had a bad dream. With that I don't feel so alone anymore I was told I was a hedgewitch. Im really excited and nervous at the same time . So I'm looking forward to reading more of your post and take my time to listen learn and practice. So glad to find a cool person like you. Thank you.

    1. Of course! I am so glad I have been able to offer some validation for you and your experiences. I wish you the best of luck on your path and hope its filled with wonder. :)

  2. Hi, I've really enjoyed this series. I've been looking into spirit flight more recently, I've only ever done visualization though, as I wanted to be more educated before doing this. I do however have a question. Recently I've created a spirit body guard of the sorts. She appears in the shape of a bear, however she's a servitor. I've seen people saying that you can create familars using servitors, however I'm not sure if she'd count as a spirit guide or not

    1. So a servitor and a familiar or spirit guide are two very different types of spirits. As you said, you created the servitor, which is very similar to a golem in Judaic folklore. It was made by you and is therefore not a free-thinking spirit. That doesn't mean it won't have personality or anything like that, but familiars and spirit guides are separate entities. They are beings in their own right, and unless forced to serve (which is unwise and unethical) they are going to do their own thing. They come to you to assist you in this life, but will often leave when the lesson is taught. I hope that makes sense. Great job creating a servitor so early in hedge riding. That is no easy feat!

  3. Dear Willow,
    Your Hedgecraft series were fantastic. I did not expect to be drawn to this practice, yet here I am all because of you. I now feel confident and excited about the prospect of hedge riding. However, as a novice witch I have started with meditation, visualisation and path-walking as you recommended. Do you have any plans to continue the series? Maybe share some more of your experiences on the Middle and Upper Realms or how to shapeshift for extra protection in the Otherworld? I would love to read and learn more from someone as experienced as you.

    1. Congrats on starting your hedgecraft journey! I have plans to discuss shapeshifting in the upcoming months. You are not the first to ask and it has been on my to do list for a while. I am shooting for September or October for the post as its going to be lengthy and might take several parts to cover in great enough detail. I could certainly do a post discussing some of my experiences in the Middle and Upper Realms soon as well. I think that would be valuable. I know for me, reading about others experiences helps to validate my own and give me an idea of what I should expect. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the best of luck on your journey!


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