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How to Activate and Use Your Intuition to Cast Spells

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When it comes to writing and casting your own spells, you may feel the need to verify everything you are doing with credible sources, historical texts, and correspondence lists. I'm here to tell you that is not necessary. Developing spells intuitively, using correspondences you have designed is just as valid as other methods of spellcrafting. Furthermore, your intuition is a great guide to reworking spells you find in books or online. If you are anything like me, you may find the spells in books, blogs, and other sources too cookbook for your liking, you may not have access to the items outlined in the spell, you don't work with the same deities, or the wording doesn't seem right. This is where intuitive witchcraft and spellcasting come in. In today's post, I briefly discuss how you can activate your intuition and cast spells intuitively.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that innate sense of knowing or understanding that something is true. Its often referred to as a gut feeling or instinct that you can't necessarily explain. Defining what intuition looks like is more difficult as it often manifests differently in different people. Some people feel the hair on the neck stand up, hear voices, see flashes of images, or simply get strong feelings one way or another. All forms are valid, but you need to listen to yourself in order to figure out which method you are using.

Scientifically, intuition is dismissed as nothing more than subliminal messages or your subconscious mind processing information you are unaware of. I have no doubt that this is true. However, in the spiritual community, we often recognize that these messages can also be from Spirit. As with anything, I encourage you to use your best judgment and trust yourself.

Activate Your Intuition

There are multiple ways to activate your intuition and no one way is better than others. However, the basic premise is the same. You want to remove yourself from everyday distractions and stressors and calm your mind. Notice I didn't say your mind should be blank. This is impossible, but focusing on a single object, task, or thought will get you to where you need to be. Below are 10 ways to activate and and develop your intuition.
  1. Meditate: Spending time in silence, away from distractions, will help you get in tune with your intuition. Again, your mind does not need to be blank in order for you to reach a calm state of mind.
  2. Ground: Grounding is a great way to bring yourself into the present and open your mind to receiving messages. My favorite grounding method is earthing, where you have direct contact with the earth itself and use its energy to help ground yours.
  3. Technology Fast: As much as I love technology, it keeps our minds too busy. Spend a couple hours away from your phone or computer so messages and insight can make their way to you more easily.
  4. Journal: Journaling is a great way to override your conscious mind and let buried thoughts come to the surface, or at least aid you in documenting potential messages you have received that you can analyze later. You can also combine journaling with automatic writing, a form of divination in which messages are received through unconscious writing.
  5. Doodle, Draw, or Paint: This process is similar to journaling but more visual. Allow your mind to quiet as you work on a repetitive task or on visually representing your thoughts and desires.
  6. Flame Meditation: Staring into a candle flame and watching it dance is a great way for people who have trouble meditating with their eyes closed. This is also a great way to receive messages from beyond by interpreting the images you see in the flame. This can also be substituted with smoke from incense.
  7. Dancing: If you have trouble sitting still or keeping your mind focused while still, try movement instead. Dancing, pacing, treading the mill, and other movements can help induce a trance-like state, especially if you are focusing on a single object or space while you do so. This can also be done with chanting or singing.
  8. Drink a Cup of Tea: Certain herbal teas can help calm and open your mind to receiving and listening to messages. Use herbs such as mugwort (intuition), chamomile (calm), lavender (calm), rosemary (wisdom), white tea (wisdom and clarity), or blue lotus (intuition). You could also try my hedge riding tea to activate your intuition.
  9. Take a Warm Bath or Shower: Bathing is usually a quiet time, and sometimes the only alone time we get in a day. The heat and steam help soothe muscles, calm the mind, and increase blood flow, thus opening you to receiving messages.
  10. Breath Work: While similar to meditation, breath work requires you to focus only on your breathing. Take a deep breath through your nose for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and then exhale completely through your mouth for eight seconds. Repeat until relaxed.
When I wish to activate my intuition, especially prior to spellcasting, I remove myself from the general hustle and bustle of my home by going to my bedroom where I ground, center, and lightly meditate.

Using Intuition in Spellcasting

Now that you have activated your intuition, it's time to start listening to it. When it comes to casting spells intuitively, you might not know where to start. That's fine. Consult with tarot or oracle cards, read through your journal to see which areas of your life may need magical intervention, ask your guides, or even listen to your body. Astrea Taylor, the author of Intuitive Witchcraft, explains that instead of dismissing areas of tension or lightness in your body during meditation, you should listen to it instead, suggesting this is a means the Universe is using to communicate with you. For example, a knot in your stomach could mean something is making you uneasy so a protection spell may be in order. If you feel butterflies, you may want to cast a love spell.

Once you have a goal in mind for your spell based on your intuition, develop your intention around it. Remember to set a clear goal for the spell, but leave it just open enough so that the Universe can bless you accordingly. 

With your intention in mind, look at the items you have on hand that could assist you in your spell. Some items you may be immediately drawn to. Your eye may go to them immediately, your hand may unconsciously pick it up, or an image of the object may appear in your mind. If items do not immediately jump out at you, lay out the items in front of you and slowly move your hand over them. You may even feel inclined to pick an item up. Feel its energy and ascertain based on your intuition if the item matches your intention. Don't get caught up in correspondences or whether or not what you are doing is "right." Rely upon and trust in yourself. What other people think does not matter here.

With your items collected, begin casting your spell using the basic structure I outlined earlier in Basics of Spellcrafting. Go with the flow here and don't get too caught up in the details. If you are in the middle of doing something and it doesn't feel right, stop and try something different. Make changes as you work and listen to yourself. The moment you stop listening to yourself is the moment you invite failure and this is true of all spellwork, not just intuitive spellcasting.


Intuitive spellcasting is not easy and requires time, patience, and practice to master. At first, it will likely feel very labor-intensive, but with time it will flow more naturally and you will find yourself easily casting spells without much effort. Again, you have to trust yourself and the process in order for this to work. Spend time developing and activating your intuition. Pair it with mundane work, such as working with a therapist and shadow work, to develop self-confidence and break negative self-talk and doubt. Learning to trust and use your intuition to your advantage will advance your magical practice to a whole new level, beyond that of the beginner witch.

For the next spell you cast, I encourage you to try intuitively picking ingredients; just ingredients. As you practice listening to your intuition, move on to developing entire spells. Remember, this takes time and practice, but I assure you it becomes easier with time and effort. If you would like to learn more about using your intuition in your magical practice, I encourage you to pick up Intuitive Witchcraft: How to Use Intuition to Elevate Your Craft by Astrea Taylor. She does an amazing job discussing this in greater detail. You can also find her on her blog Starlight Witch.

Until next time!

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