Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mastering Your Grimoire: My Grimoire's Book Dedication Page

My Grimoire's Book Dedication Page

Over the past two weeks I have been working on my Grimoire's book dedication page. This dedication is a commitment to complete my Grimoire and to continue to grow as a witch. I read several other book dedications before I sat down to write my own. Because I don't believe in any deities, I focused on the elements and Mother Earth to give me the strength and guidance needed to complete my grimoire.

My Grimoire's Book Dedication Page

Grimoire Book Dedication
May Air give me the wisdom to assemble these pages,
Fire the inspiration to write in honor of the Craft,
Water the ability to do the Craft justice,
and Earth the patience to complete the task.
I dedicate this book to Mother Earth,
in hopes I may further my Craft.
May the pages be filled with magic and splendor.
I placed the dedication in a box and surrounded it with a floral design. I absolutely love flowers and the life they breathe into any work. I used paint to complete the page, and pen to outline the box. MY hand it not steady enough to paint straight lines. I am quite proud of the way this page turned out.

My Grimoire's Book Dedication Page

What did you end up doing for your dedication page(s)? I would love to see pictures. Feel free to comment below, post on Facebook, or use the hashtag #masteringyourgrimoire on Instagram to share!

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