Thursday, April 30, 2020

Beltane Altar 2020

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

Beltane, like Ostara, is largely a fertility sabbat with fire and passion mixed in. Flowers, bonfires, and Maypoles are characteristic of Beltane celebrations as are Greenwood marriages. Beltane is the opposite of Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, being a celebration of life instead of death. However, like Samhain,  this is also a liminal time when spirits and the fae are out and about making mischief and communicating with the living. I attempted to capture this imagery in this year's Beltane altar using freshly cut flowers from my yard, crystals, candles, and a gift the Earth graciously presented me with.

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

1. Mason Jar Bouquet of Flowers- My garden isn't nearly as colorful right now as it was this time last year, as we had a cold snap in the middle of warmer weather. As a result, many of my plants went dormant again, but nevertheless, there are still plenty of plants blooming. This year I have my favorite Eden rose front and center, representing love and passion. Around the rose are white and red clover, buttercups, and dandelions. Being wildflowers, each of these represents fertility, abundance, and rapid growth. The buttercups and dandelions also represent the Sun who is coming into full strength as the wheel turns toward summer. Clover, both white and red, are also known for fidelity and love. In the back are two beautiful wisteria bunches that represent abundance, fertility, and love. If you have ever seen wisteria grow you'd know nothing stops it. Furthermore, wisteria, being purple, is connected with psychic development and divination, a great addition for Beltane. (Where did I get it: Target or Found; Cost: $0.50 for mason jar, flowers free)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

2. White Candles-  The white candles flanking either side of the altar represent the Sun. Beltane is a fire festival after all and you can't not have fire on your altar for a fire festival! I stuck with the same iridescent holders that has graced my altar since Imbolc simply because I love them so much. The white candles represent fidelity and purity. (Where did I get it: Dollar Tree 2020; Cost: $3 for holders and candles)

3. Dragonfly- This beautiful dragonfly was given to me last fall by my dad. He found it dead on the floor of his job and knew immediately he needed to bring it home to me. I'm glad he did because dragonflies are truly magical. They represent transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. Beltane is a time of change, a transformation from Spring into Summer. Furthermore, I felt its meaning spoke to me. In light of COVID-19, adaptability is greatly needed. 2020 is also a year of transformations and while being stuck in my house has not been fun, I feel the winds of change calling. Dragonflies are also associated with the fae. In several traditions, dragonflies are believed to be faeries, which are prevalent at Beltane. Dragonflies are also able to cross between realms, allowing spirit communication to occur with ease, a perfect addition for Beltane. (Where did I get it: Found; Cost: Free)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

4. Peacock Ore, Rose Quartz, and Fire Agate- On the left side of the altar is a piece of peacock ore, representing rebirth, joy, and health. The rose quartz, featured in the center, corresponds with love and passion, and the giving of rose quartz to someone you love during Beltane is a common tradition I thought could easily be displayed on my altar. On the right is a rough fire agate, representing the Sun, passion, protection, sexual vitality, and grounding. (Where did I get it: Received in subscription boxes; Cost: ~$5 for all three)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

5. Deer Antler- The antler represents the masculine energy prominent during Beltane, as well as Fire and Earth, and the Sun. Furthermore, deer antlers are a symbol of change, transformation, fertility, and sexual passion, as well as courage and strength, which are all associated with Beltane. Apart from representing the basic characteristics of Beltane, deer, like dragonflies, are believed to be liminal creatures, being messengers from the Otherworld. Deer antlers often are used to aid in astral travel as well as spirit communication, perfect for this time of year. (Where did I get it: Found; Cost: Free)

5. Dried Roses- Flanking either side of the altar are two dried roses representing the Feminine aspect of Beltane. They also represent love, friendship, passion, and lust. (Where did I get it: My Garden; Cost: Free)

Beltane, altar, witch, witchcraft, May Day, witchy

TOTAL COST: ~$8.50

Like my other altars, most of the items I use are found or purchased for around $1, although if the items must be purchased by you, then the cost will be higher. I hope you find this sort of break down helpful, especially those of you looking to create Instagram perfect altars on a budget!

How did you celebrate Beltane this year?

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  1. Your Beltane altar is deeply lovely, dear Willow. It feels both instantly calming/grounding and concurrently energizing to me - much like Beltane itself.

    That is so sweet regarding your thoughtful dad gifting you with that beautiful dragonfly. What an especially meaningful addition to your sacred sabbat space.

    With all my heart, I hope that you have an extremely blessed, peaceful, safe, sunny and joy filled Beltane season.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you! I am hoping to send your package soon. Looks like its getting safer to venture out to more than the grocery store. I just need to pick up some paper and bubble wrap to protect everything. :)


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