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Magic All Day Long: What time of day should I perform magic?

Magic All Day Long: What time of day should I perform magic?

Different parts of the day have different magical energies. You have probably noticed this without even realizing it had anything to do with the natural energies associated with the position of the Earth and Sun. While you can perform magic whenever you feel like, it will be amplified if you practice certain magic during certain times of the day.

Morning Magic: Sunrise
The Sun is up and so are you! You may notice first thing in the morning, even if you are a late sleeper, you awake "fresher." Well, so is your energy and that makes it the perfect time to work magic to start something new, especially regarding school and business. This is also a great time to dispel or banish negativity that is lurking around you and yours, including addictions, bad behaviors, bad habits, and bad feelings. If you work magic outside, like I often do, I find working during sunrise best. It is cool, the animals are just waking up, and you can use both the energy of the sun and the moon.

Midday Magic: Sunshine
During the middle of the day, the Sun reaches its peak and is therefore is strongest. This is a good time to call upon its strength and work on magic to overcome weaknesses, gain inspiration and insight, or ask for guidance. Feeling tired? Ask the sun to lend you strength.

Evening Magic: Crepuscular Light
As the light fades and the evening draws near, we often feel tired and cranky after a long day. I find meditating during this time is best. Focus on breaking up bad routines, banishing bad habits, relaxing, and boosting your will power.

Nighttime Magic: Resonating in Tune
Most people perform magic after the Sun has set as they are better able to feel the energy of the Moon. This is a great time for divination, working with psychic energies, and issues involving love, lust, and beauty. It is also a great time to reflect upon the day if you haven't done that already. Night offers a time to gain clarity of the days events.

As I said, you can perform magic whenever you feel the need. The time doesn't really matter, but most witches find working in the morning or night is best. I'm not going to lie; there is something about working magic in the middle of the night while all the world sleeps that is magical in itself. However, I find working at sunrise to be the most magical of all; it feels like coming home. Not many people realize how thin the veil between the worlds is as the sun rises and the moon sets. At sunrise, you can pull energy from both the sun and moon easily. This is also the best time to work fairy magic.

My magic is always stronger in the morning than it has ever been at night. This may also be because I heavily identify with the wild, fiery Sun instead of the calm, mysterious Moon. The Horned God, even though I don't believe in his actual existence on Earth, has always drawn me close to his breast; the Mother Goddess has always just smiled down upon me and let me run free. I guess I should say I believe these two exist in my mind alone. They are wonderful archetypes that help guide my work and focus on mind on my magical intentions. I thank them for that. But I digress.

Find what time works best for you. For many of you, it is going to be night because that is the only time you have, especially if you are a teen living under the roof of non-Pagan parents.

For those of my more experienced readers, what time do you do magic? Do you feel the timing makes a difference?

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