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Astral Projection: What It Is & How To Do It

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Astral Projection: What It Is & How To Do It

Since I have already covered what dream magic is, how to stimulate dreams, and how to promote prophetic dreams, I'd like to talk about astral projection. First and foremost, astral projection is NOT something to mess around with. Do NOT attempt astral projection while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or pharmaceuticals. If you are sick, weak, frail, or have suffered sexual abuse or post-traumatic stress, you should also NOT attempt astral projection. Astral projection is potentially harmful and can lead to soul loss so please, please, please exercise caution.

While sleeping, our soul becomes liberated, allowing us to journey if we so wish. Astral projection reaps the benefits of the dream-state while also retaining memory and control of the experience. It's easier said than done. The soul often resists traveling, especially if any consciousness remains, and for a good reason. I'm going to say it again, astral projection is dangerous. Not only could you potentially lose part of your soul, but sometimes things can come back with you.

According to some, during astral projection, our body and soul stay connected with a thin silver cord. This allows you to confidently travel with the assurance that the cord will lead you safely back. Usually, the return to your body is effortless. As you naturally awake, your soul and body are automatically re-joined. However, if you are awakened abruptly, you may feel a jolt, or a moment of shock, panic or disorientation. In extreme cases, soul loss can occur.

Astral projection normally occurs while you are asleep. However, experienced witches like myself are able to travel while awake using lucid dreaming. Some find it extremely challenging to astral project, while others find it natural. I have never had an issue projecting. In fact, I started as a kid before I even knew what it was. I used to lay in my bed or sit by the creek and just go places. As an adult, I normally only astral project to check up on family and friends I am worried about. I very rarely travel for fun any more, not because it isn't enjoyable, but because it takes a lot of energy. If you are projecting while asleep, you may find you do not wake well rested. It's because you used a considerable amount of energy going for that soul walk. As a child we have endless stores of energy, but as an adult these stores are drained quickly through the stresses and challenges we face everyday. So pace yourself and take the same precautions to protect yourself as you do in your day to day life.

There are many different ways to begin traveling. The best way to start is to hone your visualization skills. Lie down, shut your eyes, and relax in your bed. Now imagine yourself standing at the foot of your bed, exactly as it is, looking at yourself. Repeat this often until you are able to completely visualize the space. After a while you will be able to start walking away from your self, each time further and further away. To do this while sleeping, which is honestly so much easier since the soul has no inhibitions, visualize where you want to go. Form a compete imagine in your mind of where, when, and who you wish to visit. What do you look like? What are you wearing? What do they look like? What are they wearing? Is it night, day, morning, afternoon, evening? Is is hot or cold? What season? Pay attention to all the details; nothing is too much. Now charge yourself with a mission and go to sleep. Keep practicing and keep a record of your attempts. This takes time so don't give up.

To enhance your astral projection abilities you can place live mugwort around your bed or a yellow gemstone in your hand or Third Eye chakra. Jasper also has a strong association with astral travel, so either sleep with in under your pillow, on your chakra or cast a circle of jasper around you while you sleep. Grinding cinnamon, mugwort, and sandalwood into a fine powder and mixing it with arrowroot powder before sprinkling on your sheets will also aid in astral projection.

Have you ever used astral projection? How long did it take you to begin traveling? Anything negative ever occur? Good? To those of you who have not yet traveled, I wish you the best of luck. Stay safe!


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  3. I learned alot just now reading about this astral projection to my awareness I have learned that I have been doing since I was a child and I have good and bad experiences with it I think like you said have lost part of my soul to it and that scares me so if you could reach back to me I would like to talk to you I think I may need your help on some things please my name is Shannon and I cry out to you for some help

    1. Hey Shannon, shoot me an email. I would love to talk and help you through in whatever way I can!


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