Friday, October 17, 2014

Uninvited Banishing Spells

 With Halloween around the corner, scary movies are flooding the theaters and the television. I don't know if any of you guys have seen the previews for Ouija, but it got my thinking about the Uninvited. The whole premise of the movie is that some teenagers use a Ouija board to communicate with the dead and all hell breaks loose. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times I have overheard people talking about summoning spirits, demons, etc using any and all variety of methods. In fact, the daughter of a close family friend admitted to her mother that she was summoning spirits in an attempt to help them pass over. She was dabbling, as most people who talk about this sort of thing are, and her mother noticed very marked changes about her daughter. She asked me what I thought (she is a pagan Christian and clairvoyant), and I looked at her and told her that B had invited something in that she had not intended, something very dark.

Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence when people dabble and/or misuse magic. In many cases, it is easier to summon than to banish. Always keep this in mind when summoning anything, especially if it is malevolent. However, it can even happen to the most skilled practitioner. So for this week's Pagan Blog Project post I would like to cover how to get rid of the Uninvited, both physically and metaphysically. Sometimes a guest overstays their welcome, a neighbor moves in that is completely awful, or you have accidentally let in something malicious.

Depending on what you need, there are several ways you can handle this problem. Banishing powders are very common in dealing with people. My favorite is based on an old Hoodoo recipe. To make Hoodoo Vanishing Powder, simply combine black pepper, cayenne, salt, and sulfur and grind into a fine powder. Visualize your intent while grinding to infuse the powder.

Banishing powders can be sprinkled on the clothes, especially shoes, of the person you wish to leave, under their bed, on the ground where they will walk over it, or used to enhance other banishing spells including banishing oil. Remember, powders are intended as a subtle form of magic so less is more. You don't want it to be obvious what you are doing. Also keep in mind that if you sprinkle this on someones clothes, you could cause an adverse reaction, so the bottoms of shoes is safest.

Of course this is only one powder recipe. Mixing any of the following herbs will produce a Banishing Powder:
     Bay laurel
     Devil's bit
     Dragon's blood
     Pepper (both black and cayenne/hot chili)

Growing these plants in quantity around your home will also discourage uninvited guests and can be used in your Poison Garden (to be talked about on a later date).

To make a Banishing Oil cover your banishing powder in Castor oil and shake vigorously until well combined. If the oil is too thick you can thin it with jojoba oil.

Uninvited Banishing Spells
All of the above methods are generally used to banish people, not spirits. If you have accidentally let spirits into your home, whether malicious or not, there are several ways to handle this. A general word of caution; if you wish to practice malevolent magic, know that it attracts the attention of equally malevolent spirits, whether you want them or not. Once present, they often become bored and restless, causing destruction and grief in their wake. The best option for banishing spirits is to contact a knowledgeable professional, but I understand not everyone can or are comfortable doing this. When all actions must be taken into your own hands, the Spirit Banishing Bell and Incense Spell is extremely potent. Burn benzoin, frankincense, and juniper as a triple threat and for tripe protection. Evil spirits cannot abide any of these fragrances, let alone the combination and should leave. Ringing an iron bell while the incense burns will increase the effectiveness of this spell as it disturbs most malicious spirits. Make your intent known by commanding the spirits to leave and never return.

I hope none of you ever have to use any of these spells, but in case you ever do, do not do it maliciously. These are also not intended to use all willy-nilly because you can't get along with someone. These are for extreme cases only so please exercise caution and your best judgement.

Have you ever had to use a banishing spell? If so, for what?


  1. Yeah, ouija... I'm not saying it doesn't have a purpose, I'm just saying that I've never wanted to bother with the risks associated with it. Just because you open a door, it doesn't mean you can control what comes through, eh?

    1. I agree. I prefer to deal with the living. I leave the dead to my husband (he's a funeral director and manager of a cremation society). There is enough death in my life without me inviting it in. Haha!

  2. Great post!! I have I have used banishing spells to move people out of my life and to rid my home of nasty entities. To remove people I use a "hot foot powder" recipe and sprinikle it where I know the person will walk. For the nasties in my home I cut a sponge to fit a small bowl and placed it in, then added ammonia, sulfur, laundry blueing, and devil's dung. (I think I added some holy water too) Whoa, what a smell, but it worked.

    1. I have never heard of the sponge method! And I bet it does smell something awful. I have heard of people using cut onions as well, but I don't know how effective it is. Great for clearing negative energies though.

  3. Willow, I was thinking of making a witch's bottle or ball to banish negative energy from my Mom's home. Also to ward off a nasty ex (divorce papers signed and filed today, yea!). How would you go about making this? Thank you.

    1. So with banishments you want to remove something and the best way to do this is through an actual cleaning of some kind. If that is not possible, I would create a 'sour jar.' In this case you aren't trying to sour someone's life, but instead attract all the negativity to the jar. You can fill it with all things 'nasty' such as rusty nails, vinegar, pee, thorns, salt, garlic, etc. Pour your intent into it and then seal it using black candle wax and place somewhere out of sight. Good luck!


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