Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Three Tricksters

Last week several people wrote about their totem animals for the Pagan Blog Project. Since none of them mentioned mine, I figured I would cover them. I call them the Three Tricksters because each of them is known as a "trickster" in many traditions due to their cunning and ability to quickly adapt. My three animal guides are the Fox, Raven, and Raccoon.

The Fox

The Three Tricksters
The fox has a long and rich history. It is often associated with the "dark" side of magic and seen as a bad omen in many traditions. In some Native American traditions, the fox represents the practice of dark sorcery and the manipulation of magic. Despite this, the fox is revered for its witty and quick intelligence. It is a great teacher, providing guidance on swiftly handling obstacles, adapting, and quick thinking. The fox can also help you see through deception and aid in dream work.

The Raven

The Three TrickstersThroughout history the raven has been associated with both positive and negative aspects. The most common aspects are magic, personal transformation, intelligence, adaptability, prophetic insight, and death. The raven is present in many shamanic traditions as the totem animal of choice for those who use magic. Furthermore, ravens are great teachers for guiding you through adversity, difficult situations, and transformation. It also aid in magical workings.

The Raccoon

The Three Tricksters
The history of the raccoon is not as rich as those of the fox and raven, but it is also often associated with the trickster. In some Native Americans traditions it is associated with shape shifting, disguise, dexterity, and ingenuity. Like the raven it can aid in personal transformation and adaptability. Furthermore, the raccoon is a great teacher in problem solving, ingenuity, and exploration. It can also aid you in undertaking new experiences and calming you in stressful situations.

I hope this has been useful and if you are looking for more information, there are many helpful websites out there, including Spirit Animal Totems, Spirit Animal Info, and Shamanic Journey. This, of course, is just a brief introduction to each of the animals.

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