Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Making Crystal Tinctures and Extracts

Making Crystal Tinctures and Extracts

Normally when I talk about tinctures and extracts, I am referring to herbal mixtures and remedies. However, it is possible to make tinctures and extracts from crystals for both medicinal and magical purposes. I'm not going to touch on any of these uses today, simply explain how to make them.

To make a tincture or extract, cleanse (both physically and magically--best option is to run it under water) and charge your crystal. If you plan to ingest your tincture or extract please make sure your crystal is nontoxic. Many crystals, including aquamarine, emerald, and tiger's eye, are toxic when soaked in alcohol, water, or oil. You can find a decent list here.

Once your stone is cleansed and charged, soak the crystal in alcohol, water, or oil for 2-4 hours in sun light. If your stone will fade in sun light, you can use moon light instead. Remove the crystal and store the water in a clear glass jar. If you soaked your crystal in water pour in 1/4 cup of distilled vinegar or Vodka to prevent algae growth if you do not plan to use your extract immediately.

If you still wish to use a toxic crystal you can use an indirect method. Simply place the crystals in a small bowl within a larger bowl full of alcohol, water, or oil. The vibrations will enter the liquid but the toxins will not.

With preservation (alcohol or vinegar) your extracts can last up to two years if using internally or 6+ years if using externally. Tinctures will last up to 6+ no matter their use as they are made from alcohol. Oils should be used within weeks to prevent them from going rancid.

Crystal tinctures and extracts are very simple to make. However, using crystal tinctures and extracts for medicinal purposes is not so simple. I have never personally used crystals for medicinal purposes, but I plan on learning how to use them in the future. Until then, please consult Google and its infinite wisdom with caution.


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