Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rune Casting Layouts Part 2

Welcome back to the Hedgewitch's Guide to Rune Magic mini series. Last time I posted six possible layouts you can use when casting runes. Today I would like to post the other six layouts I previously mentioned: the Runic Cross, Seven Rune Cast, Runic V, Nine Grid, Tree of Life, and Futhark Cast.

Remember, you can use one of the five methods I mentioned earlier or one of your own methods. Furthermore, you don't need to use a layout if you don't want to. These layouts are for more indepth answers. Some people simply draw a rune a day to gain insight. Use what you feel is best.

Runic Cross

Seven Rune Cast

Runic V

Nine Grid

Tree of Life

Futhark Layout

I know the Futhark layout is difficult to read in this post. Clicking on the image will enlarge it. It is also available on the free BOS page located at the bottom of the post.

Remember, this is not a comprehensive list, only what I have found through research so far. If you read your runes differently, please comment below. Do you use a layout not included in my list? In my last post in this series I will talk about how to recognize upright and inverted runes.


Want to print a copy of this for your Book of Shadows? Click below for your free copy!

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