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Magical and Medicinal Uses of Chamomile

Magical and medicinal uses of Chamomile. Includes FREE BOS page!
Folk Names: Camomyle, Chamaimelon, Ground Apple, Heermannchen
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun or Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Love, Money, Purification, Sleep
Magical Uses and History: Chamomile derives its name from two Greek words: Khamai meaning "on the ground" and melon meaning "apple" thus creating the common folk name of "ground apple." This name likely derives from the apple-like scent of the flowers, and may slightly be connected to the golden yellow centers of the flower as well. Traditionally, chamomile was associated with the Sun with the Egyptians dedicating the plant as sacred to Ra. The sweet scent was also used by Egyptian noblewomen as a perfume and later was during the embalming process to repel insects. As such, chamomile can be used in spells and rituals honoring the Sun, to attract good luck, and protect against insects.

Chamomile was not just revered by the Egyptians, however. The Romans, Greeks, Anglo-Saxons, and even Vikings recognized that chamomile possessed unique healing abilities, and they too associated the bright yellow and white flowers with the Sun. It was believed chamomile could treat a number of ailments including fever, malaria, nerves, and skin conditions. The Romans even used the sweet-smelling flower as incense to honor different deities, especially those associated with the Sun, and to protect the home from insects and other unwanted guests. For the Anglo-Saxons, chamomile was one of the herbs in the Nine Herbs Charm, a healing charm from the tenth or eleventh century, under the name mægðe. The passage on chamomile roughly translates as follows:

"Remember, Chamomile,
what you brought to pass,
what you accomplished,
at Alorford,
that no one should lose their life to diseases,
since for him Chamomile was prepared."

Due to its healing abilities, chamomile is often used in healing spells and rituals, as well as protection rituals. Because it was found to repel pests, chamomile can be sprinkled around your home to protect against pests as well as unwanted visitors. An infusion can also be used to wash doors, windows, and other entryways or planted near your front door for the same purpose. Furthermore, its sunny disposition and natural healing abilities lend to its uses in curse and hex breaking.

Apart from its natural healing and protective abilities, chamomile is resilient and spreads quickly. As such, it became associated with abundance. Modern traditions, especially hoodoo, use chamomile to attract money. A hand wash is often made from an infusion and by gamblers to ensure winning. Keep the dried flower petals in your wallet, purse, or cash register to manifest money.

Finally, chamomile is naturally relaxing. It can be burned or drank to promote sleep and meditation. It is especially potent when combined with lavender, another naturally relaxing herb.

Chamomile can be used in a number of spells including:
         Money Spells
         Prosperity Spells
         Induce Sleep and Mediation
         Dream Magic
         Protection Magic
         Curse Removal

Medicinal Uses:
  Chamomile, both German and Roman, is renowned for its medical uses and can be used to treat an endless list of conditions. It works as a relaxer, making it great to treat anxiety and insomnia. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it works well to treat gastritis as well as inflammations in the mouth and eyes. Externally it can reduce swelling.

Preparation and Dosage: Only the flowers of chamomile are used and they should be collected between May and August. Internally- To make an infusion pour a cup of boiling water onto 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile and let infuse for 5-10 minutes. To treat digestive problems, drink after meals. A stronger infusion can be used as a mouthwash. To make a steam bath boil half a cup of flowers in 4 pints (2 liters) of water and inhale the steam. You can also take 2-4 milliliters of tincture three times a day. Externally- To make a salve, melt 1 cup of coconut oil in a pot. Add 2 handfuls of chamomile flowers. The mixture should foam. Remove from heat, cover, and let cure overnight. The following morning, reheat (do not boil) and transfer to glass jars.

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