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Mastering Your Gimoire: Book Blessing

Mastering Your Gimoire: Book Blessing

We've made it to the book blessing! The last 2 weeks we spent time working on our book dedication pages. Yesterday I posted pictures of my book dedication and shared what I wrote. Now that we have dedicated ourselves to working on our grimoires/Books of Shadows, it is time to bless the book.

The book blessing acts as both a blessing and a protection spell. You want to clear it of all energies but your own, ask Mother Earth, the elements, or whatever deity you follow the bless the pages, and ask them them to protect the book from harm. Use your answers to your questions in Mapping Your Magical Path to help you decide what to include in your book blessing and the style you want it to be written in. I picked poetry of course, but prose works just as well. Looking for inspiration? Try my Book of Shadows Pinterest board.

Writing the book blessing is only part of the process. Think of this as a ritual or spell. After you have decided what to write, the act of actually writing it in your grimoire is the ritual/spell itself. If you follow a path with structure, i.e. Wicca, cast a magical circle, call quarters, and ask the God and Goddess to join you as you bless your book. If you are less structured, like myself, sit in a quiet spot, in or outside, and complete your book blessing. Candles and representations of the elements are great items to incorporate into your ritual/spell. Pick colored candles that fit your ritual/spell needs. White, yellow, or purple candles would be perfect for such occasion. Herbs and incense to use would be bay, elder, myrrh, St. John's Wort, willow, and sage. Want to use some crystals? Try amber, amethyst, quartz, or citrine.

For a simpler ritual, light a white candle and some myrrh incense and sprinkle salt on the page of the book blessing and write your blessing, reading it aloud as your write. When you are finished, read it aloud one more time, imagine the book being filled with white protective light, and you're done!

Once you have written your book blessing and transcribed the blessing into you book, it is time to decorate the pages. Use your answers to Mapping Your Magical Path to help guide you in your decorations. It can be as ornate or as simple as you want.

Spend the next week working on this page. We have a new moon coming up on March 28th. This would be the PERFECT time to bless the book. I know most people prefer the full moon, but the new moon is perfect for starting new things. You are embarking on a new journey to complete one of the greatest tools a witch can have! Use it!

I would love to see your progress on your grimoires and BOS's if you guys would like to share them. Feel free to post below, on our Facebook page, or on Instagram using #masteringyourgrimoire.

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