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Mastering Your Grimoire: Organizing Your Grimoire

Mastering Your Grimoire: Organizing Your Grimoire

Last week I challenged you to find a place to work on your grimoire. To work on my grimoire, I went out a bought a desk...finally. I have been looking for a desk for my bedroom to use as an altar/magical space for months. Originally I wanted to find an old antique one and paint it and stain the top, but after searching for several months for something in my price range, I didn't find a piece I liked very much. I sent out a request to the universe to help me find a desk and low and behold, Aldi's ad featured a desk for just $50...and it wasn't bad looking either! I picked it up this morning and spent the afternoon putting it together. Then my lazy butt took a nap. Ha ha!

Its a nice little space with some storage and a nice place to work on my grimoire privately. Where did you pick to work on your grimoire?

Now that you have your book, you have decorated it, and found a place to work on it, it is time to start organizing it. Yes, I know we still haven't blessed it. Trust me, that is coming all in due time.

Over the next week spend some time thinking about how you want to set up and organize your grimoire. Use questions 3-8 on Mapping Your Magical Path to help guide your creation of your Table of Contents. I suggest working on a separate sheet of paper and jotting down the sections you believe your grimoire should have. You are going to want your title page, dedication, and book blessing to be in the first couple of pages. Most witches, especially hedge, green, and kitchen, are going to want a section for herbs. Kitchen witches will also want a section for kitchen magic and recipes. Wiccans will want a section for ritual tools, ritual structure, and circle casting. Other general sections you may want to include are the sabbats, the elements, correspondence charts, and a brief introduction to your path or magic.

After you have picked some sections, begin ordering them. For example, an introduction to the craft and your magical path should probably be in the beginning. Spells will need to be toward the end, as in most books. This will also be a section that grows as you grow, so having it toward the end with pages you can still work with allows you to accommodate growth.

After you have picked out a rough outline for the order of your grimoire, begin labeling pages, if you have a bound book that is. You don't want to work too far in advance in though. Plan out just the first couple of sections. I suggest the use of sticky notes. Simply write down on the sticky notes what you want your page to be and stick it in the book! I suggest planning out at least the first three sections. The reason you shouldn't plan further is in case you make a mistake or want to change something as you begin to work. The sticky notes allow you to easily move pages around and rework information as you work on your grimoire.

Planning out your grimoire should take a bit of time and it will likely change as you begin working. That's okay. Work on a rough craft this week so we can begin our pages next week!

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  1. I'm currently working on my grimoire too. I consider it finished, but sometimes I find new things to add or modify. These series are very inspiring :)

    1. Thank you! I'd love to see what you have been working on if you don't mind sharing that is. =D

  2. First of all.....ALTAR!!!!! YAY!!

    I look forward to seeing your altar layouts and am so happy that you have a set space for it finally :)

    Also- I owe you an update on grimoire schtuff.


    1. Uh yeah you owe an update! Haha!

      And I know right?! Finally! I haven't had an altar space since I was in high school which is crazy because since leaving high school I have always had my own place. I am going to be posting pictures of it set up for Ostara this week so keep an eye out. I am so proud of the set up. Simple and elegant. Just my style!

  3. And I know right?! Finally! I haven't had an altar space since I was in high school which is crazy because since leaving high school I have always had my own place.

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