Sunday, April 9, 2017


I just wanted to let everyone know that my computer crashed last weekend, and I have to purchase a new one. I am still in the process of attempting to move files to my new computer. Until I manage to do that (and back everything up online), planned posts are going to be delayed. Please hang with me while I make the transition. The good news is, I have the newest edition of Photoshop! At least something good came out of it! Haha! I am going to try to get everything done by the end of this week and get those posts ready to go. I have a book review, Gaia Box review, tulip herbarium, and some Mastering Your Grimoire posts coming ASAP!

Hope to see you before the week is out!


  1. Sorry to hear about your computer!! I'm sure the upcpming posts will be superb, as usual. Til next time!

    1. Ugh, sorry about the typos. Silly technology!

    2. Haha! Thanks gurl! I'm working on it. I feel terrible I am so behind. Everything in my life is so crazy right now and it feels like horrible things keep happening. I am so ready for a vacation from my life. Lol!

  2. How stressful! Hope the transfer goes as smoothly as possible! Until then, drink green tea, breathe, and swear to your heart's content! =P


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