Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Charged Waters: Florida Water

When it comes to charged waters, Florida Water tops the most famous list. It's the only charged water to have its name copyrighted. That's right! Murray and Lanman own the name Florida Water and their version is actually excellent and affordable.
Charged Waters: Florida Water

Florida Water was originally marketed as the American version of eau de Cologne having a refreshing and light citrus-rosemary fragrance. However, it has developed into a magical staple among the Voodoo and Santeria communities. Its an extremely powerful spiritual cleanser and protective agent. Many use Florida Water to cleanse their altar and altar tools, during home cleansing and protection rituals, or leave out a bowl as an offering to their ancestors.

Despite the name being copyright by Murray and Lanman, there are thousands of homemade version all over the place. The basic formula contains alcohol, preferably vodka, and floral essential oils. My go to recipe is as follows (although I find it cheaper just to purchase it already made):
  • Two cups vodka
  • Two tablespoons rose hydrosol
  • Sixteen drops bergamot essential oil
  • Twelve drops lavender essential oil
  • Six drops may chang essential oil
  • Three drops rosemary essential oil
  • Two drops jasmin essential oil
  • Two drops rose attar
Pretty simple recipe, but rather expensive if you only need a small amount.

You can use Florida Water in virtually any cleansing bath, floor wash, ritual, or spell, as long as you do not ingest it. Florida Water is for EXTERNAL use only, so don't go making yourself sick!

Do you use Florida Water in any of your spell work? Maybe you should!

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