Monday, February 27, 2017

Mastering Your Grimoire: Picking Your Space

Mastering Your Grimoire: Picking a Space

I apologize for not getting this posted yesterday, but I was still working on decorating my own grimoire and wanted to make sure I could show you pictures. I am looking to add a clasp of some sort to "lock" it, but I have figured out what I want to do yet. It is as complete as it can be at this time.

I would really, really love to see what you guys have created over the past week. Please share your grimoires in the comment section, on my Facebook page, or on Instagram using #masteringyourgrimoire.

Now that you have decorated your grimoire and hopefully connected with it on some level, its time to find a place where you are going to work on it all the time from here on out. This can be a desk, kitchen table, the floor, or within your sacred space. Work wherever you feel most comfortable. Many people believe that you need to work on your grimoire only in sacred space, preferably inside of a magical circle. The reasoning behind this is that while you work on your grimoire, you generate and emit energy. This energy is usually very potent and can attract unwanted guests. I never cast a circle when I perform magic, but that's just me. However, I have set up a protective ward around my house which acts as a permanent magical circle that I redo/improve every couple of months. I believe this is enough protection for me, but I am also not very ritualistic or into high magic. If you are more ritualistic, then you'll want to cast a circle every time you work on your book from here on out and you are going to need a space where you can write, paint, type, or whatever you need to do to complete your grimoire.

There are several things you should consider when picking out a space to work on your grimoire. It needs to be an area where you have a surface to work on, an plenty of it if you are getting crafty. It needs to be private so you can work in piece and infuse your book with ONLY your energy. You may also want a space with a window or that is well ventilated if you are working with certain chemicals. Make sure this space can also accommodate not only your craft items, if you are crafting your grimoire, but also incense and candles. Incense and candles help set the mood and help to infuse your book with magical energy. If you are turning this into a ritual, you'll want an alter space as well to place images of your deities and the elements.

This week attempt to find the perfect place to work on your grimoire. You may need to try several locations before one feels right. Bring your grimoire and sit in the space and meditate. Mentally record any feelings you have while in that space. If it just doesn't feel right, try another location. You may be surprised where you end up. No matter how much you may want to work on it in your office, your book may tell you your living room is a better space. Listen to it. We are trying to build a book on our craft that we have a deep connection with. You cannot do that if you do not listen. Reflect back on your questions for Mapping Your Magical Path. Use them to help guide you in your decision making. If you need to work outside, do it!

Remember, share those grimoire pictures! I would love to see them and I am sure others would appreciate the inspiration as well!

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