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Mastering Your Gimoire: Picking Your Book

Mastering Your Gimoire: Picking Your Book

Welcome back to Mastering Your Grimoire. Did you answer last week's questions thoughtfully and honestly? Was there anything in particular that surprised you? Before jumping into the next step of in this series, I thought I would share my answers with everyone.

Who are you?
  1. How do you define yourself? What adjectives best describe you?
    I would describe myself as outgoing, talkative, fun, intelligent, driven, empathetic, understanding, giving, and logical yet emotional.
  2. Are you spontaneous or do you prefer to plan ahead?
    I would have to say a mixture. Generally I enjoy planning ahead, specifically for large events. Other times, especially little things, I like to be spontaneous.
  3. What moves you?
    Love, science, dinosaurs, evolution, the Earth, Sun, and Moon, nature, and the vastness that is our universe.
What are you beliefs regarding witchcraft?
  1. Do you define religion and spirituality differently? Explain?
    Yes. Religion, to me, involves deities and worship. Spirituality is more of a feeling, a movement of the soul. It isn't about worship or some higher power but instead reaching a state of higher thinking, peace, and enlightenment. I am most definitely spiritual, but not religious.
  2. What drew you to witchcraft? What do/did you hope to gain through the use of magic?
    The peaceful nature of it, the freedom, and that it involves nature and the Earth as well as a mix of science. I love that it involved proven science and allowed me to reconcile both. I could not, and cannot believe in a higher power, witchcraft, and paganism allow for the freedom to practice without one, but still, find inner peace and deep meaning. It gave me a way to combine the need to find my purpose without rejecting my scientific mind.
  3. Are you drawn to any particular cultural heritage or type of witchcraft? Do you prefer a mix?
    Yes, hedgecraft in particular. I am also drawn to shamanism, druidism, and Celtic and Norse traditions. I find their stories fascinating and connect not only spiritually, but culturally/ancestrally was well. My family is from Ireland, Scotland, and Sweden.
  4. Do you prefer to practice alone or with others? Why?
    Alone. Practicing with others makes me uncomfortable and makes me feel like my practice is a religion instead of a personal journey. I also have very different beliefs compared to others, which makes it difficult to work in groups.
  5. Is there any type of magic that comes naturally to you? If so, what?
    Herbalism, astral projection, meditation and hedge riding, and basic divination.
  6. Do you believe in any deities? Id so, do you subscribe to a certain pantheon?
    Unequivocally no.
  7. Are you drawn to any particular practice, such as divination (oracle, runes, tea reading, etc), herbalism, or ritual work? If so, what?
    Herbalism, tea reading, moon magic, earth magic, and hedge riding.
  8. Do you feel a strong association to any plants, crystals, seasons, moon phases, stars, animals, planets, etc? If so, what?
    This is a long list! Willow trees (obviously), lilies, irises, sage, quartz, fall, full moon, draco constellation, Neptune, foxes, ravens, raccoons, stag, dinosaurs, fossils, faeries, gnomes, earth, air, green, grey, moonstone, peridot, and anything else that is earthy in nature.
  1. Did any of your answers surprise you? If so, which ones? Why?
    No, but I have been practicing for 12 plus years and have, through trial and error, mapped out my path pretty well.

So what do thee questions really have to do with creating a grimoire? A lot actually. I mentioned in the previous post that knowing you path makes mapping out your grimoire much easier. It also informs you of what type of grimoire you should keep, which is the purpose of today's post. Using your answers, it is time for you to decide what type of grimoire you want to keep.

If you are a planner and logical, you may wish you have a solid bound book like a journal or craft book. If you are more spontaneous and artsy, a binder or even an online/computer version of your grimoire may be best so you can easily move things around and add as you please where ever in the book. Maybe you want to make the paper and book yourself! Go ahead! The more of yourself you pour into the book, the more powerful it will be.

The Who Are You? questions are specifically designed to help you figure out which method of book keeping is best for you. Spend the next 7 days reflecting over you answers and deciding which type of book you wish to keep. If you can, go ahead and purchase or create the book you wish to use. Need some inspiration? Feel free to browse my Book of Shadows Pinterest board! Google is another great tool to use, or just go to a local craft store or metaphysical store, and see what they have in stock!

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  1. I love how organized you are with this! I am filling out my answers (I'm a little behind!) But I plan on following along and participating!

    1. Why thank you! It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to set up the series. Honestly I still have a lot of planning to do, but I figured it was the beginning of the year so I should probably get it off the ground. Haha!

      And don't worry, its easy to catch up, especially right now since its short tasks. They'll get longer as we continue.


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