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Matersing Your Grimoire: Decorating Your Book

Matersing Your Grimoire: Decorating Your Book

Welcome back to Mastering Your Grimoire! Did you decide on a grimoire format? Were you able to make or purchase your book yet? If not, you have a little bit longer until we actually begin assembling the pages. However, I encourage you to quickly decide what format you would like soon.

I actually picked out my book a couple of months ago and shared it in another post. I decided to purchase a 600 page sketch book off Amazon. Its large, sturdy, and great for how I want to set up my grimoire. I am very artistic so I wanted something I could color/paint in, and I am a planner so I am not worried about changing pages around once I set down a plan. The paper is too thin for water colors, but I think I may be able to get away with some regular paint. I started with Crayola markers, but I am unhappy with the end result. I plan on "fixing" the pages I have worked on already with a little bit of paint. I am much better with paint than colored pencils or markers. I don't know how people do what they do with markers and colored pencils, but they got nothing on me when it comes to paint! Haha!

This week we will spend some time decorating the covers of our grimoires. However, you may want to cleanse your book before you begin. This will allow you to infuse the book with your magic and energy, and only yours. A simple sage smoke cleansing should do the trick!

I have been really excited about getting to work on this activity. There are so many wonderful options out there for covering books or creating a title page for a digital grimoire. Make collages, cover with fabric or leather, use hot glue to create a raised pattern, use stained cheese cloth, clip art, glitter, pressed flowers and leaves, beads, metal, whatever you wish! You can make it as witchy or not as you like. Questions 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 from Mapping Your Magical Path will help guide you in the decorating process. Focus on decorating with pictures, objects, colors, and scents you feel a connection to and that you use often in your craft. Decorate your book with items and pictures that speak to you. Hedge, kitchen, and green witches can add flowers or herbs from your garden. Use essential oils you feel a connection to or that help bring out your personal magic in the glue or paper you use to cover the book. Love faeries? Add some glitter and shiny objects! More of a minimalist? Glue down a simple patterned fabric or paper. Believe in deities? Honor them by placing images or symbols associated with them on the cover. Some magical symbols you may wish to include are listed below:
  • pentacle/pentagram
  • Celtic knot
  • ankh
  • triple moon/quad moon
  • astrology signs
  • element symbols
  • broom
  • cauldron
  • runes
  • all seeing eye
  • wand
  • sigils 
You may want to consider including some protection magic in your cover decorations as well. This can be something that is easily visible, like a pentacle, or something hidden, like a sigil or rune written underneath the decorations. Adding these will increase the magical bond between you and your book, and keep prying eyes away. You can also cast a simple spell if you like. We will be writing book blessings in a couple of weeks, so if you want to skip the spell/ritual work for now, we will make up for it later.

Be mindful for the colors you use as well. Colors greatly affect not only our magic, but how we perceive ourselves and our belongs as well. I suggest working with your favorite colors. It is okay for a grimoire to be brightly colored if you favorite color is hot pink or lime green. They don't have to be dark, mysterious, or creepy to contain powerful magic. Read up on the different color meanings in my post Magical Correspondences: Colors.

Make your grimoire yours and enjoy the process. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your magical book; simply let your magic and intuition guide you. Need some inspiration? Feel free to browse my Book of Shadows Pinterest board or search Google. Oh! One last thing: you may want to add some ribbon or a couple to serve as bookmarks!

I would love to see pictures of the books you picked out or created over the last week. Feel free to comment below or use the hashtag #masteringyourgrimoire on Instagram! Good luck with your decorating this week.

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