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Magical and Medicinal Uses of Cardamom

Magical and Medicinal Uses of Cardamom

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Powers: Abundance, Focus, Love, Lust, Prosperity, Strength, Wealth
Magical Uses and History: Cardamom is an herbaceous plant of the ginger family, its seeds being used across centuries for magical and medicinal purposes. According to Indian legend, the goddess Lakshmi, a deity of wealth and prosperity, blessed the Ghats Mountains in southwestern India with cardamom, thus ensuring the region's abundance and fertility. Cardamom is still widely grown in the region today, the trading of the spice has brought great wealth and abundance to the area, thus further associating cardamom with abundance, prosperity, and wealth. As spice trade increased and Europeans were exposed to the exotic cardamom, the price increased, preventing many people from accessing cardamom. It became a symbol of luxury and prestige, adorning the table of only the nobility. Archeological records also suggest cardamom was used as a form of currency during the Byzantine Empire. As such, cardamom seeds can be added to spells and rituals to attract wealth and abundance. Add to sachets, spell bags, or place seeds in your purse or wallet to attract money. If you own a business, place some seeds in your cash register for the same purpose. Anoint candles with cardamom essential oil or roll them in crushed seeds during money spells, especially those that take place on a Thursday. Cardamom seeds can also be used as an offering in place of coins or bills.

Cardamom, however, is most well known for its warming properties and highly aromatic flavor, leading to its association with love and lust. In One Thousand and One Nights, cardamom is frequently referenced as an aphrodisiac with many stories featuring cardamom as a spice that enhances love and desire. Later Culpeper assigned cardamom to Venus and noted its use in love charms. In Egypt, cardamom was frequently chewed on to whiten teeth and freshen one's breath, and even used in perfumes, all of which were done to make one more appealing and attract a potential suitor. This tradition continued through Europe, where cardamom was frequently paired with orange, cinnamon, and cloves to produce a "masculine" scent. As such, cardamom is a great addition to love and lust spells. Chew cardamom seeds before talking to a prospective lover to attract their attention and increase your magnetism, wear cardamom perfume to attract a lover and increase lust, place cardamom seeds in the bedroom to increase sexual desires, or add to foods and teas to seduce your partner and enhance the love in your relationship. As with all love spells, please remember to respect someone's consent and never cast a spell on someone without their approval. The last thing you want to do is start a relationship with a kidnapping!

Apart from the aforementioned correspondences, cardamom is also associated with memory and focus, partly due to its warming properties and partly due to its popularity in Scandinavia. How cardamom first arrived in Scandinavia is debated, but there are two major theories. According to Johanna Kindvall, a Swedish cookbook author, Vikings brought cardamom to Scandinavia after having encountered it in Constantinople. Archaeologists, including Daniel Serra, say there is little evidence to suggest Vikings used spices and there are no references in biking or Icelandic literature to support these claims. Serra believes the Moors introduced cardamom to Scandinavia in the eighth century. The first mention of cardamom appears in the 13th century in a cookbook titled Libellus de Arte Coquinaria by Danish monk Knud Juul. No matter how cardamom ended up in Scandinavia, it remains one of the most popular spices with Swedes consuming 60 times as much cardamom as Americans and 18 times more per capita than the average country! It's used in mulled wines, pastries, stewed fruits, and other spiced dishes and many Scandinavians say the smell and taste of cardamom are a "memory spell" reminding them of home and their childhood. Studies have shown that cardamom is a mild stimulant and is able to enhance focus and memory, thus supporting what many who eat cardamom already know. As such, cardamom can be used to help you focus or increase your memory. Add cardamom essential oil to a tissue or cloth and sniff when you need an extra boost. It can also be safely diffused around adults and children over the age of 10. It's generally agreed cardamom essential oil is safe for both dogs and cats, but I prefer not to risk it. Cardamom tea can also be drunk to increase focus and memory in place of cardamom essential oil.

Cardamom can be used in a number of spells including:
    Love Spells
    Lust Magic
    Prosperity Magic
    Wealth Spells
    Memory Spells

Medicinal Uses: Cardamom is mildly warming and analgesic and therefore is able to relieve nausea, griping, and indigestion. It's also a mild appetite stimulant and aids in the production of saliva. Cardamom is also slightly antiseptic making it a good addition to gargles for sore throats. More recent research suggests cardamom may also be able to lower blood pressure if taken consistently.

Preparation and Dosage: To create an infusion, pour one cup of boiling water onto 1 teaspoon of crushed cardamom seeds and allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes. Drink up to three times a day or half an hour before meals to treat flatulence and appetite loss. An infusion can also be used as a gargle.

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Magical and Medicinal Uses of Cardamom

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