Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Lammas Tarot Spread

The first harvest or summer thermstice goes by many names, including Lammas, Lughnasadh, and Lunasda, but the theme remains the same. After the summer solstice, the Sun slowly begins to lose power and the shift inward begins. Fresh fruits and vegetables are picked and seeds are saved for future growing seasons. These harvesting and seed-saving metaphors carry over into all aspects of our lives, especially our magical selves. In the spring, we sewed the seeds for manifestation. Lammas marks a period of reflection; it's time to check in on those seeds and see what has manifested and what has not, what we need to continue working on, and what we can save for next year.

This tarot spread, which mimics the cornucopia, incorporates the metaphors of harvesting and seed saving while encouraging growth and gratitude. 

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1. Growth: Earlier in the year, you planted seeds and set goals. How has the first half of the year gone thus far? What changes and growth have occurred in your life? If you planted seeds (goals) last spring, how are they doing? What has manifested in your life?

2. Harvest: Being the first harvest, Lammas is a time of celebration. What can you harvest in your life right now? What should you be grateful for and how should you give thanks?

3. Ripen: Not all crops are harvested this early. In fact, many may still need more time to ripe on the vine before they are harvested around Mabon. What needs to ripen more within you before harvesting?

4. Seed Saving: As the light begins to fade and autumn approaches, it's time to reflect. What seeds should you save for next year from the fruits of your labor? What should you tuck away for later use? What do you need to prepare for?

Even if you haven't planted seeds, you may find that change has occurred anyway. Not all of us connect well with Lammas anymore, especially if you live in the city or aren't into gardening and planting. That doesn't mean you can't celebrate the last throws of summer and reflect upon how the year is going. This tarot spread is there to help.

Enjoy the rest of summer, witches!

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