Tuesday, January 7, 2020

January Wolf Moon Worksheet

full moon, magic, witchcraft, wolf moon, moon magic

January's Full Moon is often referred to as the Wolf Moon or Cold Moon, depending on the culture. The Native Americans commonly referred to it as the Wolf Moon because the wolf howls picked up during this time as it is the beginning of mating season. Furthermore, the wolves often moved closer to human encampments while looking for food, making their howls louder and easier to hear. As for the name Cold Moon, it was so named for it being winter and freaking cold, at least in the Nothern Hemisphere. This moon is commonly associated with spiritual and physical release and decluttering, and self-reflection. Being those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are often stuck indoors during this time it is a great time to grow spiritually through reading, practice, and meditation.

This month's Full Moon worksheet contains the usuals of my past Full Moon worksheets, including a to release and cleanse section, a box for your intuition, and a tarot spread. Unlike past worksheets, however, this one can be used every January, as it is based on the correspondences of the moon itself and not other astrological events. The 5-card tarot spread for the January Wolf Moon is designed with release and self-reflection in mind. What is holding you back? How can you overcome it and heal? What should you nurture now so you may be successful later?

full moon, magic, witchcraft, wolf moon, moon magic


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