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Book Review: Honoring Your Ancestors- A Guide to Ancestral Veneration by Mallorie Vaudoise

Book Review: Honoring Your Ancestors- A Guide to Ancestral Veneration by Mallorie Vaudoise

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I've noticed that as I have become more experienced in the Craft, I have turned away from reading and purchasing "spell books." It's not that these books aren't good; its that the information is often the same every single time, and I am tired of reading about moon phases, the elements, the Wheel of the Year, and all the other introductory stuff that comes with it. Besides, I like writing my own spells so much more. So lately I have been reading books that introduce different practices within the Craft, whether it be death rituals from around the world, incorporating Druidism into hedgecraft, or in this case, ancestor veneration. Ancestor veneration has become more of an interest of mine as of late due to my experiences as a hedgewitch. I most often work with my animal guides, but find myself wanting more. Furthermore, I wish to develop a more daily-type of practice, although a very simple one. I would like this daily practice to focus on hedgecraft and spirit work, and Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration by Mallorie Vaudoise has given me soooooo much to think about!

I am absolutely in love with this book. It's practical, easy to read, and relatively short. The few spells and rituals are thought out and their inclusion is important to the lessons taught in each chapter. When I read new books, I often leave a lot of the text with the book, taking only bits and pieces of new information and ideas as I find them. This book, however, I took almost all of it with me and left very little, if anything, behind. Vaudoise, a spiritualist of Italian descent, speaks from her personal experiences with her ancestral veneration practice and how she has used a combination of practices sacred to her family and ancestors to determine how to honor them. Her advice is practical and applicable to all those interested in ancestor veneration, whether it be to aid in your spellwork or to bring you comfort.

Each chapter ends with some questions to be answered in a journal, Book of Shadows, or just thought about. The questions are thought-provoking and guide the reader in beginning their own ancestral veneration practice. I felt some of the questions were...blah, so I didn't answer those. I guess the answers felt obvious to me or as if the answer didn't apply to what I was wishing to do. Vaudoise makes it clear you should take what you want and leave the rest. I appreciate her candor and her encouragement to create your own practice. It was her candor and honesty that I loved most about this book. She mentions how when she first started out she bought tons of ritual tools and supplies, only to never use them in her craft. I remember being guilty of this. Actually, I still am. Haha! I often buy witchy things because I like them, not always because I will use them. The majority of my magic uses nothing or very little items. I related to Vaudoise draw to folk magic and simplicity, and appreciate that her book took the same approach. On top of all this, her book is well researched and uses science to support her practice. Anything that includes science, and does so correctly, scores loads of points with me.

If you are interested in working more with your ancestors as part of your practice, especially if you're a hedgewitch, this book 100% gets my approval. Honoring Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestral Veneration by Mallorie Vaudoise will be available September 8, 2019. Looking to find out more about Mallorie Vaudoise? She is also the author and blogger behind


  1. Thankyou for your thoughtful review. I discovered this book today and was drawn to it by the blurb on the back and a cursory glance through. Now that I've had a proper look I feel, like you, that I will be 'taking more than I leave' with this one!

    1. You will love it! This is one of the best books on ancestor veneration I have read and I highly recommend it.


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