Thursday, October 10, 2019

October Full Moon Worksheet

Note: This post contains potentially problematic practices or language, cultural appropriation, or misinformation. I have been working diligently to decolonize my practice, for which you can learn more about in my article Decolonizing Witchcraft: Racism, Whitewashing, and Cultural Appropriation in Witchcraft and How to Decolonize Your Practice. I believe in documenting my journey in witchcraft and that my readers can learn from my mistakes, so the posts will remain as a learning opportunity.

October Full Moon Worksheet

This month's Full Moon falls on the 13th! What a magical day! Falling in Aries, this Full Moon may trigger a personal or relationship crisis, but will also provide opportunities to transform, grow, and find happiness. Expect there to be explosive and destructive behaviors, followed by optimism and open-mindedness that will help you and your loved ones navigate what has been brought to the surface. This month's Full Moon worksheet includes all the usuals. The tarot spread is designed to help you identify those potentially destructure behaviors and how to overcome them.

October Full Moon Worksheet


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