Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Finding and Storing Crystals

Finding and Storing Crystals

Most witches believe that you don't find a crystal or stone; it finds you. Most often this is done in stores, but some are found in riverbeds, quarries, forests, beaches, or even rock & mineral shows.

When you begin looking for crystals, you need to pay close attention to which ones attract you most strongly. You can do this by simply holding the crystal and feeling its energy or by meditating with the crystal. Because they have been around for hundreds of years, some crystals' energy is extremely low; it can take time to receive a message. Other times you will know instantly if a crystal is right for you. Furthermore, you may walk in looking for quartz, but walk out with amethyst. Sometimes the crystal calling you is not actually for you, but someone you know. You'll know very quickly if this is the case because you will feel the need to give the crystal away. You may also leave empty handed, finding no crystal in the store that speaks to you. I have walked out of stores empty handed several times. Don't be deterred if you don't find what you are looking for during your first trip. It is best to find magical tools, including crystals, that resonate with you as these will bring about the most powerful magic.

If you're looking for crystals, you needn't find the prettiest or even the clearest, unless you intend to use the stone for scrying. Crystals with cloudy "ghosts" or other mineral inclusions carry more powerful energy than those without. Again, buy the crystal that feels right to you, even if its "cheaper" or "uglier" than the others. A cheaper/more expensive stone you can't relate to is not worth the money.

Once you have purchased/found your crystal, you will need to cleanse it. Crystals are extremely sensitive to energy, and each person that touches them affects them. You don't want someone else's negative energy hanging around your crystals. Once cleansed, store your crystals in a cool, dark place away from others. You can keep them all together or divide them up; its up to you. No matter how you store them, you will still need to periodically cleanse them because they soak up the energy around them.

I have my crystals stored in glass jars in our spare bedroom. Where do you keep yours? Where is your favorite place to find crystals?

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