Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mabon Dinner Party

Last night I threw a small dinner party to celebrate the coming of Fall. I honestly can't wait for it to arrive and the weather to cool off. I know that Mabon is officially September 23, but I am not throwing a party on a Tuesday night. No one would come.

Unfortunately I didn't photograph any of the food or the night's festivities. I had all the intentions in the world of laying out my gorgeous spread of fall foods (all vegan except the cheese platter I put together), and photographing it for your food porn pleasure, but I got so caught up in my dinner guests that I forgot. I apologize for that, but I will tell you we had a mushroom and leek nut loaf, sweet potato souffle, lima beans, mixed green salad with cranberries and pecans dressed with balsamic fig dressing, and a dutch apple pie. Of course fall beers were served along with red wine. We finished the night off with a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity.

It was a wonderful celebration with friends, even though none of them are pagan or really knew what I was celebrating. In October, I will share some of these recipes with you so you can enjoy them at Samhain or Thanksgiving if you celebrate.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mabon and keep a look out for my post on my fall decorations!

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