Thursday, May 9, 2024

Operation Olive Branch & Pass the Hat

Back in February, I shared a spreadsheet from Operation Olive Branch that contains several Palestinian families seeking to escape the atrocities they are currently facing in Gaza. These are vetted fundraisers, mostly through GoFundMe, to ensure that the money is going to where it's actually needed, and not to scammers. After some of the things that happened when Ukraine was first invaded, I can see why many are concerned about donating to such campaigns. Through the hard work of those are Operation Olive Branch, you needn't worry that your money will go to fund scammers.

Now that "Pass the Hat" is growing tremendously on TikTok thanks to Erin Hattamer, I thought it best to share the spreadsheet again, as well as where you can find more information. You can find Operation Olive Branch on Instagram and TikTok where they share updated information, highlight families in need, and offer other ways you can make a difference. You can also find links to GoFundMes, action steps, and organizations to support in their comprehensive Google spreadsheet.

Whatever your political views may be, I think we can all agree that innocent people, including thousands of children, do not deserve to die a painful, terrifying death. I implore you to take a moment and donate to a family in need. Help these families get to safety. I understand that money is tight for everyone, but $5, even $1, goes a long way when thousands of people donate. I used to work in a call center raising money for an organization; no donation is ever too small. In fact, it's hundreds of small, reoccurring donations that often kept us afloat, not a large, one-time donation.


We are not free until we are all free.

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