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Book Review: Heal the Witch Wound by Celeste Larsen

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I was absolutely thrilled when I saw Heal the Witch Wound: Reclaim You Magic & Step Into Your Power by Celeste Larsen appear on Weiser's upcoming book list for this year. After reading the description, I knew this was a book I had to get my hands on a copy. Heal the Witch Wound is a practical guide for modern witches to recognize and heal the witch wound through ritual, journaling, visualization, and other exercises. This is one of the best books I have read and a must-read for any witch, especially if you have found your magic stagnating.

The book is brown down into three parts. Part I covers the history of the Burning Times, which I know may be triggering to some. Witchy authors are not historians and often conflate the truth. Yes, there were some witches that were murdered during this time period, but most were not. Despite this, the Burning Times were historically and culturally significant, marking a drastic change in power. We see the rise of the patriarchy and capitalism during the Burning Times, continued fuel for the fire (pun intended), cultural shifts that greatly impact us today. Larsen reminds us that the trauma our ancestors faced can be passed down to future generations and while the people weren't necessarily witches, the scars left from these times are still felt today. This is one of the best history lessons I have ever read in a witchcraft book. It's obvious Larsen did her homework as she references a large number of historical and modern documents to support her claims which can be easily accessed in the back of the book.

Part II explores the most common symptoms of the witch wound, the wound passed down from our ancestors after experiencing the trauma of the Burning Times. These signs and symptoms include such things as hiding your spiritual practice, feeling lost, muting your self-expression, and mistrusting women. This section was absolutely fascinating to me and after reading it, it seemed so obvious how these could be related to ancestral trauma. She gives personal examples of how these symptoms manifested in her life and others, giving a large point of reference for her readers to determine what may or may not be associated with their own witch wound. I loved this personal connection and her endless examples helped me document how this has manifested in my own life. I also had to recognize that not all of these were symptoms I have always had, as some of them are related to the trauma of my divorce which I have been working through for several years. The scars are very similar, so weeding through what are and are not related took time and effort. At the end of each chapter in this section, Larsen provides a quick reference list of how the wound can manifest, so even if you don't read the whole chapter or need to go back to review, you can do so easily.

The book concludes with Part III which includes rituals, journaling prompts, visualization exercises, and other methods to heal each symptom of the witch wound. I loved the variety and depth of methods and there is certainly something for everyone. Again, Larsen gives examples from her own life, giving the reader a detailed idea of what each ritual or exercise can look like. I love a good reference point! Haha!

ancestral trauma, witch wound, healing, book review, witch, witchcraft, occult, spiritual, wicca, wiccan, pagan

While the book is relatively short, it is by no means a short read. I had to stop and digest information often, going back and reading some passages multiple times to allow the breadth of information to sink in fully. I encourage you to keep a journal handy so you can track your progress, jot down notes or feelings or ideas, and journal your experience as you work to heal your own witch wound. Healing takes time and I highly encourage you to work through the book slowly and purposefully. You won't regret it.

I strongly believe this book deserves a spot on every witch's shelf as we should always be working to better ourselves and our magic. Heal the Witch Wound: Reclaim You Magic & Step Into Your Power by Celeste Larsen is available wherever books are sold.

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