Monday, September 30, 2019

Magic in the Workplace

Magic in the Workplace

When it comes to magic, it can be used everywhere and anywhere, including in the workplace. Now I know some of you think that you can't live a magical life or represent your magical life where you work, but I assure you there are many ways you can, whether you have a desk or not. As many of you know, I am a teacher. If I can manage to bring a little magic into my classroom, you can bring a little magic to your cubicle, job site, cash register, or wherever else you work. All it takes is a little intention and some creative thinking.

First of all, why should you add magic to your workspace? For me, it brings some sense of calm and comfort. Knowing that I have a sigil in the top drawer of my desk, an amethyst geode on my shelf, the sound of running water, and some enchanted wax melts to make my room smell incredible helps relieve a lot of the stress I would otherwise feel at work. Furthermore, it allows me to continue my magical practice through simple daily rituals. Hopefully, it will help you feel the same way, and for those risky jobs, it should bring you some protection while for those looking for more clients and to stay gainfully employed, it should help you overcome those issues as well.

Some of these suggestions require a desk, while many others do not. Obviously, those working out in the field or in retail don't have the option of a desk, but there are other ways you can use magic. Not all of these ideas will work for everyone, so pick and choose which ones are best for your intended space.

1. Crystals 

Crystals are an inconspicuous way to add some magic to your workplace. Which crystal you choose to display or hide if you must, is dependent on what you wish to accomplish in the workplace. Below is a list of different crystals and their uses in the workplace.
Stress relief and calm- Amethyst
Protection- Black tourmaline, Jet (especially for empaths), or Obsidian
Reduce gossip- Labradorite
Increase communication- Blue Calcite or Amazonite
Boost sales and bring in clients- Peridot, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger's Eye
Creativity- Sodalite
Concentration- Hematite
Improve leadership skills- Green Aventurine
Promotion- Citrine
Boost memory- Azurite
Increase learning- Green Tourmaline
Be decisive- Amber
These crystals can be worn, placed on or in a desk/shelf, kept in your car/truck, or tucked into a pocket, bag, toolbox, or anything else being carried to a job site. Begin by cleansing the crystal then charging it with your intent. Depending on how much you are using the crystal, especially those for protection will determine how often you need to recharge them. If a crystal breaks, you need to replace it. This is a sign that the crystal has done its job and cannot handle anymore. Be sure to thank it and bury it.

2. Sigils

Like crystals, these are a great inconspicuous way to add some magic at work. They can easily be written on a sticky note or piece of paper and safely tucked away out of sight. If you have a cubicle, you could display your sigil as a daily reminder to keep you on task and focused. Also like crystals, you can create sigils for just about everything, from increasing communication to protection to boosting memory to encouraging a promotion. Sigils are great for those who need some magic on the go, like construction workers and retail workers without a desk. Sigils can be drawn in the inside of hardhats, on tools, inside of clothing, on your skin, or on a cash register. You don't have to draw them permanently either for them to work. Using your finger to "draw" the sigil onto an item is just as powerful as a written one or you can use essential oils for an extra punch

3. Sounds

If you can play music or have abient noise, sounds are a great way to increase vibrations in a workspace. I have a fish tank in my classroom, and the running water raises the natural vibration of my room. No matter how I or the students come into my room feeling, they immediately calm down and reach a state of balance...all because of the sound of running water. If you are in a place where you can have a fountain or fish tank, get one. If you can't, try playing really low sounds of running water, whale noises, or Celtic music in the background on your phone, computer, or radio. Just listening to calming sounds on the way to and from work will increase your vibration.

Sound can also be used to cleanse a space of negative energy. If you are able to, ring a bell around your workspace prior to beginning work that day. It will help remove stagnant energy and any negativity that may have settled since your left. Most people can't have candles or incense at work for various health and safety concerns, so sound is a great alternative.

4. Wax melts

If you work somewhere that allows scented items, but not flame or smoke, wax melts are a great alternative. I work in such an environment and not only does it bring some magic to my room, it covers up the smell of high schoolers. Yeah...I always purchase "mild" seasonal scents, avoiding things that smell too fake. Before I melt the wax, I like to carve a sigil or mantra into the wax melt that corresponds with what I'd like to bring to my classroom or manifest in my life that day. This adds an extra layer of witchiness to the act.

5. Plants

There are so many benefits to having plants around your workplace, whether they are on your desk or just around the office. They help purify the air and raise the natural vibration of the space. Furthermore, they help with mental health in general. Snake plants, spider plants, and succulents are great plants for workspaces as they often do well in artificial light. You can even hide some crystals in their soil. I have an aloe plant named Jeffery in my classroom. My students absolutely love him. If you work somewhere where you can't keep plants, take note of the natural plants around where you work, whether they be outside your building or near your worksite. Simply taking stock of nature will help ground and center you.

6. Enchanted Objects

Enchanting your everyday objects with protection, grounding, increased communication, or whatever else you need in the workplace can be used by everyone, no matter where they work. Enchant your keys to get you to work safely; your keyboard, pencil, or pen to communicate effectively; your tools to get the job done efficiently; your safety gear for protection. There are endless possibilities when it comes to enchanting objects. Just be clear in your intent and visualize the magic and you're done!

7. Prayer

I know prayer seems like a totally Christian thing to do, but I assure you that it is a very witchy thing to do. Prayer is just a verbal spell and highly effective. Even if you don't believe in any deities, you can still pray to the Universe, Mother Earth, or the All for protection, inspiration, and peace of mind while at work. I encourage you to say a brief prayer before entering work, even if it is just asking for the strength to deal with people! It'll help focus your mind on your intention and raise your personal vibration prior to starting work.

No matter how you decided to add some magic to your workplace, its a great way to live a magical life every day. I encourage you to do what works best for you. How do you incorporate magic into the workplace? Is there something you do that I haven't listed? Please leave a comment below! You never know who may benefit from your suggestion.


  1. true.I used sage to clean and ions in it changed the negativity in my classroom.I was hharrassed to point I had miscarriage.Once I returned to work did sage cleanings twice asking for peace.Though I was not left alone, it was more peaceful.I was able to work without stress and anxiety.

    1. I am so sorry that was your experience at work! I'm glad the sage helped some and brought you peace. I hope things continue to get better!


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