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Egg Prosperity Spell

Egg Prosperity Spell

With Ostara right around the corner, what better ingredient to use than an egg in spell work? Eggs have been associated with creation, new life, and rebirth for as long as humans have recorded history. This makes sense if you think about what an egg actually is. It is a large cell that, if fertilized, will turn into a genetically unique offspring. The largest egg in the world is an ostrich egg. Yes, that entire ostrich egg is a single cell. My high school students are always blown away when I tell them this. How can something so large be a single cell?! But I digress. The point is, an egg is a new life or at least will give way to new life under the right conditions. Spring is when many organisms, plant and animal alike, begin reproducing. Combine this with life coming back after a long nap, and the association of eggs with new beginnings and rebirth is a given.

This spell, however, is designed to bring you prosperity, whether it be financial or otherwise, by working with the magical properties of the egg. It is a rather simple spell and can easily be performed with children on Ostara.

Egg Prosperity Spell

What You'll Need

  • An egg or eggs if making more than one
  • biodegradable sachet
  • pyrite
  • mint
  • marker, dye, and other tools to decorate the egg

What to Do

Begin by cleansing, charging, and/or blessing your items. Whatever method you chose is up to you. Personally, my go-to is sage, because I have a ton of it, or blowing on an object and imagining all the residual energy blowing away with it. After the items are ready to go, write, draw, or otherwise decorate your egg with your intent: prosperity. I chose to draw a rune in gold on my egg to represent prosperity, as seen below. Other color choices are green, orange, or violet. You can dye the egg a solid color, draw sigils or money symbols, or even decorate the egg with stickers representing prosperity. Whatever you chose will work as long as the intent is there.

Egg Prosperity Spell

After the egg is decorated, place it along with the pyrite and mint into the biodegradable sachet. The sachet I am using is one that commonly comes in my Tamed Wild subscription box (formally known as House of Rituals). This is a great way to reuse packaging and be environmentally friendly. When all the items are placed in the sachet, hold it in both hands and imagine it filling with gold and green light. Say,
"With egg for new beginnings adorned all in gold [you can insert your own color here, but it may not ryhme]
With pyrite for wealth and mint for fortunes untold, 

I open myself to wealth beyond measure,
And accept the Universe's treasure."
Once the spell is done, find a safe place in your garden, preferably by a plant also associated with prosperity and abundance, and bury the sachet. While the pyrite will remain, the other items will biodegrade, the egg providing food for the plants nearby. Be sure to watch the plant throughout the growing season. Prolific growth and flowering is a sign your magic is working. If the plant withers, dies, or otherwise fails to thrive, there may be something blocking the magic from working. You should revisit the spell after determining the roadblocks.

Why You Did It

For this spell, while simple, there are a couple key ingredients and steps. Why the egg? I mentioned in the introduction that eggs are representative of new beginnings, rebirth, and creation. This opens the pathway for new opportunities that were abundant in nature to enter your life. Decorating the egg filled the egg with the type of new beginning you were seeking. Gold and green especially are the colors of money, while violet is commonly associated with wealth because it was a difficult color to produce in fabrics, thus only the wealthy, more specifically royalty, wore the colors, giving it its association with abundance.

Pyrite and mint are also strongly associated with abundance and prosperity, pyrite for being gold and mint because it's prolific in nature. If you have ever grown mint you know it will take over your garden, yard, and the entire neighborhood if you let it, thus earning its association with abundance.

Egg Prosperity Spell

Charging the completed sachet with gold and green light, again colors of prosperity, and a short incantation stating clearly your intent infuse the magical object even further. By burying it in the garden you can observe the magic at work using the nearby plants as a guide. This is a pretty long-standing tradition for these types of spells.

If you wish to end the spell or break it, simply dig the sachet up and thank the Universe for all your received. Declare the spell complete and dispose of the items. You can keep the pyrite, but be sure to cleanse the object to release its original charge.

As always, remember to record your spell in your Book of Shadows or use my spell/ritual worksheet to keep track of the spell, especially where the sachet is buried.

How do you bring prosperity and abundance to your life? If you tried this spell, let me know how it worked in the comments below!

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