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Spirit Work for Ostara

Spirit Work for Ostara

Ostara falls on March 20th this year, marking the first day of Spring. I can't wait! I hope with it comes sunnier days, moderate temperatures, and less rain. I am so over the rain, as is most of North Georgia due to flooding. Ostara is by far a fertility Sabbat, focusing on new life and Spring begins and the Wheel of the Year turns once more. Eggs, rabbits, and seed sowing are characteristic symbols of this Sabbat. With these symbols and themes in mind, here are three ways to communicate with spirits on or around Ostara.

1. Perform egg divination. 

Egg divination is commonly referred to as oomancy, and since Ostara's main symbol is the egg, what better way to commune with spirits during Ostara than using an egg to predict future events? My favorite oomancy tradition comes from Nordic traditions where only the egg white is used. Focus on your question and once the question is firmly in your mind, carefully pierce a fresh egg and blow the egg white into a clean glass of water. If you don't know how to blow an egg, simply crack the egg and separate the yolk and white before pouring the white into the glass of water. Allow the mixture to sit undisturbed for until the following day. The egg white will have formed patterns in the water that can be interpreted.

2. Build a relationship with a plant spirit.

If you have ever tried to grow plants, you may have noticed you are really good at growing certain plants, but not so much others. For example, I can grow rosemary, lavender, sage, tomatoes, and salvia without problems, but basil and larkspur?....Basil and larkspur hate my guts. I don't know why! I've done everything to grow them, but nothing works. I have tried communicating spiritually, tending to them, singing, leaving them alone completely, trimming them, not trimming them, planting them with companion plants, watering them, not watering them...Nothing works and I have yet to truly figure out why. They aren't my plants I guess. But the others I have a very strong relationship with. Spring is planting time, so why not get to know the plants in your garden or try to figure out which plant is your plant ally?

Spirit Work for Ostara

With a journal or you BOS in hand, sit near the plant you wish you communicate with. Ground and center then close your eyes and reach your energy out toward the plant. See if you can feel it's energy. Make note of any sensations you feel and images or colors you may see. Continuing with your eyes closed, say the plant's name three times. This is essentially like knocking on the plant's door and letting it know you want to communicate. Then introduce yourself and state your purpose. After you have gotten the plants attention and introduced yourself, you can begin trying to communicate with it. Here are some examples of questions you may wish to ask to open up a line of communication easily:
  • How are you?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What do you need to be healthier? Do you need more or less water? What is your favorite type of nourishment?
  • Are you receiving too much or too little sunlight?
  • Do you have any pests? If so, what can I do to get rid of them?
  • Do you like music? If so, what kind of music do you like?
  • Is there anything else you would like to tell me?
Be sure to ask one question at a time and be patient when waiting for a response. The plant may answer by speaking to you in your mind, showing you images or colors, or through feelings. Continue speaking with the plant until the conversation ends normally. Give the plant thanks for speaking with you. Ask if there is an offering it would like for the time it has spent working with you and close the door. If it asks for an offering, be sure to give it what it asked for to the best of your ability. Usually, they are for water or maybe even a precious stone. You never know! Continue to communicate with the plant regularly to build a strong relationship with it. Not only will you benefit by having a happy plant in your garden, but you will likely gain a powerful plant ally, willing to protect or assist you in magical workings.

3. Connect with the Earth through earthing.

Earthing has become increasingly common in the witch community. There is a lot of confusion as to exactly what it is, but simply put, earthing is connecting with Mother Earth. Grounding is centering and balancing your energy as in bringing it back to Earth. It is not a direct form of communication with her. Earthing will help ground you, but the purpose isn't just to ground, but also open a line of communication between you and our Mother Earth, whether it be to receive healing energy or ask questions. Furthermore, grounding can occur anywhere, whether you are in contact with Earth (soil, grass, rock, etc) or not. Earthing, however, can only occur if the person is directly touching the Earth, as in the soil or grass outside. Spring is a great time to get outside and reconnect with our Mother Earth after a long winter indoors. Find a safe place to walk barefoot and spend time feeling Her energy flow into you. I honestly prefer somewhere muddy. I like my feet to sink into Her as I concentrate on soaking in Her loving energy. If you can't find a safe place outdoors to go barefoot, untreated topsoil works just as well.

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