Thursday, January 17, 2019

January 2019 Full Moon Worksheet

Note: This post contains potentially problematic practices or language, cultural appropriation, or misinformation. I have been working diligently to decolonize my practice, for which you can learn more about in my article Decolonizing Witchcraft: Racism, Whitewashing, and Cultural Appropriation in Witchcraft and How to Decolonize Your Practice. I believe in documenting my journey in witchcraft and that my readers can learn from my mistakes, so the posts will remain as a learning opportunity.

January 2019 Full Moon Worksheet

This month's full moon is on the 21st and if you are trying to plan a magical year, what better way to help you get started than this full moon worksheet specifically designed for the upcoming Wolf Moon? It has everything you need to conduct your very own short ritual, including what this moon is bringing, sections to write down what you intend to release and cleanse, a tarot spread with a place for your notes, and any thoughts or intuition you receive while communing with the moon through meditation or hedge riding! This worksheet is completely free and can be easily printing and added to your Book of Shadows!

January 2019 Full Moon Worksheet


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  1. Hi Willow, Is there a worksheet for December? There isn't a ink... Thanks!

    1. There is a December from LAST year that is specifically for the astrological events last year. You can find it here:

      I haven't updated some of my pages in the past month (busy with outside work), but you should be able to click on the labels associated with a post to find similar posts.

      Thanks for reading!


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