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Mastering Your Grimoire: Using Colors, Aromas, and Time

Mastering Your Grimoire: Using Colors, Aromas, and Time

We have come to the conclusion of the Mastering Your Grimoire series. At this point you should be well on your way to creating a comprehensive grimoire, but how can you add a little extra magic to your book? That's the topic of today's post. You can use colors, aromas, and time to infuse magic into the pages themselves along with unique inks, drawings, photographs, and pressed flowers.

Studies show that colors have a profound affect on our behaviors and emotions, so it should come as no surprise that colors hold magical properties. Color is often used to empower magic and add a symbolic, visual dimension to it. When transferring information into your book, be sure to take color into consideration to infuse the pages with magic. Think about the color of the paper, ink, drawings or photographs, and pressed flowers or herbs you are including on certain pages. Completing your page on Samhain? You may want to use black, orange, purple, and green. Writing a banishment spell? Use black. Describing dream work? Use blue or purple. For a full list of color correspondences, please refer to my post Correspondences: Colors. Remember, your personal experience with a color is more important than the correspondences listed in the table. If you associate blue with love, use blue for pages covering love magic and spells.

Mastering Your Grimoire: Using Colors, Aromas, and Time

Like colors, aromas also have an effect on our behaviors and emotions. Everyone knows certain smells bring us back to different points in our lives. You can use essential oils to create paper, inks, and paint and perfumes to scent your pages to symbolically accent different sections and pages of your grimoire. I do not suggest adding essential oils directly to the pages. You will leave an oil spot which will damage several pages. Below is a very brief list of correspondences for different essential oils. Remember, if you have a different impression of an aroma, go with your gut.
Cedar: courage, strength, purification
Chamomile: peace, tranquility, healing
Frankincense: spirituality, blessing
Geranium: balance, symmetry, harmony
Ginger: power, love, prosperity,
Jasmine: socialization, birth, purification, creativity
Lavender: peace, sleep, lifting despair, healing, love
Mint: prosperity
Myrrh: protection, meditation, purification, spirituality, understanding
Orange Bergamot: soothing anxiety
Pine: energy, happiness, healing, magic, prosperity, protection
Rose: love, beauty, harmony
Rosemary: healing, memory, love, invoke deity, protection
Sage: psychic, astral travel, purification, memory, prosperity, wisdom
Sandalwood: spirituality, psychic, calm, healing, protection
Vanilla: passion, energy, happiness, luck
Ylang Ylang: peace, love, marriage, sex
Ancient witches often used timing in their spell work to amplify their magic. Today, many witches still work on this same belief system, believing the position of the moon, sun, planets, stars, and the Earth influences all life on Earth. Mercury retrograde is an excellent example of this. I don't suggest working on your grimoire during this time, as Mercury retrograde hinders communication in all forms, written and verbal. However, I do suggest using the phases of the moon, the cycle of our Mother Earth, and the days of week to enhance your work on your grimoire. Below is a short list of different times you can work on certain aspects of your book.
September: emphasizes spirituality, especially in regards to development. This is a great time to work on your grimoire and expand your spiritual understanding.
December: emphasizes knowledge and understanding. Set out to improve your understanding of your own spirituality.
Moon in Libra: create a balanced book
Moon in Capricorn: allows you to truthfully see and express yourself and your spirituality
Moon in Sagittarius: goal oriented so if you need a kick in the butt to work on your book, this is the time.
Wednesday: creativity
Thursday: communication
Sunday: reading, researching, and reflecting
For a complete list of how the moon phases affect magic, please refer to my posts A Hedgewitch's Guide to Moon Magic Part 1 and Part 2: Monthly Magical Moons. For days of the week, read Magical Correspondences: Days of the Week. Wondering what time of day to work on your book? Read Magic All Day Long: What Time of Day Should I Perform Magic? These lists are fairly comprehensive and should give you a good idea of which to work on your grimoire and which sections you should be working on at which times.

Mastering Your Grimoire: Using Colors, Aromas, and Time

Colors, aromas, and the time when you work on different aspects of your grimoire can greatly increase the magic within the book and solidify your connection with your book. I strongly encourage you to take these aspects into considering as your continue to work on your grimoire. Now get out there and make sometime beautiful!

I would love to see your work if you are comfortable sharing. Post pictures in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Instagram using #masteringyourgrimoire.

Now get cracking creating a unique grimoire while growing your own spirituality.

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