Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beltane Altar 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful May Day/Beltane. Unfortunately, I spent the evening laying in the dark trying desperately to keep the contents of my stomach down as I continued to fight a migraine. Fun times! However, I did manage to spend some time at my Beltane altar, honoring the Wheel of the Year as we head quickly toward summer.

Beltane is the sabbat celebrating fertility, fire, and abundance. I saw a wonderful meme this morning that basically summed up Beltane in one sentence: "Burn shit, make flower crowns, and suck a dick." Not going to lie, I laughed my fucking ass off this morning. This couldn't be a more accurate statement if there ever was one. It's also totally me; foul-mouthed and blunt. When designing my altar, I took these concepts into consideration.

My altar is divided into the feminine and masculine. Red represents the divine feminine while white represents the divine masculine. I used both candles and colored silk flowers to distinguish the two sides. You'll also notice there is a chalice and a horn to represent both as well. The chalice represents the feminine, oftentimes being attributed to the womb. Filling it with red wine or juice represents blood or the monthly cycle of the maiden, thus attaching it to the feminine as well. The horn is masculine because well... it looks like a dick, not to mention horns are often only found on male animals. Moving on!

I placed lots of candles on my altar and two lanterns to represent fire and the coming of the Sun. We are quickly approaching the longest day of the year as the Sun continues to grow in power. The rose candles toward the middle also represent love and passion ( Unfortunately, I couldn't find a white, so pink had to do. The red roses represent the feminine as well as love and passion, while the white daisies represent the masculine and love. The ivy safely tucked away from the flames, represents health and abundance, the often forgotten symbol of Beltane. The myrrh incense also represents the masculine as it is phallic in shape. Kind of a given again. The lovely maiden statue on the other side balances the feminine, putting the two sides in harmony with one another.

In the middle I have three crystals: malachite, rose quartz, and amber. The malachite is for health and abundance, the rose quartz for love and passion, and the amber to represent the Sun. Did I forget anything? Ah, yes! You may notice there is no May Pole. I did not wish to include one this year. I felt its inclusion would have unbalanced the altar, not to mention I don't have one yet and honestly, didn't feel like making one. Laziness is totally my game.

How did you celebrate Beltane? Put anything spiffy on your altar to honor the Wheel of the Year?


  1. hahahahahhahahahaha

    ......that is all ;) Pics to be posted on my blog from my May Day Weekend! Happy Beltane!


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