Thursday, May 26, 2016

Recent Purchases

Last Friday I visited a local metaphysical store I have never been too. It's actually right down the road from where I currently work (at least until the end of June) and it is a shame I didn't go sooner. The shop is incredible! From the front, it looks rather small, but once inside it opens up into multiple rooms, many dedicated to a particular path or item. I spent roughly an hour looking around, but I could have spent all day.  Overall, it was an excellenet experience. I picked up a couple random items while I was there. Some rose, lemongrass, and frankincense & myrrh incense, and a green a blue candle. Nothing too fancy. I also purchased a gorgeous fox mug. I wasn't going to buy it, but it called quite loudly to me. I couldn't leave without it.


I've also purchased a couple pagan books including two on hedgecraft and one on tarot reading on Amazon over the past week. One of my spiritual goals is to learn tarot so I figured I had better get started learning about it. There will be a book review or two coming within the next week or so. I always get excited when I purchase new supplies and books, especially those related to my craft.

Have you guys purchased anything new lately?


  1. I always like checking out metaphysical shops. Tonight I did a reading with my friend Angi, I was given some unicorn and fairy oracle cards. They were interesting to read with. We consecrated them and each did a reading. She's one of the few I do magic with...and we are both convinced we knew one another in a past life!

    I picked up some neat crystals when I was out in LA. I finally found the one for a wand tip, actually.

    I got a super sweet antique cabinet from a local thrift store so I'll be sharing pics on my blog about it...I got it solely for my witchy supplies.
    Oh, and I got pentacle necklace from my friend Angi tonight...she just got back from Salem, MA. We get one another little presents when we are somewhere 'witchy". I got her an egyptian oil from a shop out in LA.

    Sorry for the looong paragraph! haha

    1. That's awesome! I am still looking for a magical cabinet to use for storage and an altar. I just haven't found the right piece yet. Congrats on finding yours!

  2. I've become just a touch infatuated with Satya's Blessings Incense. It smells SO good! ♥

    You piqued my interest in hedgecraft (hedgecraftery?). I have to check it out!

    1. What does the incense include?

      And hedgecraftery. I am seriously in tears I am laughing so hard. I don't think I have ever see "ery" added to craft. Don't have a word? Make one up! I think we do that often, especially in the craft.

    2. Aside from sandalwood, I'm not sure what else is in it. =S Satya is the company that makes the notorious Nag Champa (I'm a huge fan!). They use natural oils, which is why I use them exclusively. =D

      Ha! I'm glad you enjoyed that! I guess it does sort of sound like an ice cream shop. The Vanilla Craftery: Fine Ice Cream and Milkshakes! =P

    3. Now everytime I hear '-ery' added to a word I am going to think of ice cream and milkshakes. Haha!


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