Saturday, May 7, 2016

Resolution Check-In

So it has been a good four months and I wanted to update everyone on my goal progress and fill you guys in on some really great news.

Spiritual Goals
To achieve my overarching spiritual goal there were a couple of things I wanted to work on:
     - Read and Review a Pagan Book (hopefully 3)
     - Create and Compile Grimoire and BOS
     - Set up Altar
     - Learn Tarot
     - Cast Runes Once a Week
     - Build Blog

After much deliberation, I removed casting rune once a week because, well, I still can't find all my pagan supplies, including my runes. There is still a large portion of the house packed in boxes because we are still working on the house and there is no point in unpacking everything until we are finished. Casting runes is also something that I shouldn't start until I have my altar set up.

I have yet to create and compile a physical Grimoire and BOS, set up my altar, or learn Tarot, but I am working on reading two pagan books at the moment and building the blog. Since January, my number of views has sky rocketed. I have spent more time strategically planning blog posts to attract more readers and have done a pretty good job of posting 4 times a month. I am slightly behind on posting 4 times a month, and I am currently at 31.2% complete. I have been sketching some watermark ideas and working on a contest to do later in the year.

Overall, my goals are progressing slowing in this category, but progressing nonetheless.

Home Goals
I had two home goals this year:
     - Remodel the Kitchen
     - Start a Garden

However, due to the changes in our financial situation, these have been put off until further notice. We won't start out garden until next year and the kitchen remodel probably won't start until next summer either. However, we are working on getting our office set up so at least we are doing something! We are also having to put money away to replace my shower, another unexpected expense. My shower floor cracked (we still aren't sure why) and the entire thing is going to need to be replaced. At least I will get to design it myself!

Here is a look at what we are doing so far in the office. I am very excited. Hopefully I'll get some more done this weekend or next. Its been several weeks since we started and due to our schedules and both of us getting sick, we have fallen behind.

Knowledge and Financial Goals

For my knowledge goals this year, I only have one: read 12 books; 1 pagan, 1 nonfiction, and 10 books of choice. I have read 13 books so far, all of them fiction. I am working on a pagan book right now, two actually, and have yet to pick out a nonfiction to read. I have uped my goal to 24 books this year since I am reading so many so quickly.

Financially we have put away a small chunk of change and are slowly paying down the credit cards. However, much of what we have been doing is preparing for me to go two months without a pay check. My job ends on June 24th and we have to make sure there is enough money put away to cover a couple of months. Furthermore, I've recently had some wrenches thrown into our finaicial goals; I am losing my financial aid for my Master's degree for two semester. This was no planned for in the least. In fact, we planned my classes in such a way that I wouldn't lose my financial aid, but something came up and things changed, much to my displeasure. So now, I not only have to be out of work for a couple months, but I also have to come up with $5k to pay for classes this summer and next we don't have. Oh the joys of life!

However, it is just money and we always manage to find a way.

Health Goals
This year I have three health goals:
     - Reduce Body Fat to 15%
     - Exercise 4+ Times per Week
     - Complete the I Quit Sugar Challenge

I completed the I Quit Sugar Challenge.  Unfortunately I did not lose any weight like I had hoped, but I did reset my cravings. In the past 3 months, I have only had 4 sodas, all of which was when I was sick. I came down with bronchitis three weeks ago and pop was the only thing that would break up the mucus. Disgusting I know.

As for exercising, I am slightly behind because I have been so busy and got sick. However, I am currently at 25% of my goal and I should probably be closer to 32-33%. I am losing body fat despite being ill so I am happy about that. I am hoping to reach this goal before the end of summer.

Career Goals
And this is where we have lots of news to share! This year, my career goals were pretty simple:
     - Get a Teaching Job
     - Research Starting an Etsy Business

I haven't started researching an Etsy business although I have been thinking about what I would want to sell if I started one. I did, however, find a teaching job. Yesterday I signed my contract and I am now the new biology teacher at a high school near by. I am very excited to start this fall. Thank you to everyone who prayed, sent well wishes, and worked some magic for me. It is much appreciated and knowing my hard work is paying off feels wonderful. It is because of this job, however, that the extra wrenches have been thrown into our financial goals. I have to complete my coursework minus the student teaching portions prior to starting the job, but it is worth it in the long run.

While some of my goals have changed and other remain incomplete, I feel very accomplished so far this year. Here's to opening the last half of the year is just as productive! How are your goals progressing?


  1. I am so happy you got a job you wanted Willow!
    That is wonderful news
    I have a (second) job interview this coming week that I am highly anticipating. If I get that job, we will be doing so much better financially and I will be so happy!

    Your goals inspired me to post more of mine. My husband built me a raised garden bed...but we are tight on funds so the plants will have to wait a week or two. If I get the job then I won't have to worry about that at least.

    Congrats again!

    1. Thank you and good luck with your interview. I really wish we could afford a garden this year, but with several thousand dollars running out the door like a cat on fire it just isn't in the cards. Next year will be much better and we won't be having to pay out of pocket for graduate classes or save money for me being out of work. Makes a hell of a difference!

  2. That is so amazing! Sometimes I feel like my goals are just muddling along and then BAM a big one gets done and its such a rush! Congrats on this big win I'm sure it will be worth the trouble.



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